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Publication numberUS1790031 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 27, 1931
Filing dateMar 23, 1927
Priority dateMar 23, 1927
Publication numberUS 1790031 A, US 1790031A, US-A-1790031, US1790031 A, US1790031A
InventorsWilliam W Vaughn
Original AssigneeWilliam W Vaughn
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US 1790031 A
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Jan. 27, 1931.

W. W. VAUGHN SUPPORT Filed March 23, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 POO'OOO Jan. 27, 1931.

W. W. VAUGHN SUPPORT Filed March 23, 1927 yaw Mm 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 ust-ed positions.

PatentedJan. 2 7, 1931 I WIL IAM WLVAU'GHN, or SOLVAY, New YORK surron'rf I 'npp l icatiorr filed March 2s,1927. SeriaiNo. mph.

V invention; relates to.- new and useful ind-- provements in supports and more particularly to a support for outlet, switch, and re ceptacle'boxes or other electricaldevices used in electricalinstallation, theprineipal object of the invention residing intheprovisiohiofsuch a support which may; be easily secured toor removed from a stud or joist andof such a size as to positioned between two -studs or joists for supportingeither a single b02 1 or a multiplicity thereof;

' Another object of the invention consistsin' the provision of a supportupon which the boxes or the like aredetachablyimounted and maybe -adjusted longitudinally the' support and onerelative to the other, means'being'provided for holding them'in their ad- A further object resides in the provision of spaced supporting arms between which the boxes will be positioned, the boxes having members to be engaged with thearms,and

"locking members engageable with the arms and boxes to preventlongitudinal movement of'the boxes relative to the arms.

lVith the above and other objects in View, which willappear as'the description proceeds, myinvention' consists in the novel details of construction, and arrangement of] parts, described in the following specification and illustrated in, the accompanying drawings, and while I have illustrated and described the preferred embodiments, as they 'now appear to me,it will be understood that such changes may be made as will fall within the scope of the appended claims.

In the drawings: Fig. 1 is a front elevation showing boxes mounted upon the support.

Fig. 2 isa front elevation of the support with the boxes removed;

Fig. 3 is a top plan of the support.

Fig. -l is a perspective showing the support connected to a stud or joist, with the boxes in position; and

Fig. 5 is anend View of the support with the boxes in position.

In the drawings 1 indicates a stud or oist to which my improved form of support is adapted to be connected. The support inlongitudinal movement relative thereto I eludes the plate 2 whichiis adapted to 011-,

tend parallel with-a Iface' ofthejstud for joist l, as showirmoreparticularly in Figf:

ofsth'e drawings, and the horizontally extending vertically spaced arms 3 and l which 5 I are; of angleiron formation. The" arms?) and extend at right angles to the plate 2 and the plate is adapted to'be secured tothe stud or ']O! St 1 bymeans of the screws 5 or arepositionedby longitudinal "movement relative to the arms. Each ofthe boxes is provided on the top with the hooked exten sionf8 which is adapted to, engagethe verti Cally extending portion of the arm 3 and on the'jbottonrwith the hooked extension 9 adapted to engage the vertical portion of the arm 4. For positioning the boxes on thearms of the support and for holding them against provide theplates 10 and 11 each of which is provided with the hooked ends 12 adapted to surround the longitudinal edges of the vertical portions of the arms 3 and 4 as shown more particularly in Fig.15 of the drawings. Each of the plates-1O and'll is providedadjacent eaclrendwit-h a'perforation lifi adapted to be brought into registration with one of the perforations 6 of the arms.v For securing the. plates 10 and 11 to the arms .I-

provide fastening members'which are formed of wire or similar material, each of the fasteners including the vertically extending portion 14; and the right angled end eXten- 'sions' 15 and 16; Between the p0rtion14and-95 the extensions 15 and lfi are the offsets 17 for the purpose of holding the locking device in position. pThe extensions {15 and 16 are adapted to be passed through the; aligned 'perforations 13 in the plates and the openlee ings 6 of the arms. The extensions extend "-at a slight angle so that when passed through the perforations or openings they will be held against accidental displacement and the fasteners can only be removed by drawing sim le construction vma be 'chea 1 made; P a a may be easily connected to a stud or joist, and the arms are of such a length thatth'e support may be positioned betweentwo studs or joists. lVhen theb'oxes' or similar devices are to be supported the plate 10 w1ll be first positioned upon the arms and held in the desired position; byflmeans of its Jr; ,4. 7

iasrening member, Theboxes are then positioned by longitudinal movement relative to the arm with then-hooked extensions engaging the verticalportions of the arms- The plate 11 is then positioned on the, arms and secured in position by its fastening member. As the openings 6 in the arms are lon gitudinally spaced it can be seen that the boxes maybe positioned atany desired point or points along the arms and secured in such position or positions. Whne'I have illustrated in the drawings two boxes as bemg lar to those shownat 10 and 11 might 'be positioned between the two boxes and in ensition them at the desired points. While I have illustrated two boxes in use it can be appreciated that any desired number might be used according to thelength' of theiarms.

Having fully'described my invention what Q'agement with the side walls thereof to po-- I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is: v v

l. A device of the character described including vertically spaced arms, a box received between the arms and adjustable relative thereto, .a plate adjustable on the arms and engageable with the box for holdingthe same in position, and a member for securing the plate in position,said member including flexible extensions adapted to extend'through the plate and arms and normally frictionally heldin position. j v j 2. A device of the character described 1ncluding vertically spaced arms',a box received between the arms and adjustable relative thereto, a plateadjustable on the arms and engageable'with the box for holding the same i in position, and a member for sepuring' the plate in position, said member including outwardly inclined extensions adapted-' to exi tend through the plate'and arms.

3. A deviceof the character described in cluding vertically spaced arms, a box received between the arms ,and adjustable relative thereto, a plate adjustable on the arms and engageable with the box for holding the same in position, and a member for securing the vplate in position, said member including outwardly. inclined flexible extensions adapted to-extend throughthe plate and arms and normally frictionally held in position.

liA d'e'vice of the. character described in 'engageable with the box for holding the same "1n" posltion, and a member for securlng the platein: position, said member including a I vertically extending portion extending p arallel with the plate and spaced therefrom and extensions at substantially right 7, angles thereto, said extensions adapted 'to pass through the plateand arms.

,5. A device of the character described inthe plate in position, said member including ar ivert-ically extending portion offset from the face of the plate 'and extensions at right angles thereto adapted to pass through the plateand arms. j positioned with their sides in contact itwill be understood that they Vmight be spaced apart and that platesof a construction simi- 6. 'A support offthebharacter described comprising a-pair of parallel arms, a box received between'the-ar'ms and adapted to be carried thereby, and means for holding the box against longitudinal'movement on the arms, said means including plates carried by the arms and position-ed on opposite sides of the box and members adapted to extend through the plates and' arms, the members each including an intermediate portion extending parallel with its associated plate and offset therefrom to-provide a grip whereby the member may be readily positioned or removed; i

In testimony whereof I hereunto affix my signature.


, .85 fcludingfvertically spaced arms, a box re i so

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Cooperative ClassificationY10S248/906, H02G3/125
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