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Publication numberUS1789363 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 20, 1931
Filing dateJan 25, 1928
Priority dateJan 25, 1928
Publication numberUS 1789363 A, US 1789363A, US-A-1789363, US1789363 A, US1789363A
InventorsElmer J Gross
Original AssigneeChicago Gymnasium Equipment Co
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Basket-ball backboard
US 1789363 A
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Jan. 20, 1931. E. J. GROSS BASKET BALI-L BACKBOARD "Filed Jan. 25. 1928 f7zae7$ 2:. 2277267" jgross.

- Patented JanQZO,1931

20 tion is shown ELMER :r. o-uoss, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, Ass'IeNoR 'ro CH CAGO GYMNASIUM mul'r- MENT ooMrANY, or. cnroaeo, ILLIECISKA oo aros-arrolv'or.runners BAsKEr-BA nBaoKBomtn I Application filed January 25, 192's. sem1 110.24%,342;

This invention relates to backboards for use. in basketball games and the like. .The main purpose of the invention is to provide a board which is light and durable, and has the desirable characteristics of woodlboards, but still is not subject to warping or cracking, and which presents a perfectly plain and hard surface. In thisrespect the improved board is not inferior to glass boards but avoidsthe weight and fragile characteristics of boards of that class. x V

A further object of the invention is to provide a basket-ball back-board having a core 7 of softer, lighter and more resilient 'material than its surface material or casing, and

thus to combinelth'e desirable qualities of resilience and lightness with a good wearing surface. g 1

An illustrative embodiment of. this invenin the accompanying drawings in which I Figure. 1 isa perspective view of a baskee ball goal, showing the Wall, the backboard V mounted on the wall, and the basket mounted on the board in the manner required by the (rules of the game of basket-ball, V

vFig. 2is-a detailed perspective view illustrating the construction of the backboard.

' Fig. 3 is a fragmental elevation of the rear 3c of the board, with portions broken-away and parts shownin section. V

The invention may be carried out by the use of manufacturedboards wherein a fibrous I core is sheathed in metaL- The core is preferably formed of a plurality of veneer'sheets andis covered with a non-corrosive metallic casing, all compactly pressed together.

Referring to the drawings, the backboard 1 consists of a wooden laminated body portion 2 which is covered by a sheet metal casing consisting of a sheet 3 which is glued to the .back of the body portion, and the sheet 4 which is glued to'the face of the body portion 1 2.- The'sheet 4 is bent around the edges of I 59 interiorv board.

"proof covering for the body.

the body portion 2, and is providedwith in wardly'projecting flanges r5 which lap over 7 Suitable cleats 6, 7 and 8 are fastened to the back of the boardby means of the Woodscrews 7,- or any. other suitable fastening means. Thesupporting posts 8 are mounted on tliebackof the board 1, and are secured to .the supporting wall .10 by means. of the flange, plates 11 which are threaded gong the innerends. of the post ThebasketIQ is mountedmeansl'ofaa clip 13;:totheface of theboardi r The backboardof this inveatien isiightiii Construction and can be easily mounted so board has the proper resiliency characterthat it is firmly held in position, and the of uniform characteristics,- so'that the players cial board. The metal covering prevents the board fromabsorb ng moisture and becomsmooth hard surfacewhich is backed up by the resilient vlaminatedwvooden body with,

which the covering is held in close contact by gluing.

metal casingcovering the body portion'and glued to the forward surface thereof sub-- stantially throughout its entire area. 3. In a basket-ball backboard, a laminated do. not have to makeallowances for any spe- I mg warped and deformed; and provides a 1. Ina'basket-ball backboard, a laminated Wood body, a metal sheet glued to the back of the body, and 'ametal sheetglued to the front surface of the bodythroughoutits' entire area and bent down around the-edges of the body and flanged inwardly, to lap over the edges ofv said backsheet, the sheets l 1 moisture 7 being soldered together to forma l. Basket-ball"backboard, comprising a metal casing, andia flbrous filler in the casing secured substantially throughout its-em. tire front surface to the inner surface of the forward side. of the casing rendering the rebound' conditions of the" backboard similar j to'the rebound conditions ofithe fillet; p

laminated wood. body portion and a sheet 5; Basket-ball backboard, comprising a metal casing having soldered seams for excluding moisture, a filler comprising laminated fibrous material in the casing, and means between thefiller, and easing rigidly 5 securiilf'gsubstantially all =p'o'rtions'o'f thefor- Ward'side of the latter to the "filler, for inrparting the rebounding charaoteristicsofthe filler to theiorxvard side oi the casing.

'6. A basketball backboa'rd coilsistiligio f a laminated Woodbody'portio'n 'ooi nposed of sheets of veneer, and asheet metal easing comprising ametal sheet glued to the back of the body portion, and 5a .metal'sheetglueid it!) the front surface of the body portion, the sheets of Veneer andfthe metal sheets beingarrangedin parallel planes-and all tightly and compactly pressed together, the edges of the Ifront sheeto'f metal being bent around the edges of the'body portion and extended in- 20 'war dly to form proje'oting flanges overlappingthebao'l'c sheet'and securedjto the same'to form a moisture-proof covering for the body portion.

Signed at 'Ohioagothis 23ddayofanuary a ELME aonoss.

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U.S. Classification473/481
International ClassificationA63B63/08
Cooperative ClassificationA63B63/083
European ClassificationA63B63/08B