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Publication numberUS1789295 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 20, 1931
Filing dateJan 9, 1929
Priority dateJan 9, 1929
Publication numberUS 1789295 A, US 1789295A, US-A-1789295, US1789295 A, US1789295A
InventorsBauer William J
Original AssigneeBauer William J
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Collapsible chair
US 1789295 A
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Jan. 20, W1. BAUER I 1,789,295

COLLAPSI'BLE CHAIR Filed Jan. 9, 1929 4 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR 1 mgzzmumuer ATTORNEY Jan. 20, 1931. w. J BAUER COLLAPSIBLE CHAIR Filed Jan. 9, 1929 w 4 sheets-sheet 2 INVENTOR ATTORNEY r. 6 W, B. J m/ m m W Jan. 20, 1931.

w. J. BAUER COLLAPSIBLE CHAIR Filed- Jan. 9, 1929 4 Sheets-Sheet 3 INVENTOR M'llzamzffiaaer ATToR NEY Jan. 20, 1931. w. J. BAUER 1,789,295

' COLLAPSIBLE CHAIR '4 Sheets-Sheet 4 Filed Jan. 9, 1929- INVENTOR MM Jan. 20, 1931 .1. AUEn Or-imtv' VYORK, N 1. i I

ootms rnm min I ."afijmauim an i ag 1929'. seems. 331,325.

The, invention relates to chairs, more par ticularlyto the automatic folding or collapsi-' lilel type suitable for compact storage when desired." It has "for its .object to simplify the} construction ofchairs of this characterand tofprovid'e a cha'iif' which may conveniently.

be "collapsedmerely'iby raising the -same 'off I its support and, also, which may be extended for use byresting the rear pair of legs on a support and tiltingthe chair slightly'fforward when the weight of the front pair-of I legs and seat of the chair will unbalance the chairmemb'ers and open the chair for 'use; Aifurtherobject of the'inven'tion resides in means to assist'in the retention of the jseat member. within the pair of front legs when:

the chair is in the collapsed condition. H In carrying out the invention, as embodled in the novel collapsible chair shown and .20 hereinafter more fully described, a pair of front legs is provided .within which thepair of rear. legs is adapted tofitwhen the chair is in ,thecollapsed condition. The upper ends of said pair of rear legs, moreover, are slid as able and swingable in the "corresponding pair of frontlegs, or rather'in extensions thereof, while a seat member for the" chair is hingedly s'ecured'orpivoted at its rearward portion to the said pair of, rear legs, means being I 0 provided also' for pivotally securing the'seat intermediate'iits rearward and forward poi tions to the frontpair oflegs. The arrangement is such, furthermore, that when the chair as a whole is lifted from itssupportthe combined weight of the reafpair of legs tion" with the {accompanying drawingsfin "lii 3is a front the olded or collapsed" condition. Fig. 41s a"vertical section jthrough the" chair 1 and illustrates the collapsing action. Fig. 5"is' a fragmentary' vertical section ytakenon the line 5f5, Fig. 1 of the drawings andloo'king in thedirection of the arrows. Fig. 6 is a perspective viewof the chair, in open 'condition"re'ady for use,- and illus-' trates a modification therein. l a

Figs. "7 'and 8-are respectively a vertical section andafr'ont elevation of's'aid modified form of chairand in the folded; or collapsed condition.

Fig. 9 is a perspective view -ofthe 'chair,

in open 'con'dition" ready for use, and illustrates a'further'modification'therein: 1

1 Figs; 1Oand 11 are respectively a vertical section and frontelevationof the latter form of'chair 'and'in' the-collapsed or folded con =Refer'ring to the drawings, the novel chair c nnpr ises,- for example, a rigid", one-piece outer frame composed of'the-finverted-U- shape piece 10 whichconstitutes the pairof front legs whose extensions form the supporting frame for the partial hack member-11 of the chair. "A pair-of rear-legs 1-2 is designed to fit within the frame 10 when the chair is in collapsed or folded condition; and these elevation of the chair'in leg members are designed, also, to be attached.

at their upperends to the extensions or upper portions of said frontpair of legs. A rungmember 14 maybe securedacross the lower extremities of the pair of front legs and similarly a rung member l5 acrossthe lower extremities of the pair ofrear'legs 12 to insurerigidity ofthe chair; I l

"Inaccordance with the invention, the pair of rear legs is secured to-thepair of' fr'ont legs in manner such as'to permit not only of 5 the same pivoting orswinging freely therein but also to-allow of movement longitudinally thereof, This may-conveniently be effected by'meansoftrunnions 16 or the like extend"- ing laterally from the upper extremities of" said rear pair of legs into corresponding longitudinal slots 17 formed in-the extensions of said air of front legs which are composed, prefera 1y, of' tubing, thefsaid slots being located above the seat member of the chair. The particular means shown of connectin the upper extremities of the rear legs with t e corresponding pair of front legs is not material so long as said rear legs may pivot therein as well as have a motion longitudinally thereof. y a 1 'i The said seat member 20, moreover, is carried by the rear pair of legs, for example, by

pivoting its rearward portion thereto as by;-

means of a rod 21 passing through the sides of a down-turned flange 22 of the seat mem her and having its opposite ends welded or 1 otherwise secured in the respective rear leg members. The said seat member maythus rock freely onsaidrod; and ;it is also supported intermediate itsrearward. and. forward portions as by laterally-extending brackets 25 attached to the under-face thereof and having laterally extending and. vertically off-set trunnions 26 fitting in the corresponding front pair of legs to allow the seat a to. fulcrum about the same as an axis. .1

The seat member may thus swing about its intermediate portion as a fulcrum as well as aboutits rearward portlon which is p voted to the rear pair of legs, whilethelaitter as a whole may through their upper ends ,move longitudinally as well-as pivot in the said pair offront legs. Moreover, the arrangement is such that the combinedweight of the said rearward portion of-the seat member and the rear pair of legswill over-balance the weightof-the .forward portion of the said seat member. Thus, when the chair is lifted ff'om its support, said rearward portion will immediatel drop aswill also the upper extremities 0 the rear 1pair ,oflegs with respect to the'slots 17 (see ig. 4 of the drawings), while the forward ortion of the seat member will-swin upwar l ,or rather backwardly, tobring oth .seat member and the pairof rear, legs within the surrounding pair of front legs and provide the chair incompact collapsed. condition. The backward movement of said seat member will be limited by thecollapsed chair conditions to assist in retainin it in osition within thesaid pair of front egs. be coiled about the rod 21 with one free end pressing against a stop 29 of said rod, or be or example, a spring28 may directly secured to the said "rod,while its other free end presses against the under-face of the'seat member. 7

To extend the chair for use, it is necessary merely to rest the pair of rear legs on a support as a floor or the like upon which it is to remain and then tilt the said chair as a whole slightly forwardly to cause the front pair of, legs with attached seat member to move for wardly rocking about' the trunnions 16. Atthe same time this will bring 'sai'd pair of rear legs'upwardly with respect to their slots :until. the movement of their upper extremities ortrunnions '16 is arrested by contact with'theupperend of the corresponding slots.

While the inverted'U-shape piece formingthejfront pair of -legs of the chair affords a' convenient construction, where a solid or complete typeof back is desired the pairof front legs will be modified'to the extent or consisting merely of; parallel members 30 Figs. 6'8 of thedrawings. The backmem- .ber 31 of said chair' islthen to be secured thereto by means of t unniens 32 extending laterally from said back member into corresponding slots 33 of the upper'extensionsof the pair of frontleg members, said slots be-j ing above and to the rear of slots34, which are parallel to the former-'slotsand' serve to pivotally and slidably secure the upper extremities of the pair of rear legs 35 of the chair,as in the previously described embodiment. f

The seat member 36 is secured similarly to the mounting hereinbefore described; but at its rearward portion there is hingedly attached thereto also-thelower portion of the back member 31,'a's by means of a pair of angle pieces 37 pivoted to the respective'sides of said back by the pins or rivets 38, theangle pieces being'falso pivoted by pins or rivets 39 tothe correspondingrearlegs. a V

.Where it is desired toprov'idethe chair also with arm frests, this may conveniently be effected, reference being had toFigs; 9 -11 of the drawings which show a chair similar to that shown in Figs. 6-8. Armsupports40 in the nature of a U-shapedmember are,in

extremities to the seat member as by means of straps. il fitting over the cross-bar of said member and secured to the under-face. of the seat member, While the arm supports at their upper ends are ofl-setrorturned outwardly and secured pivotally to the under-surface of corresponding arm rests 42 as by means of straps l3 attached thereto. Thehsaid arm rests are v also hingedly secured-at their inner ends to the .back member,.as shown. This will allow. of the chair members'collapsing as hereinbefore described, with the additional parts also foldingup in the common plane, 1

as shown. 1

I claim:

i. A collapsible chair; comprising alpair offront legs, a pair of rear legs pivotally and slidably engaging the same, a seat member pivotally attached to both pairs of legs, and

this instance, pivotally secured .at the lower i a back member pivotally and slidably engaging the pair of front legs-and pivotally connected to the pair of rear legs and to the seat member.

2. A collapsible chair, comprising a pair of front legs provided with respective longitudinal slots along the inner walls and with additional slots parallel to the firstnamed slots therein, apair of rear legs having means extending therefrom into the said first-named slots to pivotally and slidably secure said rear pair of legs to the said front pair of legs, a seat member pivotall attached to both pairs of legs, and a bac member pivotally and slidably mounted in said lastnamed pair of slots and hingedly connected Iwith the rearward portion of the seat mem- 3. A collapsible chair, comprising a. pair of front legs provided with respective longitudinal slots along the inner walls, and with additional slots parallel to the first named slots therein and above and behind the same, a pair of rear legs having means extending therefrom into the said first-named slots to pivotally and slidably secure said rear pair of legs to the said front pair of legs, a seat member pivotally attached to both pairs of legs, and a back member pivota-lly and slidably mounted in said last-named pair v of slots and hingedly connected with the rearward ortion of the seat member.

4. A co lapsible chair, comprising a pair of front legs provided with respective longitudinal slots along the inner walls,'and with additional slots parallel to the first-named slots therein, a pair of rear legs having means extendin therefrom into the said firstnamed s ots to pivotally and slidably secure said rear pair of legs to the said front pair of legs, a seat member ivotally attached to both pairs of legs, a ack member pivotally and slidably mounted in said lastnamed pair of slots and hingedly connected with the rearward portion of the seat member, arm supports pivoted to the seat member beyond its intermediate support and extending upwardly upon either side of said seat member, and arm rests pivotally secured to the upper ends thereof and to the back member.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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