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Publication numberUS1788096 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1931
Filing dateMay 29, 1928
Priority dateMay 29, 1928
Publication numberUS 1788096 A, US 1788096A, US-A-1788096, US1788096 A, US1788096A
InventorsFriedemann Matthew M
Original AssigneeFriedemann Matthew M
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Display assembly
US 1788096 A
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Jan. 6, 1931. M. M. FRIEDEMANN 1,788,096

DI SPLAY ASSEMBLY Filed May 29, 1928 lNVENTOR TTORNEY Patented Jan. 6, 1931 Yv 1 mmw -Imam; pmw mta plication filed ma "2'9, 192 s." "Serial ntia'smoe.

This invention relates generally to display fixture's, and is particularly applicable for. purposes of merchandising wares-sin show; cases, show Windows store's orthelike, to

5 serve window dressers ind displaying the merchandise to best advantage and attractively arrange the merchandise an appealing manner to:prospective-buyers. f l a Myinvention has for an oh'ect thereof the provision of adispla y device which is readily adaptableto periodic changes of display customarily resorted to lay-Window dressers andv 7 suitable for-arrangingmerchandise of differ. ent size and form, depending up on: the mer -16 chandise desired to be featured in .'the,dis-

play 'area-"andin which Variation maybe i made With the minimum number of fixtures and without particularly 'constructing the display fixture for any: type ofimerch'andiseg 0 Thus, more specifically, my invention has for sh an-object" thereof' the provision oi a -disp'lay fixture whereby-shelves may beassembled'in combination with a standard" and variably positioned along the length thereof to ac'com-' modate the same for' hest display purposesor increase or decrease the number of shelves so arranged in accordance with the nature ofthe merchandise displayedas to its size and other general characteristics. i2 f I Still" more specifically, my Y invention has for an object thereof the provisionofia display device includingfa standard with which there is adapted 1 to bea:as'sociated'- displayshelves angularly adjustable.therewith and" variably positioned along its length; as well:

as any numbers thereof; and which adjust-- ment and position-of'thef shelves thereof may be made independently of each-other and: wherebythe display area niay'be-built up' and increased or decreased 'to suit'theztaste on: the

window dresser ortoadaptthe same t'oz' the particular 'merchan'dise desired: to be dis-i played without adversely affecting the :orna*- mental display; and capable ofsadaptiiig the same tio-ishow casesorstore:windows Ofdifferent sizes; 4

Still more specificallyymy invention has for an. object thereof'the provision of. :a Clifii play standard" which may be. built up toany r desired-lngtha and which i'sisuitable I for; use

' standard-, and. for the purposeof: including with a movablefixtureor stand or which may be; used: as: a'Fsupportin a store windowlor show: case, 3 Myi'invention' contemplates the PTOV lSlOI-LOfia standard suitable for use 2 with axdisplayideyice such as set/forth.intheiPatv entNon1g5545-1i37 and with the ldisplay holders therein disclosed wherein. ardisplayh'older on shelfvmay be positionedangularl y or rela;-

tively longitudinally along the length of any any number" of display holders or shelvesgmy invention contemplates the provision of a: standard or supporticonstruction which may be b'uilt up to: accommodate the same" ferns sembling therewith anynumher' of: said display holders or ,she1w' esand which is suitable 'for usewith a store-window show case or.

of a modification corresponding that shownin FigureiZ;

'* I l igure" is a fsection taken on a line cor responding to' the line 4'-4 in- Figure k 3-Iw1th an adjacent: complemental section shownas-' sembled therewitha Referring to-the drawing; it will be ob"- served that in Figure 1 I have shown ageneral'assemhly of the display fixture including standard 10 which preferably'includes side walls of sheet-metal 1 1 .and 12, perforated along itslength with a plurality of openings 15 arranged to engage and support'd-i'splay shelf supporting members 141, v which nclude a standard-embracing portion 15' corresponds ing in shape'tothat of the crosslsectional' con- I figuration of-ithe' standard; s H v Asdescribe'dlirthepatent aforementioned;

the display-shelf supp'ortingmembers or elements are held posit-i011 by F11? e gag ng 1 pins of the arms 16 passing through the "standard embracing portion and the brace arm 17. Inwardly turned pins from these members 16 and 17 engage with the perforations 13 to hold the display supporting member and shelf elements thereon in predetermined angular relationship with the standard. 1;

The standard Ill with the shelf thereon may be used in anyirelationship" as a display fixture and'for-this*purpose'theside walls of the standard have formed, QQ-iiheir i lower terminal portion extended ear-$18, 19,

disposed laterally gfihQWtlE nan r a An extension or ear portion respectively. I forms 'a' continuation. ofthe intermediate wall 11 .':.-These extension ears 71 8,- 19. andf20iiare preferably integral withfthe Twalls": of :the

standard andinflthis,mannerqadniirabljcserve torigidlyholdthestandardin relation tQiifny; base, such as 21', by? passingsc'rew members 22 throughgtheseiear portions. twill be-ob served that when so combined the standard;10 and its supportingbase 21' form a separable and individual ;displayzfixture movable about at vwill and capable of.beinglpositionedxfas desired. iltxwilLbe observe.d,vhoweve'ri, that. the Standard; 10, with its extension ears'em ay ttached toanyi'otherbase.materiaLTwHicli may betlie-bottom wallIofai-show'caseforthe' flio'or .ota Show window.,--.forn1ing a permanent fixture: with the showcase or ,storerwindow,

:Iti willlfbe. Tobservedathat the standard 10 may have combined therewith a plurality lolf display; shelf elements along the len'gththereofg- However, to produce certain ornamental effects in display and tofincreasefthe, display 1 area, T the standard flu-may; have :Tcombined therewith: an extension or complemental section 10. This'complemental sectioni.l0;'-,,-as well as. the main standard 10, is preferably recessed and ;-for this l'pu'rpose it is-pr'eferred to make the members 10 and 10;tubularand square in vGross sectional area, This tubfular c nstructiO Pe mits the joinin o'fthe stand:

ard and'the extension complement'al'section by inserting in the recess' portion a filler-memher .or block""23,i portions of whieh I are, disposed in the upper; endiofthe standard 10, the other portion thereof ibeingfldisposed w thiln' the,.-'reces s-of thecomplementa'l sec- O'... r "l rfi' l V c For assembling oining the; standard- 7 10 and theccmplemental section 10 the fillermem-be'r'or block-23 is insertedin'the upper end of the standard andiheldin position by the screw :members 23frspassing through-the? perforations'24 provided in the'side walls'11','-

" and 12", Venga'gingEthe'fillermeinber or blocktojirig idly h'old thesame imposition. It is- "preferredto have this 'fillerme'mber or block 23 of' such siZe within the recesses-of'the standard and the complemental sectionsoas to ber-frictionallyr-heldithereincso thatpre-;

,liminary adjustment'may be made to join the sections 10 and 10' when these sections are intended to be combined or assembled. For connecting the sections 10 and 10, screw members 23 are passed through the apertures 24, in the complemental section 10 to engage. the fillermember-or block 23 in the screw holders 2 4",inoreclearly shown in Fig-, u re 2 ln this manner the frictional bond betweenthe fillerblpclr and the recesses of the st'andard and' the"complemental section, as

well; asthe screw engagement, serves to rigidflyias'seinble these parts for forming an extendedmembe gwith the walls 11 and 12 and the perforations thereon continuous so that a; display shelfoelementmayvbe moved along the length qf the extended standard without any interference whatsoever. 3 v -Where .I have used a filler block or member as-shown in Figure 2it ispreferred to form this blockat those faces adjacent the perforations;13 with clearance slots so that the pins of the members 16. and 17-= may be ad-' justed as desired, eveniat a point adjacent the joint formed between the-members 10 and 10'. Thus, a displaycshelf felernent may be moved and adjusted along therlength of the combined sections formed by the standards 10 and the complemental}sections'10 without interference due to the joint at'the terminal of the standardlO, the capacity of the standard therebybeingcincreased to hold the supwith the length of; the complemental section 10. It willhbe observed that thoughl have shown only a sin'gleicomplemental section 10 assembled with the: standard 10, that any number of these sections maybe combined, utilizing similar joining means. 1

1 In:Figur e* 3 I have illustrated a modification of. the means for joining the standard 10' with'a complemental section 10"; In this constructionthe walls'll and 12 are provided with perforations.corresponding to 24 in the modifications shown in Figures 1 and i 2.. Insert 'nie'mbers 26 are provided in the parts are passed through the apertures 24 to; engage the screw holders 26 in the straps 26L: Itlispreferred to. assemble the insert members -26Tw'iththe standard 10 to permit v the upper portions of the straps or insert meinbersq26 to protrude beyond :the end of the standard P10, asi' shown 'in- Figure 3. Where I'for'mthe strapsTconvexly' they will bei'displahedfbeyond the planelof the walls port display shelf elements in accordance 11" and '12sothat'upon assembling the comd plemental section 10, the displacedportion of the straps 26 will servetofrictionally hold the parts in removable relationship preliminarily to final adjustment, atwhich time ad- 7 I ditional screw members 23 are passed throughthe perforations in the member 10, to engage the screw holders 26' in the straps 26.

In this manner it will be observed that I have provided an all-metal construction with proper clearance provision for the engaging pins of the display shelf elements, ,Thus, where I make the sections 10 and 10' of exactly the samecross sectional area, the standard forms an extended member with con ,tinuouswalls' and perforations for engaging bined with a separable "base, and which may be further extendedto' accommodate the same Ito any size display element by combining therewith a complemental section. 7 Thus, any number of display shelf elements may be supported upon the standard to obtain any desired display eflect in accordance with the nature of the merchandise to be displayed or in accordance with the display area that may be provided; s I

Havingthus described my invention and illustrated its use what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

In a display device, a hollow metal stand? I ard section arranged to have combined therewith display shelf elements which embrace the standard and which include display shelf supporting members, saidstandard including o shelf pin and arm engaging orifices; a complemental sect-ion for said standard, the side walls thereof forming a smooth and continuous surface with said first section and a filler member disposed interiorly of said section holding said sections in butt joint engagement, one of said sections including an end thereof formed with the metal of a pair of wallsbent laterally outwardly to serve as base engaging ears, another of said walls being formed with a downwardly formed base engaging ear. v

In witness whereof I have hereunto signed myname this 22d day of May, 1928.


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European ClassificationA47F5/04