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Publication numberUS1790092 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 27, 1931
Filing dateSep 24, 1928
Priority dateAug 13, 1928
Publication numberUS 1790092 A, US 1790092A, US-A-1790092, US1790092 A, US1790092A
InventorsHenry Rolfe, William Duguid
Original AssigneeHenry Rolfe, William Duguid
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Golf-bag stand
US 1790092 A
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Jan. 27, 1931. w, DUGU") AL 1,790,092

GOLF BAG STAND Filed Sept. 24, 1928" 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 1931- w. oueuu: ET AL 9 GOLF BAG STAND Filed Sept. 24, 1922 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented Jan. 27 1931 r v v UNITED ,1 WILLIAM"DUGUIIDY LALNDI nnnnyfnonnn}oli'wilvivirno, Mamet GOLF-BAG, sm th *Appheationfikd Septen'fber 2e; 928; Serial 1 5,307,905, and in oanaea August 1-a -,:1 e2s.'

7 IThe invention relates-to improvements in ---'F ig. 6*is a sectional view similar to Figure [golf tag stands-and an obj'ectyoiit-he: inven- *3Vhut showing a modified arrangements is p j' tion'is to provide means for supporting a Fig 7 sectional view similartoFigure 'golfor caddy ha-g substantiallyupright '6 and showing ,a! still, further-modified.Var- -5.position so. that the bag does Vnot'have to rangement. 1 be thrown down on the --ground' during the" Fig. 85 is a planv-iew of-the par-ts appearinterval that the player isniaking a: shot'and ingin Figure? l 1; whiclifalso supports the bag so that the play- 7 In the drawings like c li-ar-acterls of refer,- ercan readily select and replace a clubwithence indicate correspondingparts inthe sevout the necessity of stooping down or lift 'fera'lfigureski 7' M V r 1 1 6 Th gol r c ddy has 1 e of Qa t in t hebaexw W Y further object; is to construct a device ora'niy suitable'materi-alanditishereinshown which can be readily attached to the existing as bound at thejto-p with a leather 2reinforced tormsjof golf bags withoutmater-ially alterin the usual ina-nnerand as having the bottom I mg thestructure-thereof. I or 3-ol0sed inthe ordinaryvway. f H r A further object is to provide'a device e1nj The devicewhic-h weprovfide is tastenedto hodying two legs which can be expandedto, thebag and embodies a topfcircular band 4 r form with the bag a tripod support to re adaptedto enter the upperend-ot theiand t ain the bag in arsubstantial'ly upstanding to which-we fastenpernianently a p'airot' dliaposition and whereinthecollapsing movemetrically opposing,downwardly extending,'7

ment of thelegstowards the bag may be bars 5 andf6 which have theirlowgr ends con "brought about by a-lift-ing movementof-the nected bya cross member7,-the'cross member bag handle or of the suspensory strapcusresting onthe bottom of the and the side tomarily employed forcarryingthe ba'gifrom bars 5 and 6 being contained within the sides the ShOUld61.: I V

A further object; is to construct the device posedat the outsideoi' the bag. 1 v in asimple, durable and inexpensive manner Injlocations at ninety degrees away from and so thatthere will be; no mid ue flapping. the bars, weattach to the band a pair otdiamovement of the legs when the bag is being me i y 13 5; PiV 'Pi'TI 8. 311 1 9 w i h carried. 7 r i r I I .Withthe above more important objects in Support an upp r'spannor mem r 0 i the View, the invention consists essentially in fo m of a rod Wh hs the jends'therejo f thearrangement and construction of parts OW t rned at the forward de of the b g hereinafter moreparticnlarly described; refan te mmatl g opposing eyes 11 and- 12. erence being lia-d to the accompanying -draw- The real 1618 Of the spanner memheri inclines 35 ingsiintwhichzf g I g downwardly from the p vot p ns, it being de- Fig. 1 in side view ofagolf bag equipped b e h n p r of t esnwn r m m e ,with myinv'ention and showing the legs Prolect b ml P (lithe bag-fit l extended to support th bag i bgt n f rm: l nlilvets 1 11 and- I l i are earrledbythe rear bar 5 and. project 90 through the bag and slidably .sup'pfort the handle15, The handleisherein shown as formed from a piece of; barjironhentin the shape shown best in Figure 3 and having the all).

tlally uprlght posltlonq g 2 is a perspective view of the' device, the golf bag having been-removed; I

Fig; 3 is. an enlarged detailed vertical, secf tional view through the upper; .end ofthe ee d the attachment the t Passing in a hand gripand-theinner flat portion 17 centrally and vertically through tl1e1liandle, f i i; an atta hing b r Fig. 4 is aperspective view' ofthe hinge "The attaching bar is longitudinally slotted block employed. Y r asindicated at 1 8 and 19 to 'r'eceive th e rivets, Fig. 5 is a perspective View of the spring. the arrangement being such'thatthehandle 100 7 of the 'bag. None of the l'atter parts are ex- -.protrude through thepart Q andpivotal-ly jout'er semicircular portion 16 thereof formr can be moved up and down in respect to the bag. The handle has a loop v formed at its upper end and the loop receives rotatably the spanner member, the arrangement being such that the down movement of the handle in respect to the bag swings the eyes 11 and 12 in a direction upwardly and away from the front side of the bag, the spanner bar swivelling on the pivots 8 and9. The customary To the'front side of the bar 6, wepermanently fasten a-bearing block 22; this block being voutsidethe bag, the material of which passes between the block and the baras will be readily understood. The-blockis provided "with two vertically disposed, inwardly con- -verging 'slots 23 and 2e and theseslots'rece1vethe upperends of a pair of similar legs 25 and 26,;the legs'being' pivotally attached to the 7. block by similar pivot piiis'27 crossing the slots. The legs are of a lengthsuch that when extended as best showrrinFigures 1 and 2, they are spread'andform with the bag a tripod supporting the bag in-the substantially upright'position' shown. A lifting bar'28 is pivotally connected to the leg 25 and to the eye "12 and a similar lifting bar 29'is piyo'tally" connected to the leg 26 and to the-eye -1-1.

It is desirable that the legs be prevented from-flapping when the bagis being carried in contact with the bag.

about andfaccordingly means isprovided for pressing them towards the bag and holding them normallyin contact with the bag.

The meanshereinshown embodies a plate 30 fastenedto the block and providing extending spring arms 31 and 32 engaging the front sides of the uppercnds of the legs. vVhilstwe have shown this particular spring structure, it will be readily understoodthat spring pressurecould be brought to bear on other portions of the working parts to press the legs normally towards and hold the same The legs will naturally g'ravitate to a position against the bag when thebag is lifted and held in a substantially. vertical position but the springs insure that there will be no undesirable flapping of,

th'elegs. 5 V

When a golf bag is supplied "Wlfill this device,it will be readily seen that when the same is being carried about by the. handle or the suspending strap, the weight of the bag will [cause it'to maintain a down position in respect'to the handle with the result thatthe legs will be held folded in against the lower part of the bag. When one desires to make a shot, the bottom of thebag'is p'la'ced on the "ground-and thehandle is then shoved down."

.As it goes down, the legs are'drawnout and spread and form with the bag a tripod supporting it in the manner best shown in Figure 2. When the shot is finished, one simply grasps the handle or the shoulder strap and lifts the same and this automatically causes the infolding of the legs. I

In Figure'6, we have shown a modified form of the invention. Here the handle 15 is indicated as permanently fastened ,to the bar 5 and the'su'spensory strap as permanently fastened to the upper end of the golf bag and the spanner member 10 has been'provided with a thumb piece 33 overlying the handle. lVith this arrangement, the handle is grasped in the usual manner by the fingers and a down pressure of the thumb'on the thumb piece will cause the extending movement of the legs.-'

In Figure 7 ,we have shown a further modification-and in this. the handle, instead'of being slidablyattachedto the bar5,is mounted for an up and down swinging movement. In this case,'the device is provided with the upper. band 4 and a lower bandz andxthe spannerinember 10 is carriedby. the lower band and theband l carries pivotally a semicircular bail bar :10. The bail bar 10 and the spanner bar 10' are then connected by the handle 15 so thatthey swing together as will be readily understood: The supporting, strap, is attached in any suitablemannerto the upper end of the'handle. g r w' x The. various structures shown all embodya spanner me1nbe r,.legs and lifting bars be 1 tween the spanner' me'mber and the. legs and the only difier-ences between' them otherwise is in the manner in which beris actuated; I What we claim as our invention is 1. In a golf bag support, a pair oftripcd legs pivotally attached centrally. tothe front side of the/bag and foldable against; the bag, a spanner-member; encircling the upper end of. the bag and pi'v-otaliy supported from the sides thereof, douuiwardly extending front lifting means connecting the spanner mem-' her with the legs and a rear handle vertically slidable'in relation to the bag and attached to the spanner mem the rear part of thespanner member.

2. In ,a golf. bag support, a supporting structure insertible within the bag, a pairof pivoted tripod legs exterior of the'bag and fastened to the 'structure,-a"1nember spanning the upper end of "the bag andpivotallyjattached to the supporting structure and lifting members pivotally connecting the spanner member with the legs. p

3. In agolf bagsupport, aflsuppotting structure insertible within 'tlie'bag, a pair ofpivoted tripod legsexterior of the bag and fastened to the structurmamember spanning the upper-end of the bagand pivotallyat .tached to the supporting structure,- liftingmembers pivotally connecting the spanner member with-the legs and'a handle at the eX- I terior of the bag and carried by the supporting structure and positioned adjoining the spanner member atthe side of the bag remote from the legs.

" 4. In a golf bag support, a supporting structure insertible Within the bag, a pair of tripod legs located outside the bag at the front and pivotally supported from the supporting structure,v a member spanning the upper end of the bag and pivotally attachedto the'supporting structure and having the 7 ends thereof overlying the legs, lifting members pivotally connecting the latter ends of the spanner member with the legs and a handle located at the rear side of the bag and carried by the supporting structure andloca-ted adjacent the rear side ofthe spanner member. I 5. In a golf bag support, an upper band a 00 contained Within the upperendof the bag,

a: pair of diametrically opposing front and rear supporting bars fastened-to the band and extending downwardly into the bag, a bearing block permanently fastened through l I thebag to the front bar, a pair of tripod legs pivotally attached" to the bearing block, a

member spanning'the upper end of the bag 1 and having the ends thereof located above the legs and the sides thereof pivotally mounted M30011 pivot pins extending fron the sides of.

theband-throughthe sides of the'bag, lifting 7 arms pivota-lly' i n the ends of the I spanner member with the legs and a handle carried by the rear bar and verticallyslidable in respect to the bagfsaid handle being Vattachedto therear side of the spanner member.

Signed at "Winnipeg, this 24th day of August, 1928. 40 VILLIAM DUGUID.


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