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Publication numberUS1787190 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 30, 1930
Filing dateApr 16, 1929
Priority dateApr 16, 1929
Publication numberUS 1787190 A, US 1787190A, US-A-1787190, US1787190 A, US1787190A
InventorsHeinrich Elsner
Original AssigneeHeinrich Elsner
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Riveting machine
US 1787190 A
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I Dec. 30, 1930. H. ELSNER 1,737,190

RIVETING MACHINE F iled April 16, 1929 Fly. 1.


Patented Dec. 30, 1930 'm y Ares PATENT OFFICE HEINRICH ELSNER, or DRESDEN, GERMANY zervnrrine MACHINE Application filed April 16,

The present invention relates to riveting machines, and has for its object to facilitate the riveting process and render it more accurate.

The invention consists in providing two feeding devices for the rivetsand in fitting, the plunger with a doubie riveting set while the jaws are arranged jointly or separately on the rivet case which is slidingly connected rwith the set and is pressed a ainst the latter by'a spring. The case of the rivet comprises at'least two parts arranged so that a lateral opening is provided and the rivet can be introduced on the side or at the'lo'wer end of thecase. This arrangement affordsthe ad vantage thatthe jaws can grip the shankor stem of the rivet slightly below its head so that theshankremains visible underneath the jaws and it thus'becon'ies possible to determine the exact spot where riveting is to take place,which is highly important especiall i when double riveting hasto be resorted to.

One embodiment of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in

which Figure l is a front view of the plunger and feeding device; Fig. 2, a side view of the same; Pi 3, an enlarged side view of the lower part of the plunger; and Fig. at, a front view of the same.

Referring to the drawing, 1 are the rivets which are, placedin the feed drums 2 and 3' whence they pass through the two rivet 1929. Serial No. 355,512.

double riveting set, a rivet case arranged directly on the said plunger and adapted to slide thereon, a spring to pull up the said riveting case on the said plunger, pairs of jaws adapted to swing about bolts-on the sa d case, and springs to draw the Jaws agalnst the said plunger. the jaws being arranged to grip the rivets slightly below their heads. I

V In testimony whereof I have aflixed my signature.


; guides i and 5, provided with the separators 6 and 7, into the lower end of the, rivet case HI 1 .1 4 'lhe plunger 8 1s provided at its lower part with a double set 9 and 10 which cooperates with the dollies 11 and 12. The case 7 the springs 18 and 19 they are continually" is arranged directly on the set or plunger 8 and adapted to slide thereon. The spring 13 tends to press the case 7 constantly against he plunger 8, i. e., to pull it up, the upward movement being limited by a stop 14. The case 7 carries jointly or separately the pairs of jaws 15 and 16 which are adapted to swing about the bolt 17 either separately or may be made of one piece. Owing to the'action of pressed against the plunger 8 which they hug with their noses 20. The case 7 consists-0t rivets project, the exact spot where the p 7

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U.S. Classification227/139
International ClassificationA43D71/00
Cooperative ClassificationA43D71/00
European ClassificationA43D71/00