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Publication numberUS1788433 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1931
Filing dateMar 31, 1930
Priority dateMar 31, 1930
Publication numberUS 1788433 A, US 1788433A, US-A-1788433, US1788433 A, US1788433A
InventorsAlfred Johnson
Original AssigneeAlfred Johnson
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Ice-skate scabbard
US 1788433 A
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Jan. 13, 1931 A. JOHNSON 1,788,433

ICE SKATE SCABBARD Filed March 51, 1930 Patented Jan. 13, 1931 nnrnnnaonnsomor oHIoAoo, ILLInoIs P Ion-snare SGABBARD' Application filed March 31', 1930, Serial-No. 440,192.

My inventionrelates toscabbards for the runners of ice skates v .l 1 One of the objects of my invention is to provide a Scabbard which, is quickly. and

5 easily attachable to the runner of the skate Y and which, when so attached, is firmly held in position thereon. V i Another object of my invention resides in providing a cheap typeiof ice skate Scabbard.

with fastening means for holding the scabbard to the runnerof the ice skate and in such a manner as not tomar the runner, of the to skate.

, Still another objectof my invention resides.

inthe-economical manner inwhi ch the toe portion of the Scabbard is formed from sheet" material, such for instance as leather.

These and other objects 'ofmy invention; will be apparent from a perusal ofthe fol-,

lowing specification when taken iniconnect1on with the accompanyingdraw ngs, wherein:

Figure '1 is a side view of an ice skate with my improved Scabbard attachedto the run-.

view of the scab- Figure 6 is a perspectiveview of a clip such; as I use on my scabbard, but which is provided with some sort of coveringto prevent abrading the metal of the runner, and 1 ,Figure 7 is a cross-sectional viewcorresponding to that shown in Figured of my improved scabbard in position on'a skate runner of diflerent design from in Figure 4. y

Referring now to the drawings in detail,

my improved Scabbard 2 is preferably formed from a blank of sheet material. I prefer to use leather since it is more durable. The, leather is cut and folded toyrovide theop Still another object of my invention resides in providing such a scabbard provided' runner.

hat shown posed sides 4'and '6 forming the longitudinal pocket or sheath forthe skate'runner 8. At the rear portio nthe two, lateral sides 4 and 6 of the leather are riveted together by means-v of the rivet or other fastening member 10."

At the front, the lateral sides and '6 of the f Scabbard are enlarged'to'providetwo spaced apart nose portions'f12 and 14: and atfthebottom of these nose portions, the leather terminates as at 16. For the purpose offsaving material; in the construction of my scabbard, and to provide asimple and economical .construction, and further for the purpose of adequately spacing apart; the sides 4 and 6 of the scabbard,--I provide an insert in theiform of a substantially V-shaped Washer 18, which in the present instance -may;be formed of leather like the body of the Scabbard. Obviw ously, the bodyof the scabbard may he formed of other material and this spacer may be formed of another material. The spacer 18 at its bottom portion terminates in; a shoulder20 and ma wedge-shaped tongue'22 which tongue 22 is adapted to overlieior rest upon the bottom wall Q4ofthe inside bottom'w'all ofthe scabbard, and theyshoulde'rQO is adapted to. abutthe' shoulder 16. As thus positioned, the insert washer 18 lies between i the two marginal curved edges of the tongue:

portions 12 and 14015 the front portion of, the scabbard. Either stitchings or, rivets 26 are then passed through the'two front faces 12 and 14 of the 'scabbard and through the curved spacing'member 18, thus'integrally uniting the front portionsuojfthe scabbard f and providing a permanent pocket forthe The upper portion of the upper curved Wall of the front portion ofthe scabbard overhangs or overlies the pocket so as to receive therebeneath the front portion of the runner of the skate, as clearly shown in the dotted lines in Figure 1.

In order to hold the Scabbard in position on the runner, I provide the rear portion of the Scabbard with a preferably spring metal clip 28 which may be fastened to thesides, of'thescabbard as by means of rivets 30.

fObviously any other desired means may be" used for fastening this spring'clip in posities, h pring p hasijiawardlyip jeetings illustrates the manner in which this spring metal clip is adapted' to grip the skate runner of another type of skate. It will be noted that the spring metal clip, has the up? per portions thereof permanently bent or deferred inwardly with the free edges thereof I claim as new and bent slightly outwardly, thereby providing the firm gripping effect. f

In Figure 6, I have shown a slight modification of-my springclip. In this instance, the metal of the clip is provided with'a coatclip from marring, scratching, or de-fac-ing the runner or tubular runner support of the skate; This may be made of leather compositionmaterial. fabric, any type of sheet metal, suitably cemente'd 'to the walls of the.

spring. clip. V 7

It will thusibe apparent that I havepr'ovided a very economical type of scabbard which may be quickly placed on-the skate runner and which will-firmly grip the runner; that the scabbard is formediof durable material, cheaply constructed to provide a very rugged and serviceable scabbard.

Having thus described my invention, what Patent is: V a r l. A scabbard-for ice skates: composed of sheet material formed'to provide a longitudinal seat with upstanding side's forthe runner of the skate, the forward-portion of said seat having-an overhanging closed end andia spring clip permanently mounted on the outside of theupstanding sides of the scabbard with the bowed portion of the clipenclosing the part of the scabbard forming the. longitudinal seat, said clip having free ii inturned ends extending above the upstanding sides of the" scabbard to provide'a fric' tional fastening clasp to engage a portion of the'skate. v

2. A leather scabbard for an ice skate consisting of a single piece of leather folded upon itself to-provide parallel sides, the rear end of said folded sides being fastened together, the front end of said sides being enlarged to provi'de an upwardly curved extending "overhanging portion adapted-to overlie the front edge of the runner,fasten- 7 ing means foreclosing the f m gp j sheet material formed to provide a longition of said scabbard, the bowed portion of the clip enclosing the closed foldedportion of the leather, and the free inturned'ends of the spring clip extending upwardly to providefafrictional fastening claspto engage a portion of the skate;

desire to secure by Letters 3. A skatescabbard consisting of a single piece of sheet material of greater length than the runner of a skate folded upon itself to provide a runner pocket, the rearmost folded sides being fastened together, the front of said sides being cut away a short distance to the rear of the front and at the bottom of the folded portionto provide a shoulder, said front of the side portions being enlarged and V extendingnpwardly to provide portions "adapted "to overhang the runner pocket I formed between the sides, a spacing member ofsubstantially 0 formation constructed to provide a a cooperative shoulder to abut against the first mentioned shoulder, said spacing member being inserted between the two marginal edges of the front ofthe sides, andfastening means passing through the marginal edges of'said sides and said spacing member, and a spring clip carried by the rear 5. A skatescabbard formed of a single piece of sheet material of length greater than a the skate runnerflfol'ded" upon itself topro-x vide a closed bottom and upstanding sides forming 'therebetween av runner pocket, a'

rivet passing'through therear'most portion of the upstanding walls of the scabbard to close the same, the front upstanding walls of the scabbard being cut away at the'bottom directly at the folded joint to provide a shoul- (161', said upstanding wallsbeing formed to curve forwardly and upwardly to provide an overhanging portion, a spacing insert of sub stantially C formation having its bottom portion arranged in a Wedge-like taper with an adjacent under shoulder disposed between thefront enlarged portions'of the side members with the shoulder of the C portion-abutting the s'houlder of thescabbard, and rivets passing through the -marginal curved" portions of the front ofthe sides and through said spacing memberto'close'the forward end of the scabbard, and a spring clip having the bowed portion straddling. the rearward portion of thescabbardand riveted thereto at the sides, 'thefree ends ofthe spring clip extending'upward ly of the scabbard.

6, A scabbard for ice skatescomposedof tudinal seat with upstanding sides for the runner of the skate, the front end of the scabbard having a portion overlying said runner,.and a spring clip carried by the rearf prevent Gil ALFRED JOHNSON.

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U.S. Classification280/825
International ClassificationA63C3/12, A63C3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63C3/12
European ClassificationA63C3/12