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Publication numberUS1787832 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1931
Filing dateMay 27, 1929
Priority dateMay 27, 1929
Publication numberUS 1787832 A, US 1787832A, US-A-1787832, US1787832 A, US1787832A
InventorsMueller Addie E
Original AssigneeMueller Addie E
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US 1787832 A
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Jan.` 6, 1931.`

A. E. MUELLER PILLOW Filed May 27, 132.9

g l, w

S14/vanto@ @5% Mw 71M lita/mq@ Patented an. 6', 1931 PAT-1s ADDIE E MUELLER, or DECATUR, ILLINOIS Y PiLLow Among the objects of the invention may be .mentioned the provision of Aa pillow of such shape that it will conform substantially to the corner formed by a seat back, and a side wall of a vehicle and the neck of the user.

The improved pillow has been found especially useful for occupants of automobiles, and such an embodiment thereof is i-llustrated in the accompanying drawings.

Referring to the drawings, y Figure l is a perspective view of a portion `of an automobile showing an embodiment of the invention in use.

Figure 2 is a horizontal sec being shown in plan. y

` Figures 3 and i are transverse sections substantially on the lines 3 3 and t-4, respectively. K .p

Referring to thecdrawing, in the -several figures of which, Vlilre parts are designated by the samey reference characters, the pillow comprises a suitable casing l of silk or other suitable material and a filling 2 which may be of cotton, feathers or any vmaterial that is commonly used for such purposes. Y

As shown, the pillow is'of such shape, that it will fit in the corner connecting or formed by the side and rear walls 5, 6 of an automobile without being materially deformed, and has its forward edge or side concavely curved longitudinally so as to comfortably conform to the neck of a party using the same.

As shown, the ends of the pillow differ in width, the end 7 being considerably wider lthan the opposite end 8.

`Wheii tliepillow is in use, as shown in Figure l, the narrow eiidfportion projects forward from `the body thereof so as tol be interposed between the users'neclr and the window 9 ofthe vehicle.

' From the foregoing description and the drawing, it .will beseen that the sections l0, il of the rear side of the pillow extend substantially at right angles to each other being connected by a curved section 12 so that the pillow will lit into a corner ,without being niation, the pillow 1929;,y serial No. 365,251. Y

terially deformed, and the narrower tapering `section'termina-ting inthe end 8 will project Vforwardffromthebody of the'y pillow in a position top'revent aiifcurrents from striking tlie users neck. `In many automobile structures, the glass in the side window 9 can only be lowered intoaprpoximately:the position represented in Figure l, and when thus 'lowered the occupant of the seat is exposed to air entering the window which will be avoided by using the pillow of the present invention. The'outerfaces of the two ends 7, 8 are in planes substantially at right angles to each other and the connecting, concavely curved, side 13 will .readily'conformto the shape-of the users neck while, as before described, interposing anlobstruction to air currents entering the side window.

While the invention has been shownV as adapted for use in an automobile, it will be appreciated, of course, that it` can be'used to advantage in railway cars or other vehicles, or in any situation in which a pillow is to be positioned ina corner Theiinvention, of course, is not limited to any particular size as there can be, considerable varia-tion in this as also in the nature of the casing material yand stuiiing, without departing from the invention.v

The improved pillow while providing a very eihcient head rest occupies a minimum amount of space and in use has portions eX- tending along the edge of the backof a seat and forward across a sufficient portion of a side window to effectively protect the user from currents of air which would be objectionable. The shape of the article prevents any undesirable banc-hing of portions of the filling under pressure of the users head and causes the pillow to substantially conform both tothe users neck and-a corner of a vehicle. Further by giving the pillow the particular form described,with the end nearest the window relatively narrow, the user is enabled to sit close to the window and the maximum thickness of the pillow is between the users neck and the corner of the vehicle.

I claim: y

l.` A pillow which is narrower at one end than at the other, one side including sections extending substantially at right angles to each other, whereby the pillow is adapted to lit into a corner withoutbeing materially deformed, and the other side being coneavely y P'lourved longitudinallyfromv the wider to the narrower end to conform to a users neck.

'2. A pillow which is narrower at one end than at the other, the faces" of the ends being in planes extending substantially at right angles to each other, one side of the pillow i nel-udin ,y see-tions extendingsubstantially at right angles to each other, whereby the u pillow is adapted to fit into a corner without 'being materially deformed, and vthe other side being eoncavelyieurved longitudinally freni Vthe wider to the narrower, end tojeonform to a users neel( and provide adg aoent the narrower end a portion whiehzprojeots l forward from the body and whentherpillow my hand.

is 1n uweV acts .to protect the users neck from lateral air currents.

ln testimony whereof I have hereunto set ADDIEE. itfumnnnitV

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U.S. Classification5/636, 297/391
International ClassificationA47C16/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47C7/383
European ClassificationA47C7/38A