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Publication numberUS1790598 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 27, 1931
Filing dateApr 9, 1929
Publication numberUS 1790598 A, US 1790598A, US-A-1790598, US1790598 A, US1790598A
InventorsEttdolph L. Schwartz
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US 1790598 A
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Jan. 27, 1931- R. L. SCHWARTZ ET AL 1,790,598

CHANGEABLE S IGN Original Filed April 9, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 XFP N 025303 1' N VEN TORS A TTORNEY.

Wm M M7. a y m am My FM the cover removed.

30 of prices, Figures 1 and 8.

Among other elements the sign includes Patented Jan. 27, 1931 I UNITED STATES PATIENT (OFFICE I RUDOLPH L'. scnw nrz AND WILLIAM PAUL MARTIN, or BUFFALO, NEW YORK, As- SIGNORS TO MARTIN & SCHWARTZ, me, or BUFFALO, .NEW YORK CHANGEABLE SIGN Application filed April 9, 1929, Serial No. 353,329. Renewed. April 2, 1930.

The object of our joint invention is the 10 ferred embodiment of our invention.

Figure 2 is a bottom plan of the sign with Figures 3 and'4aresections on the lines 33 and '44, respectively, of Figure 1. a

Figure 5 is a fragmentary section on line 55 of Figure 4. P I Figurefi is a detail section illustrative of the cover hinge.

Figure-7 is 'a perspective view of a. portion. of the cover.

Figure 8 shows one.of the cards on a reducedscale.

Similar numerals-- of reference designate corresponding parts in all of the views of the drawings.

'. Our sign is designed more especially. though not'necess'arily, for the holding and selective display of cards 1 bearing gasolineprices or rates and fractional computations a card-holding body, preferably of sheet metal, in which the cards are removably -ar-,

ranged side by side, Figures 3 and 4. The

.said body is characterized by openings 2 a1 1d 3 in its spaced side walls 4 for the display of cards at opposite sides ofthe device. It is also characterized by'a raised bottom 5 to prevent rain penetrating and settling in the 40 body. At the four corners ofthe bottom 5 are ventilation openings 6, Figure 2, to prevent clouding of the panes of glass 7.

The body is open at the top, Figures 46,

its side walls 4 notched at 9 to facilitate the grasping and removal of the cards 1, is

equipped at one end with a keeper stud 10, Figure 1, and is provided in itsopposite end wall with a slot 11, Figures 4-6.

In association withthe body as described we employ a cover 12, also by preference of sheet metal, marginally flanged at 13 and provided on one, of its end flanges with a' tongue 14, and equipped'at its opposite end with a pendent, resilient latch-strip 15, apertured to receive and engage the stud 10 and thereby detachably secure the cover in closed position, Figure 1. The tongue 14 extends through the slot 11 and'not only hingedly connects the cover to the body, but serves as an abutment for and gauges and holds, thecards 1 against endwise movement, Figure 5, with the result that when the cover is closed all of the cards will-be evened so that the ends threof will be flush and proper positioning of the largefigures and the calculations on the outer card's, relative to the openassured.

Our sign may be mounted 1n any approved prefer,'ho wever, to provide the sign bodyat one end with parallel, apertured lugs 16'and to connect said lugs to sections 17, designed .to be clamped on a gasoline shown.

ings in the side walls 4 of the body, will be manner withoutafi'ectingour invention. We

pump frame not The cover 12 is susceptible of ready removal from the sign body, and with said cover '12 removed, the cards 1 may be expeditiously and easily shifted to bring about the outermost positioning of the cards bearing the desired rate and fractional computations to be displayed. .Then when the cover is replaced and swung to closed and fastened position'on the body, it will be manifest that the tongue 14 by engaging the adjacent end edges of the cards 1 will render all of the cards even and hold the same securely against the remote end wall of the body, Figure 3, for the purpose ,before'indicated.

Having described our invention, what we claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent, 1s: v A v 1. In a sign ofcard-holding type, a body open at its top and provided in one end wall with a slot and on the-outer side of itsopposite end wall with a keeper, in combination with a flanged cover having at one end and on its flange a hinging tongue disposed in said curing said panes in position, said holders also slidably receiving cards inserted through the open edge of said frame.

3. In a card holding sign, a rectilinear frame having an open edge, side walls on said frame having apertures, apair of spaced holders mounted within said frame on each of said side walls, and transparent panes insertable in said frame through said open edge and slidably received in said holders, said transparent panes covering the apertures in said side walls, the holders on one side wall being spaced from the holders on the .opposite side wall and having opposed portions adapted to slidably receive cards inserted through the open edge of said frame.

4. A' holder for cards comprising a rectilinear frame having a detachable portion permitting insertion andremoval of cards within the frame, transparent windows positioned on opposite sides thereof, a plurality of cards disposed between the windows and holder means comprising flanged members connected to the interior of each of said sides and tothe bottom of said frame for engaging and securing said windows in position, said flanged members on one side of said frame being -opposed by the flanged members on theopposite side, the inner portions of said flanged members receiving said cards and spacing the same from said windows.

' 5. A holder for cards comprising a rectilinear frame, transparent windows positioned on opposite sides thereof, a plurality of cards disposed between the windows, means int-erable portion for facilitating manual removal of said cards from said frame. I

7. A holder for cards, comprising a rectilinear frame having a bottom, side and end walls, and an open top, said side walls having enlarged apertures, transparent window portions covering the apertures in said side walls, a pair of holders mounted Within said frame on each side wall, each holder being adjacent the aperture in said side wall and arranged parallel to said end wall,said holders having flanged portions engaging said-Window portions to secure the same against the adjacent side wall, a group of cards inserted in said ;casing through said open top and received between the flanges of opposed holders, said flanges spacing said cards from said-Window portions, and means on said casing for retainjng said cards against movement relative to said apertures in said side walls.

In testimony whereof we affix our signatures.


posed between the windows and cards for' spacing the same, and a detachable cover on said frame permitting insertion and removal of c rds within said frame, said cover having a tong'ueportion extending into said frame for engaging. and-aligning said cards when said cover is applied to said frame. v

* 6. A holder for cards comprising a recti-,

linear frame, transparent windows positioned on opposite sides thereof, a plurality of cards disposed between the windows,;means interposed between the windows and cards for spacing the same, a detachable cover on said frame permitting insertion and removal of cards within, said frame, said cover having a tongue portion extending lnto said frame for engaging and aligning said cards when said cover is, applied -tovsaid frame, and

notches on said frame'adjacent said detach

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U.S. Classification40/611.4, 40/611.6, 40/607.14
International ClassificationG09F15/00
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European ClassificationG09F15/00B3