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Publication numberUS1790134 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 27, 1931
Filing dateJul 13, 1928
Priority dateJul 13, 1928
Publication numberUS 1790134 A, US 1790134A, US-A-1790134, US1790134 A, US1790134A
InventorsJames Cooper
Original AssigneeJames Cooper
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Portable camping outfit
US 1790134 A
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Jan. 27, 1931. J. COOPER PORTABLE CAMPING- OUTFI '1 Filed July 13, 1928 2 Sheets-Sneet 1 Jan. 27, 1931. JI COOPER 1,790,134

PORTABLE CAMPINGYOUTFIT Filed July 13, 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 -An objector hepresent Patented Jan. 27, 1931 amiss:0001 1133;oF RYiJE,nnen symvismnnw soUrn wA Es, AUST AL'IE restarts ear/reins deters;

, ae-sea med "1138 is,

This invention relates to improvements-iii portable camping outfits and particularly to apparatus adapted to confined in asmall space to facilitate transportation; ,f f

devise means for the protection oflmotorists and others when eainpm'g'oufi.

A further object is to provide a collapsible f 1 device which when not in use may be cor'n I0 paeted into a small space, and when desired expanded and assembled to form' housing means "for persons desirous ofcamping out. A still further object is to provide means of the above nature having triangular sec- .-15 tional members'capable offormlng the corners of a roof, or capable when disposed adjacent to each other of forming apyramidalshaped shelter.

According to the invention'I provide a plu rality of sheet metal sections, some of which areiadapted to form a bozi like, body portion while others are adapted to form a roof, and

verandah therefor. The sections forming thebody are adapted 25 to slide one upon the other in such manner that the body can be telescoped longitudinally and transversely. A framework also capable of being telescopedi is provided to support the body members. This framework has telescopic legs. a r, A roof member having a'rigidcap porti-on j 'and telescopic flap members is adapted to'be I mounted upon, the body portion. V

A verandah portion adapted to surround the body portion is formed from rectangular triangular corner sections. I These latter sections may be assembled without the body por-' The verandah portion is hlngedlylconnected T to the framework and is supported at-its outer edges bv telescopic stanchions, and may be surrounded by a canvas awning.

In use'the device is extended to the size ClGSllBCl and 1S assembled upon the camping site; but when 1t 1s desired to move, to an-V other site the parts are tele'scopedinto their smallest dimensions and will occupy very invention is to upon the lower portion thereof;

little space, firemen-10st 'ofthe' p'arts ma'y be placed in; the-telescopic body portion as: a box,- a-nd: carried upon a motor car, trailer or other-vehicle.

But in order-that the invention ma-y be more readily understood, referencezwill new 7 be jmade to the acco'mpanyi 1g drawings wherein, 1 1?i;.g-u;m 1 is a pers ective view' 'ofigmy port-' I able campin gloutfit-extended to its i ull ca -fi pacity and showing the vera ndh hportion surro'und ed by a canvas awn rng; I

1 Figure 2 is-"a pe' v Ct1V8 V16W ofthe body ortion showingtl ije sections and frame-menibers extended to the raa ximum capac'ity and. showing the method of attaching on'efoi the "recta gular member's are provided to ram the veranda-1 1 F1;gn 1'e}31s detail View s dwi igit'he nan ee-in which one rectanguiar' member slides apoirfl ie adjoining-m mber. V

m F gure? l isfla p'erspe'e' body portion tel'es'e'oped'to its smallest a- P'afity. r'

- Fi ure 5'is perspe tive view of the undera side 10f the roof member showing the tale;

sc'opic m mbers att'ac ed' thereto, ojii'fe member being -p' artly drawn baelr f r-grim purpose of illustration;

' 1 Figure 6 is apersp eetivevi the assembly ofrthetria gu la hinged seetionsto form-a corner'for theveranda'li.

Figure I is a perspecti've vie showinfgliow 1 the:triangurarseetiismay'be bled to V 3 "form shelter-10i-pyramidal shape? telescopic members, and telescopic and hinged- "portions adapted to: be' 'p'l'aced one" above he The maybe the outfit;is .iforme'd by we "loosely secijiredto; telescopic fr ai'nework. 10

by looped-plates 1'1; l f desired the frame} worklO may be -used without the sliding. sec tion's"8,j9.f I a I Thes1idin seetions 8" and Shave lugs .12 andis, see Figure 3,130 enable one to slide ovei' the other. fTonguesjl i which may be formed integral with the lugs, are provided tof'supp'ort: theiupperp itio'n of the body The'roof member has a rigid cap portion and telescopic flap members 16 which are adapted toform a flashing for the veranda-h portion, see Figure 1. The telescopic flap members 16 (see Figure 5) are slida-ble in a similar manner to the sections 8 and 9" and are hinged or clipped to the cap=frame 17;

The 'verandah portion, which is ada ted to surround the body portion, is formed rom rectangular telescopic members 18, one of which is shown in Figure and corner sec tions of triangular shape. Each corner section consists of a sliding'section 19 and a section 20 hinged thereto. The diagonal edges of the corner sections overlap one an other and are secured by a 'rod 21 which is passed through straps22 attached to the respective sections. a The ridge capping 23 slides over the rod 21 into the position shown in Figures 1 and"? The corner sections are bolts or] latches 24'. V 7 I p The outer edges of the verandah portions are supported by telescopic stanchions 25, anda canvas awning 26' may surround the verandah portion. 7 I The triangular corner sections forming the secured; to the'rectangulan members 18' by verandah may be arranged around a suitable 7 portion.-

shelter shown in Figure 7.

centre pole so asto form the pyramidal 'Iclaim q 1. A portable camping-outfit comprising 1 a frame work, a roof member carried bythe frame Work, flap inembersand a cap frame r carried by the roof'member, a body. portion for the frame workcomprising telescopi cally sliding wall sections, said body portion having upper and lower parts, one of said parts being loosely secured to the said frame work; a verandah portion comprising rectangulartelescopic members, triangular corner sections detachably connected, together and hinged portions, the diagonal edges ofwhich are adapted to overlap one another, means for lockingthe verandal1'sections to the rectangular'telescopic members and stanohions for supportingthe otherends of the verandah 2. A'portable camping outfit comprising a frame having horizontally and v'erticallydisposed telescopic members, a'roof memberrestr ing on the frame and extending over a body :portiomfiap members and a cap frame carricd'by the roof member, said body portion. for the frame comprising telescoj ically slid ing upper and lower wall 'sections, of said wall, sections being detachablysecured to the said frame, a verandahportion hinge d to the frame and comprising rectangular telescopic members, triangular corner sections detaeh'ably connected thereto, the diagonal .edges of' which" are adaptedfto overlap one another, means for locking the verandah sectlons to the rectangular telescopie members,

and stanchions for SUPPOI'lJlIIg' the outer edge carried by the roof member, said body portion comprising upper and lower telescopically sliding wall sections adapted to be connected together, one of said sections being loosely secured to the said frame, a verandah portion comprising rectangular telescopic members,

triangular corner'sections detachably connected thereto,and hinged portions, the diagonal edges-of said triangular portions 'being adapted, to overlap oneanother, means for locking the verandah sections to therectangular telescopic members, and stanehions for supporting theouter edge of the verandahfportien.v f V j r In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand. i s a I I f a JALWIES COOPER.

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U.S. Classification52/67, 52/69
International ClassificationE04H15/00, E04H15/06
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