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Publication numberUS1788337 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1931
Filing dateJan 25, 1929
Priority dateJan 25, 1929
Publication numberUS 1788337 A, US 1788337A, US-A-1788337, US1788337 A, US1788337A
InventorsAsa W Scott
Original AssigneeAsa W Scott
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Gasoline distributor
US 1788337 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan. 6, 1931. A; w. scoTT 1,788,337

GASOLINE DISTRIBUTOR Filed Jan. 25. 1929 INVENTOR VHTNESLS ATTORNEY Patented Jan. 6 1931 c i I UNITED STATES V PATENT} OFFICE ASA w. soon, or INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA GASOLINE DISTRIBUTOR Application filed .l'anuary 25, 1929. Serial No. 335,124.

This inventionrelates to improvements in addition to supporting the distributing deinternal combustion engines and has parvice providesa packing for the joint beticular relation to means for feeding the fuel tween the flanges 18 and 14. The plate is mixture to the engine cylinders. provided with a central opening 19 across 5 An object of the present invention is to which extends a bar 20 and the stem 11 rises provide a device which may be secured within from this bar. 1

the fuel intake manifold of an engine to In use, the device is placed within the verbreak up and separate t is usual solid column tically extending passage 21 of the intake of fuel mixture during its passage through manifold 15 with the member 10 positioned at m the intake manifold, and to distribute said the juncture of this passage with the horizon to mixture in opposite directions as it enters the tal passage 22 of the manifold. The fuel mixhorizontal passage of the manifold, so that a ture passes from the carbureter through the more equal distribution of fuel to all of the openings 19 upward through the passage 21 engine cylinders will be assured and the efand strikes the inclined surface-of the mem- 15 ficiency of the engine thereby increased. her 10. As this member is positioned at the Another object of the invention is the projuncture of the passages 21 and 22, the fuel vision of a device of the above character mixture will be broken up at this point and which is simpleand economical in construcseparated and deflected in the direction of tion, efiicient in use, and may be readily and the passage 22 and a more even distribution so easily secured in place. 7 of the fuel to the cylinders of the engine will With the above and other objects in view, be made. the invention further includes the following The invention is susceptible of various novel features and details of construction, to changes in its form, proportions and minor be hereinafter more fully described, illusdetails of construction and the right is herein trated in the accompanying drawing and reserved to make such changes as properly 7 pointed out in the appended claim. fall within the scope of the appended claim. In the drawing Having described the invention what is Figure 1 is an elevation partly in section claimed is: showing a fragmentary portion of the fuel A fuel distributor for internal combustion 3o intake manifold of an internal combustion engines comprising a flat plate'for disposal engine with the invention applied. 7 between the connected ends of the intake Figure 2 is a top plan View of the invention branch of the intake manifold of the engine per se. 7 I r p I i and the delivery neck of the carburetor, the Figure 3 is a side view. T said plate having'a centrally located opening 25 Figure 4 is a bottom view. of a diameter equal to that of the bores of the Referring to the drawing in detail wherein intake manifold and carburetor neck to prolike characters of reference denote correvidefor free passage of the explosive mixsponding parts, the invention as illustrated ture,the plate having a supporting portion comprises a hollow inverted cone-shaped extending diametrically of said opening, a member 10 which is mounted upon the upper stem supported, at its lower end, by and exend of a hollow stem 11 and provides a funtending upwardly from, said supporting pornel-like device having an elongated neck retion, and a distributing head of inverted con presented by the stem 11. The lower end of ical form supported, at its minor end upon the stem 11 is suitably secured to a plate 12 the upper end of the stem to effect spreading 4.3 which is shaped to conform to the shape of of the explosive mixture and its delivery into the flanges 13 and 14 which extend respecboth branches of the intake manifold. tively from the lower end of an intake 'mani- In testimony whereof I affix my signature. fold'15 and the upper end of a .carbureter 16. ASA W. SCOTT. The plate 12 is provided with openings 17 I as for the passage of bolts 18 and this plate in v o 7

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U.S. Classification123/590, 277/591
International ClassificationF02M1/00
Cooperative ClassificationF02M1/00, F02M2700/4376
European ClassificationF02M1/00