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Publication numberUS1790360 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 27, 1931
Filing dateOct 11, 1929
Publication numberUS 1790360 A, US 1790360A, US-A-1790360, US1790360 A, US1790360A
InventorsAnd Martin W. Caesick
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Advertising novelty or favor
US 1790360 A
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Jan. 27,v 1931. T. E. WIEDERSEIM Er-,AL 1:7901360 ADVERTISING NOVELTY 0R FAVOR Filed oct. 11, 1929 4L like.


ADVERTISING NovnLrY 0R FAVOR Application filed October 11, 1929. Serial No. 398,877.

This invention, generally stated, relates to an advertising novelty and has more especial relation to a device which may be used as a favor at cardl parties, luncheons, and the tion is to provide an advertising novelty or a favorof the character stated in whicha cardboard ldecorative member is employed having associated therewith two or more cylindrical members which may be used. at a card game, luncheon, or the like and which cylindrical member may comprise a cigarette or a stick of candy. A

A. further object of the present invention is to provide a simple, eiiicient, and inexpensive as well as attractive favor for use as an advertising novelty and for use as a favor at card parties, luncheons, and the like.

A further object of the present invention consists in the provision of general details of construction and in the arrangement, con struction, and combination of parts for attaining the results sought by the foregoing objects.

The invention consists of the novel construction hereinafter described and finally claimed.

The nature, characteristic features .and scope of `the invention will be more .fully understood from the following description taken in vconnection-with the accompanying drawings forming part hereof, and in which: f

Fig. 1,-is a view of a blank prior to being shaped, decorated, and folded into the showing in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2, is a view in elevation of the parts shown in Fig.` 1 showing the illustrative features and also showing the cylindrical members, .hereinafter more specifically referred to.Y Y

Fig. 3, is a view in side elevationof Fig. 2.

Fig. 4, is a view in elevation similar to the showing in Fig. 2 but illustrating another type of advertising novelty or favor.

Fig. 5, is a view in elevation of another for-m of advertising novelty or .favor embodying the invention. Fig. 6, is a top or plan view of Fig. 5.

For the .purpose of illustrating our invenl,and arranged. to be folded "transversely as'Y at,` 2, 3, and 4.. The backing is provided adjacent the folding line 2 with a tongue 5 for supporting purposes, `and also arrangedv adjacent the" folding .line 2 is a fpair'of circular openings 6,.the purposeof which will presently appear. :Adjacent the upperportion of the backing 1 there is a cut-away por-V tion 'l'..provided' withconcaved` flaps 8. The backing. 1 is also provided vwith openings V9 and .10,lthe purpose .of whichl will presently appear. j i

`Vhile forlillustrative purposes we have shown in Fig2 an embodiment of the inven-v tion which may be carried out by the em-V ployment of the backing 1, `nevertheless other and varied designsfmay be' employed.

' Referring now specifically to Fig.V 2, the part 'of the backingl whichis `folded along the line 2forms a base designated 10, best seen in Fig; 3, which is arranged Vat right angles with're'spe'ct to the backing 1.A rIhe base Y 10' is then folded-'upon the lines 43s-f to providethe forwardly projecting lip 11. The

tongue 5 is extended rearwardly from the` backing 1 andin conjunction with the parts "10and 11 form a support for theadvertising novelty'or favor. The partldesignated 12 in 1F ig.` 1 is shown in Fig. 2 as being an'umbrella oriparasol-carried Vby a bathing girl 13as' is clearly apparent from Fig. 1. The backing' 1, bathing" girl,' and Vumbrella are `of .integral structure, and the effect `is obtained by" painting, drawing, or otherwise delineating upon the cardboard Vbacking the desired effect to be obtained, which may be either that shown in Figs. 2, il, or 5 or any other decorative design. ln order to complete the advertising novelty or favor We employ tWo cylindrical members 1l which may be cigarettes or bars of candy. rFliese cylindrical members are positioned in the openings 6 and arranged beneath the concaved flaps 8 so that the effect obtained is a complete bathing girl, the cylindrical members forming the legs of the symbolized bathing girl. To provide a further effect, a matchA 15 is introduced through openings 9 and 10, as seen in Fig. 2, the head 16 of the match forming the top of the umbrella or parasol.

Referring now to Fig. Ll, the construction is the same as that shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 3 With the exception that instead of a bathing girl a soldier is delineated upon the backing 1, and is shown as holding a match 15 which in the particular instance may be representative of a gun. Y

Referring now to Figs. 5 and 6, a somewhat different construction is shown. The reference numeral 17' designates a backing having formed at right angles therewith forwardly extended portions 18 terminating in parts 19 arranged at right angles With respect to thev parts 18. The parts 17, 18, and 19 form in effect a hunting scene when coupled With the horse and rider 20, the parts 19 forming the posts over which the horse is shown to be leaping. In this particular construction the parts 18 are horizontally apertured as at 21 to receive the cylindrical members 14, which cylindrical members in eect provide the bars over which the horse and rider are shown to be leaping.

Ve are awarethat the invention may be embodied in other specific forms Without departing from the spirit or essential attributes thereof, and We therefore desire the present embodiment to be considered in all respects as illustrative and not restrictive,reference being had to the appended claims rather than to the foregoing description to indica-te the scope of the invention.

Having thus described our invention, What We claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. A device of the character stated comprising a one piece flat card cut-out comprising a pictorial figure thereon including a complete, integral body and head portion, the card outlining a portion of the figure, said card being creased and folded to form a relatively broad base, said card being apertured to receive ends of elongated members, a tongue cnt out between Vsaid apertures and the base to maintain thecard in a vertical position, said base being provided With seats for maintaining said elongated members in position.

2. A device of the character stated comprising a one piece flat card cut-out comprising a ends of said members.


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