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Publication numberUS1789333 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 20, 1931
Filing dateJul 27, 1928
Priority dateJul 27, 1928
Publication numberUS 1789333 A, US 1789333A, US-A-1789333, US1789333 A, US1789333A
InventorsCosta Arthur V Da
Original AssigneeCosta Arthur V Da
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US 1789333 A
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Jan. 20, 1931. A. v. DA COSTA 1,789,333


F'iled July 27, 1928 hree Little Kittens J 27h ey Lost Cheir Mittens And Zheyfi gan T70 Cry IN V EN TOR.


{M320 stable position.

upper Patented Jan. 20, 1931 .ge ed stable position.

further object of the invention isfto form V the toy with abottomflpjortion having "a rounded supporting surface and. having a tone-producing device mounted in this bot- 10 tom "Portion, the tone device bein 'act by the movement of a weight, rneans being provided for preventing the weightifrom' passing alline thru the center of the shell wherebythe Weight v'vill also serveto roll the shell back :toiits. stable" position when rolled from such position, while in other 'in- 'stances ,a separate weight may be {:iositioned infthe she if desired; andrelied upon to .perform'the' returning action of the ball to A still further-object: of the invention is to provide this shell with a top portion having abroad display surface carrying'designating characters thereon andto'fmount a 1 1 525 ighted tone-producing, device in the bottom portion of the shell, whereby the'weight serve to move the tone-producing mechanism and also to return the shell toits normal or stable position whenrolled from such 5* 80 position, tobring' the display characters back unto position to be advantageously observed. @With these' and'other" objectscin view; the invention consistsflof certain novel features fo'f COIPlS tIUCtlOIM as will} be more fully de- I755 's'cribed, and particularly pointed out in the appended claims. I

If "In the accompanying-drawings i Fig. l is a view of the toy showing "the portion as carrying designating characters "f F'g. '2 is a section thru the shell showing one form of: tone-producing device mounted therein and resting in it'sj'norma-lgor' stable position; Fig; 3 shows the toy partly broken away and rolled to one side; also'showingthe actuating vveifght" as hafng "moved the bellows f rohrcollapsedposition; Q'

vFig. 4 illustrates thetoy'in section shaw- :ingthe to flesproducing reed as secured to the weightto/ novetherein,

'the underside of the weight.

'sh ellff with the voice device attached'torthe hell 'thi'uga flexible member such as rubber jItis iound, practice particularad-v 4 vant e i the on e on f y f. hi rmer t0 pra ll c'e a t y havingifa el the shapeof'a sphere or vonehaving farounde l' uppo ngfs r ace a s mqlint Q r a the .representa duce," preferably in colors; tionsof fsuch objects as 'will intere'st and attract the; attention of small; children such for instance :as'the representation of. dancing kittens o'r otherfigures" havingf fanciful colorful dressesorgother attractive decoration and surface: of this base "portion I preferably mount "a tone-producing device which is .de-

the objects rep- I signedto'imitate. the cries of resentediwhen the. ball is rolled about on the flopr or 'tippejdor rocked in the hand of the se'r,' and I] have weightedathis tone-produc- "iiig devices'oi that after the ballor shell has been rolled from its normal or stable. position'this weight'will cause theball to roll "baclntoreturn the displayfcharacters to ob served position so that any reading matter lupon thisuppersurface will be most advantageously' displayed. (Also; in the construction oflny improvedtoy I arrange the toneproducingor voice device so that the weight altho loosely mounted is preferably so guided limited in its lmoyement that it cannot pass the centenof, the sphere thus insuring the ball'being rolled back to" its. normal or stable position after having" been rolled from such position. Also by sosecuringgthis weighted tone device tothe inner surface of the shell'to-one side of the center; the device being in spherical 'shape' when rolled about children and the following, is a; detailed de Fi 5 s a b t om awe? i h -tp u mg device showing the v reed'jas mounted on o 4 7 onflth floor will produce j'a cu'rious', wabblingr motion; which again renders it attractive to 70 I lpid i d S ppo ti r on or thisshell. .To'the inner invention and showing one shape of toy by which these advantageous results may beaccomplished.

'With reference to the drawings, designates a spherical shell which may be formed of celluloid or other suitable material and is preferably made in halves, the upper half 11 surface of the shell.

This tone produ'cing deyice Fherein iillustra-ted. comprises essentially a ltub'ula'rl body l6' hav' perforated liead17' atone "end made in the formfoffla c'ap 'onihoqa,

f and an ai'r tightih 'ad" 18 at its opposite end ,Bellows. 2O"v is Iforrned preferably lberized. fabric ..having its lower Ledge Cemented between the flange 19 o'fi-the lower cap .and,the. lower edge. of the tube. 16, :which rendersthis joint airtight. The upper edge .of the bellows fabric is .cementedas fat 21 a y I do-wn turndfiange 22,;olf-1the 1 weight'23and'the the; reed" platei25, wherebylthis. edgefis also s between .the.

ldowneturneid iflangefit Eof hermetically sealed. ".LOn this reed :plate is mounted a vibratory. tonguei26 which when theairpasses thruthe opening-,controlled'by lthislreedthe reed isdcausedito vibrateand produce the tone. required,

The cup-shaped weight 2-3 isprovided with ,afltop opening 27 .and ,is;loosely.,n1ounted. to move freely in (the tube.

16, :whe'reby when the. shell is rolled to' one side, to a degree a little greater,thanthat illustrated in Figll, .th-is wei'ghtwill tip upand in moving back to .the collapsed position of the bellows, will causetheair. trapped in thebellowstopass outwardly thru the reed opening and cause this. reed. to vvibrate andgproducema-tone, the nveightrin this .case performing a. {double function, firstto open or ofthe bellowswhiclr is: secured thereto; and second asthemovementof. thisweight is restrictedso that itcannOtcrQssthe, center of the. shell the latter is. boundlto roll..back;un- :der: influence oftheweight to itsstablexposition, .which .efiect. has. many advantages; first,,shell to itsstable or normal: restingiposition it brings. thelupper .Iportion of the sphere with its, display char- .acters,.1back into the gproper ;position to be observe d advantageously.

1 This sphere is ,provided with (suitable openings. 28- to 13811-1111, a circulationof :air

inthe #shell; which is necessary.-- for. direct operation of the tone device and .--also ,these holes spermit f-the ttones to. (float routwardly t rough.

Y (ByeformingthelowerheadrlB of thistubu- 'thefvoice device and its point of to-1the shell,,-;andzones-means of accomplish- 'las shown lift the upperedge opposite the display sur lar tone producing device of celluloid, I am enabled to readily and securely cementthe same to the inner surface of the shell which is of particular advantage especially when this shell is formed of celluloid.

In other instances, it isvfound of importance to minimize the chances of rupture at this pointof connection by providing a flexibleor yieldable connecting memberbetween attachment mg this result is to provide a flexible cup 30 in Fig. 6 of the drawings, which may be formed of rubber or other suitable fleiible rriateri alanrl thru which the voice device. is conneotedto theinner wall oftheshell '14,wherby.iwhen the ball is dropp e dthis connecti'on wiuyiera and not beirupturedf Ihave'fherein shown and described 'ft-he actuating weightin the tone 'device as also 185 serving as a counterbalance} to 'f'return the shell'tostableposition, but insome instances a separate weightmaybe place'din the shell to" ion the shell back to its stable position.

Theforegoing'descriptionis'directed solely towards the construction illustrated, but

"desirei'it tobe'understood that I. reserve the f privilegexof resorting .to allthe meehanical [changes to which the device is susceptible, the invention.'being ldefined'fand limit'ed onlyby the termsfof the appendedclaims; .Iclaimii lfA device comprising an, apertured spheric al shell, airesilient support having impefforate'baseconforming to the curvature of saidshell and secured to'theiinnen-wall thereof, an integral ,peripheralzflan ge *extending upwardlyirom said base, and ajtone producing "device mounted ,in said support and firmly engaged by' said flange. Q 3,105

"2. 'A device comprising an", apertured spherical shell, a display surface' on' the outer portion of the shell 'compri sing the ,upperfha'lf thereof, a {resilient support mounted onthe inner wallof the shell having an imp'erforate 5,110 arcuatebase conforming to the curvature of the shellandsecuredto the shell diametrically face, an integral peripheral flangegentending upwardly Ifrom .said-.arouate-base, anda'tone producingldevice ,315

mounted in said support andfirmlyhengaged by said flange,-the tone. producing .devicei being positioned.whollyinthe lower halfof .thezshell; I

3. A device comprising an aperture'd spherical shell, a displaysurface on theouter portion.- of the shell comprising the upper half thereof, a tone fproducing device including a vibrator secured to the innerJwallHQf 2125 the lower. half of the shell-atapoint diametrically opposite; the said; display surface, ,a movable bellows, foroperating said vibrator, a movable weight for.operatingsaidbellows, and: a wall locatedoin .thel lower-half ch -said 3 shell 'for confining said bellows and weight g the lower half of the shell at a point diamet- I rically opposite the said display surface, a

wholly to the lower half of the shell.

4. A device comprising an apertured s shell, a display surface onthe outer portion of the shell comprising the upper spherical half'thereof, a tone producing device including a vibrator secured to the inner wall of movable bellows for operating said vibrator, a movable weight for operating said bellows,

and a cover secured to said tone producing device and located in the lower half of said shell for confining movement of said bellows

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