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Publication numberUS1790896 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 3, 1931
Filing dateOct 28, 1926
Publication numberUS 1790896 A, US 1790896A, US-A-1790896, US1790896 A, US1790896A
InventorsE. G. Bondy
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Drilling machine
US 1790896 A
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Feb. 3, 1931. E. G. BGNDY DRILLING MACHINE Filed Oct. 2B, 1926 v NVENTOR.


i and providedr with a base 11,.projecting out-- Patented Feb. 3, 193.1

UNITED STATES EDWARD e. 130mm,` or mvERRoUGE, moment 1` 1 DRILLING ixeuic'zmlxm Y Application med october 2s, 192e. serial N0.144',71Y9.

-My invention relates to a new and useful improvement in a 4 drilling machineY adapted for drilling at an angle to the shank r handle of the machine, and is particularly adapted for use by electricians and the like who are required to drill holesV in joists and other supporting members upon which a floor or other superstructure may be mounted.

vIt is an object of the present invention to provide a drilling machine of this class which will be simple in structure, economical of manufacture and highlyfeiicient in use.l

Another object of the invention is the provision of a drilling machine of`this class in which a certain amountof flexibility ofthe drill holder relatively tothe rest ofthe machine may be afforded. 'l

Another object of the invention is the provision of a drilling machine of this class in Ywhich a drill holder, having within certain ,limits a universal movement, may :be utilized.

Other objectswill appear hereinafter. The invention consists in the combination and arrangement of parts I hereinafter described and claimed. a The invention will be best understood by a reference to the accompanying drawings which form a part of this specification, and which, t Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of thein'- Lvention showing it in operative position with a part broken away and part in section.

. Fig. 2 is a central vertical sectional view of the invention/in fragment. t f Fig. 3 is a fragmentary sectional view taken on substantially line3-3 of Fig. 2.A

.Fig. 4 isa sectional view taken lon line 4--4ofFi.g.'2-;v

f As shown in the drawings, the vinvention `comprises a housing having lside walls 9er:- tending intola laterally projecting neck 10 wardly fromwhihfcentrally thereof, is-a "flange -12 surrounding an opening formed in the base;l Acover- 13 having a portion .14

Y inwardly offset and engaging within the hous-` n'gwalls isprovided, this inwardly .offset .portion 14 having a central openingformed V'therein and provided withan inwardly projecting fiange k15 krsurrounding the opening. Y

Projected through the opening in the cover 13 so as to utilize ther `iange 15 as a bearing, and projected through the openingV formed in the base 11`so asl to utilize the iang'e'f12,V l

as a bearing, is a shaft 16, threadedinto which is a screw' 17 projected through 'the i washer 18. ,This shaft 16 is provided at. one end with the peripheraly flange 19,1'andaformed in the same end of the shaft 16-isa socket 20, projected into which isl a drillholder'V 21 Y rovided at its inner endr with a spherical iiead 22, formed in which is a. diametrically extendingopening, the side walls 23 of which are arcuate, as shown inFig. 2. Projected through the shaft 16 and through the ope'nmg formed in the-head 22 is a-locking vpin 2 4 which serves to maintain vthe drillholder 21# von the shaft 16. Positionefitin'pocketsfv formed in the flange 19and 'projecting into' Athe socket 20 so as to `engageattheir inner ends theperiphery of the drillholder 121, are studs 25, each of which is provided with'a head 26 engagingoneendof a spring-27,

ythefother end ofrwhich vengages the ring 28 which is positioned around flange'19,`the

spring 27 normally tendingto retain the studs in engagement with the periphery ofthe drill holder 21, as shown in Fig. 2 ,andY

Fig.4. .j l t FiXedly mountedupon the shaft1'6inte'riorly yof the'housi'ng is a sheave wheel'BO'which is provided on one face with a recess 31`in which rides a rockably mounted dog .32.` Diametrically opposite the recess :31 is a vrecess 33 in which rides-the rockablyor swing-V Passing i" around vthe .sheave .wheel l30 4 is .a flexible; member, preferably, a cord`,`.belt,`

Vably mounteddog`34, these dogs being ad'apti Y j `ed' for .engaging the peripheral lnotches A. or recess 44 .formed ijn-the shaft16. rlf desired, Vsuitablefsprings maybe `used .to retain the vdogs in, engaging position rin' the pockets...

end 37j of the cord extends-downwardlyiand projects into a tubular yhan'dlefor-ming mem'- ber 38:.Which is suitably securedationetend to 'the nec-lr 10.' v,The other end of the tubular member 38 extends into the tubular extension 39, this tubular extension being slitted as at 40 and provided With a locking Y cap which when threaded thereon will serve to clamp the slitted end of the extension 39 againstrthe tubular member 3S so as to lock these members against relative ylongitudinal movement. 'The -end 37 which projects into the member 38 is secured to one endofa spring 43, the other:l end of Whichds securedv to a diametrically extending pin 42 mounted in the tubular inemberSS adjacent itsendfit shown in Fig. 1.

Rotatably mountedin the housingis aro'ller 4 5 vkfor engaging theV flexible cord, which passes' around. the ishaft 30,`as shown in Fig. 3;? shank46of a dril`lf4( isadapted for insertionintothefdrill holder 2l, radially projecting screws `48`and-`49 being used,l to seoure'tliedrillshank 46 against rotation in the drilljholder 211,'

soj as toiride the drill '47`.

e n isbeiieaea evident that. are) aan maybe used for drilling:purposesatl an angle to the handle, 38. havingthe Yp i'nf24 projected i through thec head 242,1 as shown olearly in vF ig.` 2, andbyhaving the b ore 20of a larger diameter lthe neck of the'drillholder, itisevident that a universal movement can 'be .given `to the '.jdrilliy holder? on the spherical head 22 Within certain limits, these limits 'beingI determined' by. the aiiiounti'of Clearance betWe-entheldrill holder :andi-'the bore 20, j' In thisway a iiexibilityvis given toa device ofthis. kind so that the operator neednot always position thev housing in kalignment vwith the' opening to be drilled', thusperinittingthe use of the device in clSequarterS, andfat varied angles, and'rendering the device moreadapt'able vthan vvherey the drill A'h'older'2lv is Ona fixed longitudinal axis relatively to the'h`ousin, {'.V Vhen the, drill' has been rotated by rotating'tlievvheel 30 in "oneI 'direction,the spring 43-ivillfb`e stretched Land` a ,release ofpressure on 'the handhold Sofa/illfpeimitla rotation of the /vvheelBO in .the 'opposite direction,lthed'gsmriding l, Overt'he notches, the, springv 43 eifee'ting 'the 'withdrawal ofjthe flexiblev member ivfhih passes over thefwhe'elrQ sufiieiently' tojplace the deyioe inoperation for -further forward or operative movement. v

While rhaveiuusaaea andraesfenua aie Vpreferredform VofY"construction, Ido not Wish toflimit vmyself tothe :precise forni of structureshown, but desire to avail myself kof such variations and modilications as may come Within the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

' jdrilling machine comprising a long tubular'suppo'rt, a housing mountedV at one endof the support in fixed position With respect thereto, a transvrerse shaft journaled in Yafixe/d"plaein'said housing and having a socket-,atene end thereof exposed to the exterior of the housing, said support being suiiis cientlylongisothatthe-.drill holder is adapted tohold a drill in operativepositionfor drilling whilesthe louei" end thereof-T rests-upon a. surface tov perniitA the arcuate fniovemenftj o fl the drill about saidloweren'df a'sga pivot, a: drill holder extending into thesocket and" having a uiiiversali connec'tfion'gtherewith, means for resi-lientl'y restraining-the -:drill holderl against the universal motion, a "slie'ave Wheel 'Within the housing loosely inourftedon Vsa'idfshaft in a plane fixedy ivith're'spect togthe support, a iiexilole` member' passing around said sheave Wheelf with 'onefeiid' ythereof AVextending externally of'thehousingto provideja handle oper able substantially f ,pa-rallell "to v the y support, means arranged iny the' tubular support' attached to theoppos'ite'enhd-of th'eflexible member tending to retract-the s'ame, and'means mounted on said sheave'vvlieel for engaging the shaft and effecting its rotation in 'one direction and permitting'lthe free motion -th'ereof'in the oppositedirectiomvherebythe operator may `restk the lofv'vver'erid'ofjthe support upon alsur'faceand :effect a drilling operation yby. movement ofthevvorking -`endabout 'the 'lovver end andfby: dravvingl the iiexible member over the sheavefvvhe'el'and generally 1x along the support; 'Without materially binding V`the 'flexible' member against "the housing or the drillv inthe borehole.

` A2. A, drilling machine comprisingfa''long support, vahousing Vmo'ui'itedat'4 one fendfofthe Ysupport in fixed? position With respect thereto, a[transverseshaftfjurnaled iny a i'ixed plane in isaidihou's'ing', a'drillfhol'der extend- Aing from the shaft! andconnected theretoby a universalj conneetion permitting a limited f universal3 movement4 therebetween, saidI sup- 'portf being sufficiently/l long so that the drill holder is adapted'to hold the'drillf operativefp 'sition for.drilling-Whilethe'lorver end j the'reoff'restsupon-'aff surface#to permit v Vthe areuatefmveme'nt 'of' the vdrill v'about said lo'iverr4 eiidi as a pivot? afsliea've Wheel Within lixedyvvith respect tofth'e support, a'fflexible member; passing aroundfsaid sheave 'Wheel with an', entr thereoflextending externally fo'f ,thehousing-'to provide'a `handle capabl'elo'f movement in a plan'efparallelftothe support, 'whereby the "operator" may rest thelovver end of the supportupon"'a vvsurface and effect-a drillngoperation by movement of the working end about the lower end and by drawing the exble member over the sheave wheel and generally along the support, without materally binding the flexible member against the housing or the drill in the borehole.

In testimony whereof I have signed the fore 0in g g EDWARD G. BONDY. l Y

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