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Publication numberUS1789616 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 20, 1931
Filing dateJun 7, 1929
Priority dateJun 7, 1929
Publication numberUS 1789616 A, US 1789616A, US-A-1789616, US1789616 A, US1789616A
InventorsArvid Bjorklund
Original AssigneeArvid Bjorklund
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Flowerpot or urn
US 1789616 A
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Jan. 20, 1931. A. BJoRKLUND 1.739516,

FLowERPoT on `URN Filed June 7. 1929 Patented Jan, 20, 1 931`f f *Tjo theaboveend, generallyv sita'ted, vrthe in-` v "r "prese'iitfiilveiition liesifrfit's objeet to 'flcenter' eftlie seciire` fprovide a'highlyeilicientflower'pot intended niitappliedtdaiidibltl Y l f i v ,f forfgeneralusegbut, especially. Well adapted gFo medinf thermtefftheouter-shell` 5v f j pdai gierig.` Q isayiew jpriiiipgii'y in transfiere@ "idicii my .be cast, with minime ypige@ i9. es

25..,kisprovided Withe'fhollow bottomlese1-base. prperlr f This xiner"ShellYK 6 heisa'JV flaring top l 3Q. turned 'annulartop member of the base section innerI 'rehell Su'speiided lWithin kseid Qiiter invention i vents Cmlig'urirefcn-f The numeralsf:and'6-i11deate respectively',trctionlofthefmetal;'-1Fi"v v l 2 @,Quteryand inner separable (Lebens, preferably' The Outer ,slngell- -ser. Mi y formedlfrom ,cast metaLtheormerLofWhieh the inner shell 6` serves? as the owe'rpc'ot fcom'prising iipperndlewer Vsecti-on'si7r@119118,jpQrtirl and at `l'the'5junetio'ri thereofljivith respectively, atri-d,V a, .pair Qff diametri(jelly op?A the-bo'dy f seid Shell -is im; lexterrxftln annuler, fr

'.posite handlesv9. Anennular lipstaridin'g re-` lsuppo'rtig shoiilder `22, rests err j tainingfbead 10fisrfrrformed-With,the;'flatin-f'tpf'eithe; sli'ellieiidlod'lsely Supportsfthe., S'; A8,:mdfthe baseseetion 7 looselyrestvs QnfsztidShelliV l* v A y top member'ad is spaced outwardly'from the reference fte. Fig. 2, it winke-noted@ j -loesid 10 to leave en*air,passagewaythereb'e- ,thatthe'inr' shell 6 is spaced frointheup` n, i

tween. f Tliejpurposeefthefretainingbeed 10'` peredgfffthe oilt'er'fshellf toleave an air'fsl f l is to keep the upper baseisectiengf centered `von'v t ,pssageivgty therebetween, and4 the shoulder y I formed in theedgeof the contraetedupper 1 ,Mis formed With'qthey base section 7,and a" ,y 'lower-*fiat bar is formed With-the base y-Sectionf 8. These bare 7 and 8lareverticellykepaced,feured to thelshell thefbettem Ythereof n from Yearch other, the former vertically; edgefby neaneoffwlieadedbblt 24, Wliielrextends r Y The has@ Sectionsjzanafsjaye `def@enemy con-aimer Shen at the ms themen@hawsvscrw;

Y:neetedand held improperslsfSemlolve'drelationu tlreaded'lxe'ngagement Withlarvbo'lsed;Qpening f aboli: 1.6, hooked overnieuw bine exifi theebottm or said receptacle: "frheis bolt molo v23 in oontoot with the bottom .of tho shell 6, and formedin the upper edge portion of said receptacle is a multiplicity of notchlike air passageways 25. ,y The screw thread on therbolt 24 is relatively fine soy that it will strip and permit the water receptacle 23 to giveaway under excessivepredetermined ,pressure caused by the ufr'eeing of water in said receptacle to prevent cracking thereof. The sides 'of the 24 'and the airv passageway 22,andfhas formedy inits edge portionnotchllike com- Y ..bined water drain and, air passageways 27. ,The bottom of the .eoarsegravel or drainageand.the balanceof said 4shell is :filled with earthg/Qinwhich is planted a f `floweror other rplant, 2.

V By reference` to u free circulation/of air into the outer shell .75, through `thepassageways 12,` between the Abase. sections. 7. andv 8, completely'around the if :water .receptacle 23 and innershells 6, and

Vpassage-k `from ysaid inner shell through .the

ways j13 and21. There is also a free 'circui lation of air vfrom the linterior of theshell 5, 4into the f top of. the `'water receptacle, through Athe passageways 25, y and into the shell V(5,.thro11gh `,the passageways22 and 27,

and hence upward through thema'terials a andy. The water inthe receptacle is -indicatedy bythe letter a. l y y The purpose ofthe waterreceptacle 23 isV Ito collect water from the shell 6 caused byl .excess watering ofthe plant or the flower z toprevent the-waterfrom running onto theflooror-otherlsupport for avflower pot, throughthef`passageways 22 and 27 More orless of the Water a lagain :carried 'into -the shell 6.withthe cir` will evaporate and be Q culation :of airas previously explained.

, Referringy now to the invention as Vdis-- closed in Fig. 4, .thenumeral 2.8.indicates av .l castshell supported on `a hollow,` open lbottom ba'sei29 integral therewith' and having iin .its lowervv edge 7a "pluralit of notch-like i vwithQthe bottomfof the shelll28 is adependjing annular dripbead 34.

^ Zblte sospondodtfromtho A, I

' @11.11.1128, -under.'thetpoauroiSi. son

'airfpassagewaysd :fForme inthe bottoml `ofthe shell (28 is ala-rgeaxialopening 31,

,which is coveredl by acap 32 similar to the cap Av23.` This cap 32 is .looselyfsupported ,on thebottomof the shell 2,8 and has in its lower .edgeportion .apluralityof combinedv water drain and airy passages 33. ,Formed .Aiwa-ter. receptacle24 is'fheld lbyia headed bottornof said vinner vshell is .filled with,4 other material to .facilitate 36 extends through a bar 37,y which may be formed with the cap 32 or loosely supported on the bottom olf theshell 28, and has screw threaded engagement with a bos'sed opening in the bottom of said receptacle. The screw thread on ythe bolt 36 is relatively fine so that it will stripv the under excessive pressure in the receptacleA due to freezing, andV release 'said receptacle' to prevent cracking thereof. A multiplicity of air passageways i 38- afxi'e'` formed in `the upper edge portion of the water receptacle 35, and which edge portionof-Isaid receptacle is held against the bottom of the shell 28 by the bolt 36. The

'airpassageways 30, 28, and 33 andthe aper- Y y K lfrom the shell 28 to dropjdirec'tly into said I 2, it will be noted,`by` f fthe arrows marked thereon, that there is a the sh'ell,"the screfwtlrr'ead on said bolt being arranged to givei'awa and tor'eleasethe `waterfreceptacle rfr'or'n t 'e lshell under eX- lcessive Ipressure *from `within the receptacle.

2. `A device ko1t the class described'comp'rising'fouter andy vinnershells, "the latterolf which is removably mounted inthe former and provi'dedwith a 'drain hole fin kitsbottom, a

`water receptacle udet'achably"secured -to the inner" shell under the "drain 5l1ole,' a. fc'ap fon the bottom 'ofthe inner shell-for "the zdrain holo and having 1an air lpafs-3a if'oxvay,fsaiol outer shell haf'vingupper and Elow'erair passageways `for the ,fp'assage'of -air )therepassageway 'forthe passage -of -air from the ol terfsh'ell, through the waiter receptacleand intothe innerv she-l1 'through the drain hole. v 3. The structuref'dened iny claim4'2 in which fsaidouter .shell has in itsy side an aperture, andf'inurther combination 'with a coverforthe aperture, and fastening'rneans "to 4give away fundereig'cessive predetermined? pressure from' `wi-thin the [outer shell and' release 2vtheL cover. f I

"furthericombination with fastening means; "attachingl the water receptacle to' the inner shell adaptedto giveaway under excessive :predeteri'nined pressure from within 125 and cap 32;,In'this type joffioworgpot, e


prlsmg Y through below the shell, Y`e cover between-*the Shell and receptao1ef hollow base for the shelly and reoeptao1e,"end"air-,passageweysin the L between thelshelly sind base, receptacle', and

receptacle for the circulationv of air theretaele through the base.

In testimony whereof en open top shell,l v'aQ'-Wztte'rtreceptele, l n M

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U.S. Classification47/79, 137/60
International ClassificationA01G9/02
Cooperative ClassificationA01G9/02
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