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Publication numberUS1790803 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 3, 1931
Filing dateJan 30, 1930
Publication numberUS 1790803 A, US 1790803A, US-A-1790803, US1790803 A, US1790803A
InventorsArnold H. Francis
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US 1790803 A
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Fgb. 3', 1931. v H, FRANCIS 1,790,803

FLAG nowsn Filed Jan. 30. 1930 Patented Feb. 7 3, 1931 ARNOLD rr. FRANCIS, or coLLEGEvrLLE, rnnnsnvaiim '3".

FLAG 30mm; j

Application filed January 30', v199.0.Jserial"rm. 124,653.

This invention relates to holders or supports and is directed more particularly to a device for supporting a. plurality of flags from a window; o L

5 The primary object of the present invention is to provide a flag holder which may be easily and quickly installed or removed from a window Without the use of screws, nails or similar fastening elements and which when installed shall securely hold a plurality of flags in a decorative display. Another object is to provide a fiagholder which shall be retained in position by the window sash and hence can be used in any desired location without previous preparation.

A further object is to provide a flag holder of the above character which may also be used on a Wall or other surface to hold a plurality of flags in decorative-display.

A still further object is to provide a flag Figure 1 is a perspective view of a flag holder constructed in accordance with my 111-,


Figure 2 is vertical sectional view through the holder and a window sash showing the holder in position; and

Figure 3 is a side elevation showing the holder attached to a vertical surface such as a wall. o a

A holder constructed in accordance with my invention is preferably formed from sheet metal and comprises a base 1 having an up wardly extending rear portion 2 and an up- 5 wardly and forwardly inclined front portion denoted generally at 3.

The base portion 1 is preferably of a width sufiicient to receive the lower rail 4 of a window sash as shown in Figure 2, and said base is also formed with substantially circular axial alignment suitable slots 6 for a to be referred to hereinafter.

with respect to the sockets. tures 14 and 15 are-formedat the upper and shoulder 13.

apertures 5 from each of which radiate in purpose The rear portion 2 is disposed at substam v tially right angles to the base portion and is preferably formed with a rearwardly curved tab 7 so that the holder may be easily grasped when the window is raised to prevent the device from" falling out of the window. I i

The front portion'3 is inclined at anangle of substantially 45 with the base 1 and propjects forwardly and upwardly. 'As shown in Figure 1, this front portion is preferably formed with acontour of pleasing design and is provided with a plurality of sockets to receive the staffs of the flags to be displayed. Each socket is formed by depressingthe upper portion ofthemeta'l intoa semi circular groove 10fwhile the intermediate portion of themetal is similarly depressed in a-reverse direction as indicated at 11. The lower portion of the metal is depressed to define 'a transversely dlsposed and arcuate shaped depression 12 which defines a shoulder 13.

Suitable aperlower 'ends respectively of the "intermediate portion of each socket so that a flag stafi" may i be inserted therethrough and will seatin the aforementioned 9 groove and abut I against XIn orderto strengthen-the device, I' preferably form suitable channels" orl depressions 16 in'the' ad acentportions of the base 1 and front portion 3.- J I v 1 In use, a. flag staff is inserted in" each socket as explained above and the device is then placed on the window sill and the window closed so that the lower rail of the sash will contact with the base 1 as shown-in 9" Figure 2. This will securely hold the display in position. When it is desired to remove it, the window is raised while the tab 7 is grasped to keep the device from falling out I of the window. v 0 If it is desired to use the display on a wall or other surface, suitable headed fastening elements such as screws or nails are, secured to the wall or other surface, and then the heads of these elements are passed through having a plurality of sockets formed by emv bossing the metal ino'pposite directions, said sockets being adapted to receive a plurality apertures 5 and the elements are engaged in slots 6, thereby detachably connecting the holder to the wall or other surface.

1. A holder of the character set forth formed from asingle piece of sheet metal and comprising a base portion adapted to receive the lower rail of ,a window sash, a rear up wardly extending portion adapted to engage said rail, and a forwardly and upwardlyexi tending portion, said last mentioned port-ion having integrally formed means to hold a plurality of flags in display formation:

2. A holder of the character, set forth,

formed from a single'piece 'ofsheetnietal and comprising a .base portion, a rear upwardly extending portion, and a forwardly and up- I wardly extending portion, saidlast mentioned portion having a plurality of sockets embossed therein to receive a plurality of flags in display formation.

3. A holder of the character set forth formed from a single piece of sheet metal and having a base portion,a rear upwardly ex- 7 tending portion and a forwardly and upwardly extending portion, said last mentioned portion being embossed to define a plurality of sockets for the reception of flag stafis, and

depressed to define a transversely disposed shoulder adjacent said sockets.

4. A holder of the character set forth formed from a single piece of sheetmetal and comprising a baseiportion, a second portion 7 bent at substantially right angles to said base, and a third portion bent at substantially to said base, said third portion being embossed in opposite directions to define a' plurality of sockets, each adapted to receive a flag staff. s

5. A holder of the character set forth comprising a base portion adapted to seat on a- WlIlClOW 111 and receive the lower rail of a 7 window sash, a rear upwardly extending: 7

portion adapted to engage said rail, and a for- \vardly and upwardly extending'portion,said

forwardly and upwardly extending portion of flags in display formation, g

In testimony'whereof I aflix'my'signature.


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