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Publication numberUS1789951 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 20, 1931
Filing dateJul 30, 1928
Priority dateJul 30, 1928
Publication numberUS 1789951 A, US 1789951A, US-A-1789951, US1789951 A, US1789951A
InventorsKerkhoff Frank A, Terrell Harold C
Original AssigneeOhio Parts Company
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Battery-terminal connection
US 1789951 A
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Jan; 20, 1931 H. c. TERRELL ET AL 1,789,951

BATTERY TERMINAL CONNECTION Filed July 30. 1928 Patented Jan. 20, 1931 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE HAROLD C. TERRELL AND A. KERKHOFF, F CINCINNATI, OHIO, ASSIGNORS TO THE OHIO PARTS COMPANY, OF CINCINNATI, OHIO, A CORPORATION OF OHIO device shown applied in forming aground nn'rrnnrmnnmmar. oomvno'rron Application filed July so,

Our invention relates to battery terminal connections and is exemplifiedas a terminal connection ofthis characterfemployed for anew and improved connection of this character; and, further, to provide such connection incompact manner and so that looseness in the connection shall be'avoided.

The invention will be further readily un derstood from the'following description and claims, and from the drawings, in which lat-" ter:

Fig. l is a side elevation of our improved connection for a storage battery, for instance of an automobile.

Fig. 2 is a planview of our improved dev1ce.--

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section of on the line 33 of Fi'g. 2.

Fig. 4 is a cross-section of the same, taken the same in the plane of the line 4-4 of Fig, 3; and,

Fig. E isa perspective view of the clamp of our improved device with its clamping arms in raised relatlon.

An attaching portion, exemplified as a split clamping ring 11 is arranged to be received about the terminal post 12 of an electric storage battery 13. The clamping ring is provided with clamping wings l4, provided'with holes through which -a bolt 15 is received,

the bolt'beingthreaded in a nut 16, and the bolt and nut clamping the clamping wings toward one another for clamping the splitclamping ring about the terminal post.

1 A shelf 21 projectsfrom the attaching portion or body of the attaching means. Clamptng arms 22, 23, extend from the .respective ends of the shelf. The attaching portion, shelf and clamping arms are preferably made as a casting ofusual electro-conductive material. The shelf is exemplified as provided 1928. Serial N 296,233.

with a tongue 24 and the clamping arms are exemplified as provided with grooves 25. These grooves are exemplified as merging into each other when the clamping arms are in clamping position.

The tongue and the groove are complemental toeach other for acting on a flat electrio conductor 27, the end of whi h is received between the shelf and the clamping arms, the clamping arms being bent upon-the fiat electric conductor for clamping the flat electric conductor between the shelf and said clamping arms. The side edges 28 of said flat elec-.

tric conductor are held between the bases 29 of said clamping arms, thereby confining the fiat electric conductor laterally between said arms.. a Y I The flat electricconductor is exemplified as a fiat woven wire structure, but may be a laminated strip or an other USlHLl'IOITIl of electric; conductor.v 'T e extreme end of the fiat electric conductor extends beyond the tongue and groove toward the split ring, so that the tongue is pressed into the body 017 the'end portion of the flat electric conductor.

This construction squeezes the wires of thecross-sectional curvature of thegroove and also forcing said tongue into -said structure intermediate of the side edges of the flat electric conductor. The tongue and the groove in the present exemplification extend crosswise of the flat electric conductor.

ThlS construction causes crowding of the wire strands upon one another, squeezing of t ric connection, and clamping of the wires compactly and intimately between the shelf and the clamping arms, and prevents the squeezing of the wires out of the space between said shelf and said clamping arms, and

insures maximum surface contact between the wires and the termlnal for preventing the wire strands together for intimate elec nection.

loss in current transmission. It further insures rigid connection between the fiat electric conductor and the terminal, and prevents the pulling outof the flat electric conductor from the terminal, and prevents looseness and air gaps in any part of said con- An end wall 30 is at the end of the shelf v 21, the end of theflateleetric conductor being received against said end wall for positiomng the same. VVhen a tongue and groove is employed-on the clamping means, said end of said fiat electric conductor is squeezed between the tongue 2 1 and said end wall for additionally securing said fiat electric condu'ctor in place and insuring intimate electric contact with out improved connection.

To further insure a rigid connection, the shelf and arms as well as the flatwoven wire electric conductor bent into said groove by I said tongue, are soldered together, as indicated by the film of solder shown at 31, which film permeates all the interstices in said connection and between said shelf and arms and the walls of said groove and tongue and said fiat electric connection.

The opposite end of the flat electric conframe member 38 of the automobile or other thing with which the connection. is to be made. A nut 39 is threaded about the bolt for clamping the parts together.

Our improved device is simple in construction and is especially firm and durable.

Having thus fully described our invention,

what we claim as new, and desire to secure,

by Letters Patent, is:

1. A battery terminal connection comprising an attaching portion arranged to be attached to a battery terminal post, a shelf proj ecting from said attaching portion and provided with a shoulder proximate to said attaching portion at the inner end of said shelf, clamping arms extending laterally from the respective sides of said shelf and beyond the lateral sides of said shoulder, and a fiat electric conductor having an end portion whose end butts against said shoulder, said flat electric conductor extending perpendicularly from said shoulder, said shelf and said arms provided with a complemental tongue and groove extending crosswise of said flat electric conductor adjacent to the end of said flat electric conductor, and said clamping arm's bent across and upon said end portion of said fiat electric conductor with said flat electric conductor bent into said groove by said tongue and clamped between the lateral walls of said tongue and said groove, and said end portion of said fiat electric conductor maintained in substantial flat form and encompassed at its end, top, bottom and side edges by said shoulder and said shelf and said clamping arms respectively.

2. A battery terminal connection comprisinga split clamping 'ring' arranged to be received about a battery terminal post, a shelf projecting from said split clamping ring, clamping arm's extending from the respecr tive sides of said shelf, saidshelf and said clamping arms provided with complemental tongue and groove extending lengthwise of said shelf and arms, anda flat woven wire electric conductor, the end portion of 'said fiat woven wire electric conductor located between said shelf and said clamping arms with the extreme end of said flat woven wire electric conductor extending past said tongue and groove toward said split clamping ring, said tongue and groove extending crosswise of said flat woven wire electric conductor, said clamping arms bent across the outer side edges of said fiatwoven wire electric conductor for confining said side edges between the bases of saidarms and clamping said end portion of said fiat woven 'wire electric conductor between said clamping arms and said shelf while maintaining said end portion in substantial flat form with the woven wire structure of said conductor bent into said groove by said tongue, and .said' shelf, arms and flat-woven wire electric conductor soldered together,- and constructed and arranged for preventing spreading of said fiat woven wire electric conductor by the clamping thereof and for fixing the same lengthwise between said wings and said shelf. a 3. A battery terminal connectioncompri sing a body including an attaching portion and a shelf projecting radially therefrom, clamping arms extending laterally from the III! respective sides of said shelf, said body provided with a shoulderbetween said clamping arms, said clamping arms and said shelf respectively provided with complemental tongue and groove, and a flat electric conductor having an end portion whose extreme end abuts against said shoulder, said end portion located between the bases of said clamping arms for confining the lateral edges of said end portion, and said end portion clamped between said clamping arms and said shelf, the lateral walls of said tongue pressing the portion of said end portion defiected thereby against the lateral walls of said groove.

In testimony whereof, signed ournames.


we have hereunto

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