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Publication numberUS1789628 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 20, 1931
Filing dateAug 5, 1927
Priority dateAug 5, 1927
Publication numberUS 1789628 A, US 1789628A, US-A-1789628, US1789628 A, US1789628A
InventorsHobbs Samuel T
Original AssigneeWashburn Co
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Display rack
US 1789628 A
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Jan. 20,1931. 5. T. HOBBS DISPLAY RACK Filed Aug. 5, 1927 I Patented Jan.i2o,

Ep i -L 'l" sAivrUEI. 'r. HOBBS, or, wononsrna,MAssAcnUsErTs;AssIeNoR magma-Wi wam I QOMIANY; :5'9V0K012319133,'llllllliss hcmi lSETTS;A CORIORATION0E HLQSS U H Es v V I I H .DI PLAY R i a p Application filedmate' -glee, seri l m5.- 2 10,s74.

The invention relates to display racks adapted to be used for advertising purposes, and comprises a holding fixture entirely made of-wire anda display card which fits'on 5 the said fixture, with a plurality of stiff wires awhole presents avery'attractive appearance a display card having different captions may be interchangeablyfused'with a single holding rack. r r

Other advantageous features of the invention will appear from thefollowingdetailed description and-the accompanying drawing,

. Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the display rack together withits accompanying card.

Fig, 2 is'a vertical sectional view along'the line2,2ofFig.1. i V Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the rack without the card. r

Like reference characters refer-to like parts throughout the drawing.

l a Referring first to Fig.3-therackcomprises a pair of horizontal wire bars 1 and 2. which are connected together in parallel relation" by means of a series of L shaped'wires 3 and 4;. The bars 1 and 2 and the said L shaped 9 wires may be attached together in any suit able manner as by spot welding or soldering.

The wire barl is attached to the wires 3 an d,

4 practically at the tops thereof, while the bar 2 is located just abovethe bend in the wires as at 5.

where they project through the card.

It will be'readily apparent thatthefrackg j an'd card of the invention togethermake aand may be cheaply manufactured; moreover j I jects, such as brushes of 7 different varieties very'efiicient means for advertisingsmall Ob? jtion, such as that indicated in F ig. 1, and in 7 addition it'providesindividual captions 'll j located above the several holes 10. j These H t captions 11 advertise articles 12 which can be: 7

hung over, the corresponding Wires 3" and; j l. 1- extending through the card in order tohold the articles being advertised. The device and that both the racks andthe'cards maybe very' cheaply made. Of course, a set .of whol-g ,ly different cards 9emay be used connec ,tion with asin'gle rack. I'The depending por-' tion of the card 9 provides a backgrou'nd. -forv the displayed articles and concentrates'the' attention of thepasser-by thereon. Iclaim,

lic fixture comprising a pair of parallel rods A sales display device comprising aoinetale if? V ries of L-shapedwires providingspaced fin gers 1 extending at right: anglesjto said rods,

certainof saidwires-providingloop 'por- "tion's'by means of which the fixture may be attached toa; supporting surface, anda dis-, I play card providing-spaced openings for re-': v 7 ceiving said fingers whereby said card -may be supported in avertical plane, with the Inajor, portion of said card extending below said-fingers with the remainder thereof extending above fixture.-

' The wires 4' differ from the wires'3 in only i one respect, namely, by providing looped portions 65 6 located in the plane ofthe hori zontal bars 1 and 2 and .by means of which i the rack may be attached to a wall by means of screws 7 Both the wires 3 and 4v have slightly upturned front ends 8. g

As best shown in Figs; land 2a display card 9 which may be of rectangular shape is- 9 detachably heldiby the horizontal arms of the wires 3 and 4; Forthat purpose the card d I 7 9 has a plurality'of spaced holes 10 which are I located in a straight line and havethe same spacing as the" several wires "3 and 4. The

display card 9 provides some general cap-' said fingers in'front of said 7 7 I i {S M EL T. Hoses if

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U.S. Classification40/617, 40/657, 211/87.1
International ClassificationA47F5/08
Cooperative ClassificationA47F5/0876
European ClassificationA47F5/08D