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Publication numberUS1789582 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 20, 1931
Filing dateFeb 7, 1929
Priority dateFeb 7, 1929
Publication numberUS 1789582 A, US 1789582A, US-A-1789582, US1789582 A, US1789582A
InventorsEckstein Reuben
Original AssigneeEckstein Reuben
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Electric socket
US 1789582 A
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Jan. 20, 1931. R. ECKSTEIN ELECTRIC SOCKET Filed Feb. 7. 1929 I N VEN TOR. Reu ben Ec/rsfezh BY Ban/alt.

A TTORNE C w m [4 8 w m 7 a eas 1 g a 1 nE BEiTEcksrnm,onNEwfYoRK, 1v;

1 srscmmcsocxn'r j Application filedEebruary 'Zl i'aaf-f'seliai No. seams? I This intentionrelatesetogelectric lighting; socketsimay be connected either inseries or V sets. More particularly themvjention 1s d1 parallel circuit andfasshown in Fig. 1- are. rected to an improvedlamp socket construcconnected ,mseries. circuit by means of flex-5 f tiiong adapted to be used-in portablelighting isle insulated, covered conductor-.wires l2 to i outfits fordisplay andornamental. illuminaform a. conventional type of 'outfitfiadapted, 55 i "tion, such as show Windows, Christmas tree to befconnect'ed .t-o a' suitable poWersu'pply p 7" decorative lighting and other like purposes." (not shown) by mans'ofa plug'capl?) in 7 One objectofthe invention'is toprovide 1 the Well unders'tood manner. in portable lighting outfits of the character i @nef a ft e v is 'PlTO Y dG l described, lamp sockets adapted to receive ingescrewtype lamp socketfc'urrent' carryr so {standard screw base lamps in'whichthe conings" partsfhaving a spring' llll replackv It Vventional metallic screw shell contact is e1imi-' ingthefu'sual metallic screwjs'h'ell "contact 7 nated and in place thereofi-ano'vel form of thereby cheapyet-rugged?strum spring contact is provided. T ture Whichgcajn zbeji easily v and"quickly if? Anothercobject of the in'vention is to prosenibledas W-ill n'oiyv-be ;described in detaill r 1 vide a lamp socketconstructioncomprising. The socket llggmay comprise a 5 suitably f few and simple parts which are ..easily;; an 1;f' mclded lnsulatingjca'singl havingachamu quickly assembled to form a rugged stljllc jj l'x 1520f, cir lar fc'ross-sec-tion eX 11d1ngture', Whichshallbecheap to manufactureland in irm fin-open end-1461?: thereof; aid casing 1 practical and eflicient to a high degree inuse'. bei g formed Withfi 1 61151 W l 7 9 v 7 .Other objects of this invention Willin part the'bottom of said chamber. The side wall-of: be obvious and in part hereinafter :pointed 's'ai'dchamber 15 extendinginzfromfsaid casing open end 14a hasuintegrally, formed -Th'e invention accordingly: consists inthe w th a s rew thread 156 "adaptedi r ri v 4, features ofconstruction', combinations of 1316- 'Q fa g g the. C I U f I ymentsand arrangements o l parts which Will i s ndard'mlmature lamp 4L2.

o be exemplified'in theconstruction hereinafter; The usual metal1 jc' screw shell contact is 'i 5 j described andofwhich thescope ofinvention n re y m a zp t t p ve ill b i di at d inth fgll win 1gi socket l-l yand instead; the current' carrying I In the accompanying drawings;in which P rt m y compr1sec hel gaily 0 19 i f 4 is shown one 'ofvarious possible"illustrative p mg Q I O nd a springcenter j F j mbodim nt fthi ijw i-i fi r q 18, the latter being mountedvon an lnsulatmg Figyl is" a front elevational View, partly-l P 1 QI B endzl'iaofthe h61 diagrammatic showing a portableseriesflcj cal sprmg cont-act 1( connects with oneof' j cuit Christmas tree lighting outfit formed i116 vconductQrr-wlrfsclg1111 Yf P 3 Q With'lamp sockets constructed to embody the ll f y meansfol F soldered 1 invention. v c I spring contact 17 ispreferably anchored to Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken file Waher yp s e'qo w 61 d 12% through one of the improved assembled lamp hr ug e p m wp r ed th 7 sockets-showing the interior-"construction port on of the. asher- 19 5 8 a yn 2 5" a mounted I I ln Flags; 3-,: Otheriend Fig-i3 is a cross-sectional-Kiie of the imihehcffill p lt g p fi l y"? j m 9 i proved lamp socket showing the parts'sepa p v d 3? n i h 1 1f b t n u t d d sfo i bl a d; l "16a termlnatlng the lampfbase 16 ses and I, 45 Fig. lf is a cross-sectionak-Vievv taken on -r p i ned n act W the "1 1 3 7 fi Hi Fi 2 c screw plug contact 16b of the lamp base: 16 g 'Referring in detail to the drawing, 10 desshpw lfie-.2 f -1 1 :,f a notes a Christmas lighting outfit formed with a ,7 f iprl gent son s t 8. P@ s 6 a plurality of miniature-sized lampsockets tr 1'1y.i 1r gh a s s-1 9?) p vi ed 3- f 11 constructed to-embody the invention, said; washer; 19:, the s rin -seminal; nd. 1 d 63X V tending on the upper side of said washer being adapted to connect with the center contact 160 of the lamp base 16. The other terminal end 185 of the contact 18 on the lower side ofthe washer connects with the other of said conductor wires '12 in any suitable manner as bysoldered joint 12b.

v The" currentcarrying parts are thus as sembled'within the socket chamber below the; threads 15?) with the conductor wires 12 spaced relatively widely apart from each other. The closed end wall 14?) of the casing is provided with passages 140 through which the conductor wires 12-e2gtend to connect the socket in circuit. s

The assembly of the socket parts will now be apparent. With the conductor wires 12 extended through the passages 1 10 of the easing 14 as shown in Fig. 3*,the helical spring contact '17 and the spring center contact 18 are soldered to the ends of the conductor wires 12, said contacts first being mounted on the washer 19 as described above.

The currcnt carrying parts are next inserted into the casing 14 and housed in the chamber 15 to abut the end wall 14b and below the threads 15?); The socketll is now ready to 'receive the lamp base 16 inserted into the casing opening 14%; The threads 15b engage" the screw plug contact 16b of the lamp base 16-and onscrewing the latter into the chamberf1'5, the'button 16a of the helical spring contact 17-and connects the base plug contact 16?; with the latter. The center contact 160 of the lamp base is simultaneously lowered to connect with the spring end 18a thus completing the circuit of the lamp with the conductor wires 12. The im proved socket 11 thus forms. a simple structure which eliminates the usual metallic shell contact and provides spring contacts v which aid in retaining the lamp from being accidently loosened in itsscrew;mounting..

It will thus be seen that there is provided apparatus in which the several objects of this invention are achieved and which is well adapted to meet the conditions of practical use.

As various possible embodiments might be made of the above invention and as various changes might be made in the embodiment above set forth, it is to be understood that all matter herein set forthor shown in: the accompanying drawingis to be interpreted as illustrative and not-in a limiting sense except as to such limits imposed by the scope of the claims. a v

Having thus described my invention I claim as new-and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1. A lamp socket for connecting to flexible. conductors comprising a tubular insulating casinghaving a closed end walhsaid casing formed with an integral thread portion adapted to receive a screw lamp base and current carrying parts in said casing abut ting said Wall, said parts including a contact movable axially to and from said threaded portion adapted to connect with the plug contact shell of said lamp base.

'2. In a lamp socket construction, a casing having an integral threaded portion formed of insulating material adapted to receive a screw lamp base, and a helical resilient cur rent carrying II IeIIIbeI' cooperatingly positioned with respect to said casing threaded portion adapted to connect electrically with the plugcontactshell of the lamp base engaged with said casing threaded portion;

1 A- lampsocket construction ofthe character described adapted to be fitted with a conventional screw bajselamp; comprising insulating threaded means for'engaging with the screw plug contact of said lamp base, and

helicalfspring contact means for electrically connecting with said screwbase contact on cngaging'said lamp with said means.

a 4. In combinatiom' a conventional screw base lamp and a socket having an insulating casing formed" with integral threads for engaging with the plug. screw contact of said lamp, and a yieldable helical spring contact for connecting with the plug contact shell ofthe lamp base mounted in said casing to resist'ent'rance of the :lamp base into said v *soclcetm. 1 o lamp base seats itself on the end 17 b of the 5". In a socket of thecharacter described, a contact co-mprlsing a helically wound current carrying spring having one end thereof said opening endi'being formedwith-integral threads adapted to receive the screw. plug base of a conventional lamp, current carrying members in" said chamber below said threads, said members including a helically wound compression spring and a center con.- tact mounted on an insulating washer, said casing wallhaving spaced passages coinmunicating with said chamber, and conductor wires extending through said passages connectingwithsaid current carrying memv OBI'S. I I

In testimony whereof I atlix my signature.


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