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Publication numberUS1789693 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 20, 1931
Filing dateMay 8, 1929
Priority dateMay 8, 1929
Publication numberUS 1789693 A, US 1789693A, US-A-1789693, US1789693 A, US1789693A
InventorsLeo Savally
Original AssigneeLeo Savally
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Electric plug
US 1789693 A
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Jan. 2(). 1931. I...Y sAvALLY 1,789,693

.ELECTRIC PLUG Filed MayV s. 1929 l: Il HTI 1 Il ,o lll ,8 ZZ \/9 I6: l'

ZI ":T'

Patented Jan. 20, 1931 f Lne savALL-r, or nggwf-Yonigni Y.- Y

ELECTRIC Appllcatiox'iy led May 8,

This invention relates to improvements in y electrical connecting devices and particularly in the construction of plugs used with such connecting devices which ordinarily are pro i vided with an outer thread to engage the inner thread of a socket.

lt is the principal object of my invention to provide a plug in which the outer thread is replaced by an elastic and yielding connection allowing a simple and ready application or withdrawal of the plug by imparting` to the same a slightpushing or pulling movement respectively, without necessitating a tedious screwing of the plug into its socket frequently causing an undesirable and inconvenient twisting of the cable wires. y

Another object of my invention i-s the provision of a novel and improved plug of simple. and therefor inexpensive construction, yet durable and eiiicientin operation.v

A further object of my invention Vis the provision of a plug allowing the usual attachment of a standard knife blade cap and snugly but flrmly'engaging the outer threads of a socket, as for instance a chain pull plug socket.

. A still further object of my invention i-s the provision of a noveland improved .plug equipped with a metal sleeve, the material of which is cut to form a plurality of socket engaging lingers or tongues.

These and other objects and advantages of my invention will become more fully known as the descriptionthereof proceeds, and will then be specificallyv delined inthe .appended claim. y

In the accompanying drawing, forming a Y material part of this disclosure:

` ber and its Fig. l is a front elevationof an electric chain pull plug socket equipped with a plug memberconstructed according to my invention.

knife blade cap separated.V Fig. 3 illustrates the use of the plug mem-V -ber as alight socket.

As illustrated, the customary socket memher 10 equipped withV cap 11, cable 12V andy pull chain 13, hasits low-er end threaded lin the usual manner, as indicatedat 14e Fig. 2 is a detail viewof thefplugmemf.

i929. sriainp. 361,474'. f

*Ehe .separable attachment plus 1.5 0f 11- sulatingv. material l,n.,ieunted thereon ma metalsc iclretl 16'the 'material' of. the'flower edge! of, which iscut to a purality; 'o'f tongues ilvwhich are bent outwardly andfpro'k-l vided. atA theirfektreme outerr ends withr outwardly. directed? lipsv L8 adapted,to` snugly andiirinlyengage with theirlrear bendsthe threads Aon the outerffaefoffthe.loiven'part of, socket member 10.v

'Y lQne offthe'springcontact iingersr'QO .is 'Cong-.

ductively connected with the "inner socket,

member-.'19, while, thefother.. 'spring Contact,

plurality of tongues or lips 30 having theirV Y lower extreme ends bent outwardly, as at 31,

and engaging with its inner bends o r crook 32 the threads on the outer face of the socket 33, the cap34 of which is attached to a wall arm 35 secured in a wall bracket 36 in the usualwell known manner. I

The operation of my plug will be evident from the description and drawing, and it Vwill be clear that the plug can be readily attached to the lamp or other socket by simply pu'shing it'inwardly to engage its yielding tongues with the outer threads of the socket 10 in order to establish electrical connect-ion betwee-n a `source of electricity with any suitable electrically operated apparatu'sj In theform lof my invention illustrated in VFig-:uve 3, the plug has the form of a socket for the reception of an incandescent lamp or light and can readily be engaged with a socket carried by a wall fixture. p Y

It will be obvious that my invention may jbe adaptedto many other types of electrical apparatus, and that I have disclosed the preferred forms of my invention only asv egg# i.'

amples of the many possible ways to practically construct the same, and that I may make such changes in the general arrangement of the plug and socket connection and in the construction of the minor details thereof as come within the scope of the appended claim without departure from the gist and spirit of my invention or the principles involved.

Having t-hus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

In an electrical plug, a body of insulating material in form of a rustum having chamn bers formed therein, a metal socket substantially V-shaped in cross-section with the innermantle of the V` engaging the outer inclined wall of the frustum the outer V mantle bent upwardly and spaced from said irst named mantle, and cut to form a plurality of outwardly bent tongues, inwardly bent and outwardly directed lips formed at the eXtreme outer ends of said tongues adapted to snugly fit and firmly engage with their inwardly bent parts the threads of a socket member to which the plug is to be attached, a plug contact and a spring contact linger in each of said chambers one in connection with said plug contact and the other with said socket for allowing the closing of an electric circuit by engagement by the knife blades of a lug switch.

xigned at New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, this second day of May, A. D. 1929.


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U.S. Classification439/256
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European ClassificationH01R33/94