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Publication numberUS1788721 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1931
Filing dateMar 27, 1928
Priority dateMar 27, 1928
Publication numberUS 1788721 A, US 1788721A, US-A-1788721, US1788721 A, US1788721A
InventorsRoy Klomparens
Original AssigneeRoy Klomparens
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Adjustable furnace register
US 1788721 A
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Jar). 13, 1931. R, KLQMPARENS4 1,788,721

ADJUSTABLE FURNACE REGISTER Filed March 27, 1928 A2 Sheets-Sheet l Jan. 13, 1931. Rl KLOMPARENS 1,788,721

ADJUSTABLE FURNACE REGISTER Filed March 27. 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 MAQ ""R'OYKLQMPARENSQOF BOSTNyMAssAcHUssrT; t ADrUsrAnriE rUnirAcE' nearer-sii@ y l Thisinvention relatesto an adjustable ur- `Like' lreference characters" refer-ftorflke* i the inventionis to provide a register Y,which 'Inf 'theconstructiona register' raine'jis 's .adjustable as to size in one directioniniiade whiehjconsistslof upper andlowersecorder thatit-Inay beadjusted;toconfornitc tions.y Bothjare of sheetinetah the' lower; 55` y andwork withdiiferent sizespf4 register lrame'including a lower liorizontal'ifail of boxes. 1' have inade'a companion invention angle forni havingra'ufront flange 1 and a bot-l f v relating toadjustable register boxes l which tolniange 2,'th'e`upper edge portio'n'fof the f are' o'a standardlengtli but wliicliniay. be *Y flange 1 beir'igf"bentbackwardlya'short'dis-y mfadjustedto inany diiferent widths andthe tance, as "vindicatedqat'z, andfthence' ex- 60 v register of thepresent inyention'inay be' used tending `Vertically-;to frnake a terminal lip' 4.

therewith, though of course itis notf restrict- A The rearfedge ,portionj'of the horizontal. I

i ed inY any sensato use'with adjustableregisltlange 2y is bent.fba`ck fupon itself, as at y5,

ter boxes only. and tWO spaced apartjslots' are cut through y 15. Dilie'rent sized'rconis-Iin ydwellings' which theA rearwardly b'ents'ecticn described. s 65 *y Y are heated by furnaces require dierentyol Y p They Vertical sides are `likewisey f of angle runes of heat inorder to properly heat the I forni having frent 4flanges continuous and same; `and the furnace pipes, register boxes integral lwiththe flangefl, andV rearwardly Y `and registers through .which the air is carv` extendingf-fla'nges 48.v The frent langes7 at 2e ried` and distributed to afrooinare likewise their inner'edges are benty inwardly fat`9, 19 of dierentsizes-andfhave at least approxilbeing continuationsofthesection3 p reviousmate relation to the sizes of the rooms which ly described, andthen are continued inwardyareto `be heated.` Heretoorefit has been lly toinake the lipslOilwhicli lie in thesarne' thoughtV necessary to carry the sei/eral V-dif- 'v ertical-planewith ythe lip 4L.k Each of" the ferent sizes of registers in stoclnusingenerearwardly extending 'flanges' `8 at its. rear size of register for one rooinwhichl iste be edge is bent backw'ardly upon' itself inU- v heatedvand another and larger, size for la fqrinfto provide a guide -11j`whic'h isl spaced largc-ir room.H fBut vwith my invention one Qa short distance frein the inner side of the stockarticle'l of furnace" register, which is flange with Which'it is connected. Y v `3oy easily ,adjustedto a desired size, being made The upper section of the yregister.france larger or sinaller as the circumstances 'relikewisel ofsheetrnetal and has an' upper rail quire, may` beused. -V `or angle' form with a front vertical lia-nge 12 e An understanding of the inventionand and ya rearwardlyorinwardlyektending hor` the prefer-red structural embodiment thereof f-izcntal upper flange A'Saidk flange "12 at lmay-@be had rornthefollowing Vdescription its lower,` edge 1s bent inwardly making :the u Vtaken in connection with the accompanying section 14 corresponding to the section 3 Ven drawings, in which, ff; ,Y Fthelover rail 1 and thence'continu-ing ina t `llglis a perspective 'Viewk ofthe asserndownwardlyfextending 'vertical lip 15. The l bled register. vertical sides'ofthe upper section are of angle. 40 F'gQQs aperspective View. showing the `forni havingffrontface anges 16 and rear- 90 two parts of the register france sep araij,e,dj Wardly extendingianges 17 the front flanges Vthe register damper beingrmounted lon` oneV lfbeing bent inwardly and then continued of. Said Sections, Y Y A asinwardlyZeXtending--lipsl Thecorners Fig; "3 illustrates in perspective-the regis-1 wherewtheflips`15 and 18 corne 'together are ter grille which in practice isconneetedwith Y widened and made yfinto.' suppcrtmg members K e ,Y the frame, v y .p z i' if 19, the purpose owliich-'Willlateraappear.

4 is an -enlargedhorizontal section Therear edge ofthe upperflangevl rsbent p p 'l through the register shown in Fig, 1, and,' y backl uponitself'as'indicated at QOsnnilarto e Figfisanenlargedyertical section therethe bent part 5 ofthehorizontal flange 2 of through. i the lower rail. if e s -V VIt is evident that the upper section may kkhave an adjustable telescoping connection or attachment to thelower section. The flanges 16 are slightly less in width than the flanges 7 and lit between the vsides 8 and the parts. 9 while the rear edgeportions of thelanges 17 are received in the guides 11. The frameaccordingly may be adjustedias to many dierent positions. A n

l/Vitliin the frame aregister grille is'moun'ti ed. A This grille likewise 4is.,.itormed V of two Vadjustable parts or sections made of sheet meta-l. '.The lower rsectionllias aho'rizontal rail 21 from which a plurality of spaced apart vertical vlingers "22 rextend upwardly. The fingers 22 are all substantially 'half I Vround shape butv at their edges Vare turned in- `wardly to make guide' lips 28. The lowerrail 21 at its lower side is providedwith two spaced apart downwardly extending tangs l24 located so as to'be freely received within the slots 6 previously described. Y

The upper section of vthe/grille is of similar. formation having anfupper rail 25and downwardly extending .fingers 26 of smaller size thanthe fingers 22 so thatl'they may 'telescope therein. Substantially midway between the sides and the upper-end of the upper section a cross member-2T connects certain of the lingers, thereby leavingfan open space above the member 27 for ahereinafter described purpose. The two sections when placed together are readily adjusted as to .height to many ldili'erent sizes and it is evident that the retaining guide lips23 on the fingers' 22 serve to prevent detachment of the two sections of the grille.

"A register damper plate is lmounted for Vnot only to support the damper plate 29 but tojrictionally mount the rod 28 whereby-the amper plate will normally remain in any position to which it is swung.

l/Vli'enthe register is tobe assembled to'iit any desired size of register box-or opening in the -wall the'two sections ofthe frame are telescoped together and yadjusted to the proper size. The two sections ofthe grille are likewise telescoped andl adjusted to size andthe tangs 24 passed through the openings 6 and the grille brought against the front .v `sides of the inwardly extended lips 4, 10, 15*

and 18 ofthe frame sections. Clips 32 (see Fig) at their upper ends are fastened tothe face 12 of the upperrail and extend'do'wnwardly over the upper 1ra`il-25 of the grille AY finger hold thereby securingV the grille and frame together.

side of the damper plate 29 in such la positionthat it extends through theopening in .the grille above the member 27 as shown in Fig. 1. -In practice the damper plate 29 `is vmade with al length sufficient to take ycare of the largest size ofregister which will 'be used 'andorthe smaller sizes it is merely necessary for-theorie,installing the furnace to cut away any required portion of the 4lower end ity of which are indicated at 34 in Fig. 2.

YIt is evident from theforegoing that a reg `isterA and grille therefor together with the necessary 'damper plate :may `rbe made as a stock article which is universally adapted for all of the different sizes of registersused in installing a furnacein a dwelling Aor other :building: An invention of this fkind' is kof 'considerable value, greatly reducing the number of stock` parts required yand making it necessary merely `for the furnace'company'to shi'pa required'number of registers to a'place of installation without regard vto vthe 'Size thereof,-'as any register made-in Vaccordance with my invention will lit any registerbox or opening made in the wall or i'loor wherea furnace is to be installed. The invention is defined in tlie-appended-clainis and -is'to be considered comprehensive of all forms of lstructure coming within their scope.y


1. In a constructionofthefclass described, aregister'franie comprising upper and lower sections `of sheet 'metahfthe lower section having a lower railv of angle form and two "integral upwardly extending end portions also of angle form, one'fiange ofeach of'said lower rail and said end portions lying in the same vertical plane at the front of the iframe 'and other flanges ofthe said-end portions of said section extending rearwardly therefrom,` each 'at its rear edge "being turned inwardly back` upon 'itself to yprovide a 5U- shaped guide, andthe inner edge portionsvof vsaid Ifront flanges being first-'pressedrearfwardly, and then extending inwardly to 'provvide terminallips, Yiframe 'having an the upper section of said v upper rail and depending side portions of sheetmetal,A also of/channel `forni and likewise formed at the inner edge 33 isfastene'd to the fronty v.oie.thepplate 29 on a horizontal line, -a plurallportions oftheV front anges thereofl with .rearwardly pressed portions terminatin in said side portions' .inwardly -extending lips, of the upper "sections being telescopingly re- Ceived within said side portions vofthe lower sections to j provide an adjustable frame adjustablejto different dimensions as to the height'thereof.

2. A-.c'onstruction containin deiiiiedin` claim 17 each of said inwardly extending-lips at the corners of said upper section being enlarged to providesupports, .a

the elements ips-8,1721" 'I v v rod extending horizontall back of said supy fp'orts,l clipspassedk aroun said rod and hay-y ing endsv lying immediately back-ofsaid supy ports, vbolts passing through said clips and supportsgfor clarnping the samelon the' rod p.

andra damper :plate secured *.to and depend'- ing from said rod back ,ofthe frame. Y

` o l3. A lconstruction lcontaining the elements in combinationdenedginclaimr15 combined Y, with a, grille comprising two sections having telescoping connection with respect to each other whereby the same-may be'adjusted asilol height to lie across the opening in the Y' frame'and against/said inwardly extending .terminal lips, spaced apart tangs extendingV downwardly rfrom the lowerside `ci the grille, said' horizontal member of the .lower f section of theframe having spaced apart` openings to receive said tangs, and 'clipsattached tothe upper khorizontal member ,of f the upper` section of the frame extending over and bearingagainst said grille at its upper end. Y'

" In testlmony whereof'I aiizrrnyfsignature." I


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