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Publication numberUS1791625 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1931
Filing dateJan 4, 1929
Priority dateJan 4, 1929
Publication numberUS 1791625 A, US 1791625A, US-A-1791625, US1791625 A, US1791625A
InventorsFrancis C Kollath
Original AssigneeFrancis C Kollath
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Grounded hand portable
US 1791625 A
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Feb. 10, 1931. F, g, KQLLATH GROUNDED HAND Filed Jan. 4, 1929 INVENTOR. Wane/1s C. Aaflafh.


i Patented Feb. .19, 11%31 earse eras.

arenas 'rnancrs o. KOLLATH, or cnrcneo, rumors -GBOUNJDED PORTABLE Application filed'January d, 1929. Serial No. 330,161.

v My invention relates to hand ortables, and more particularly to combined shock absorbing, vapor proof, and grounded hand Portables, and has for one of its objects to Another. objectis to retain all of the above desirable features and in addition to provide an effective vapor, proof construction;

Another object is to provide a vapor proof, shock absorbing, and suitably grounded hand portable of few parts, easy to assemble, cheap to manufacture, and'vwhich will not easily'get out of order.

Further objects will appear from the description and claims. I

i In the drawings in which an embodiment of my invention is shown:

Fig. 1 is a vertical section thru my improved hand portable.

vFig. 2 is a section on line 2-2 of Fig. 1. Referring now to the drawings in detail, my invention as illustrated comprises a handle 1 having'a chamber 2 therein to receive the socket 3. The handle is made of a suitable flexible and resilient material, preferably .soft rubber, and the socket 3 is held securely in the chamber 2 by means of the internal flange 4 which cooperates with the groove 5 in the socket.

The face of the handle is provided with a circular groove 6 which is internally threaded to receive the globe 7. The internally threaded groove 6 is of such dimensions that when the globe is screwed in place the portion 12 of the handle is pressed snuglybetween the socket and the inside of the (globe, holding the socket securely in place an providing an eflioient shock absorbing cushion for both the socket and globe. A guard 8 is clamped around the handle over the threaded portion of the globe, byemeans of the clam .9 which is secured to and forms a part of t e guard. The guard extendsinwardly adjacent the outwardly extending ortion 10 of the handle 6 to provide a support far the globe. The lower end of the guard is again clamped around the handle by means of the clamp 11 which is also secured to the guard. The clamps are of the usual split type and the two halves of the guard are hinged at the top in the usual mannerfso that the guard may be easily re.- moved to insert the lamp and globe. V

I It will be seen that when the socket and globe are inserted and the guard is clamped in place the'socket end of the device is completely vapor proof and the guard, globe and socket are completely cushioned and all oints made vapor proof without resorting to any extra parts, the inherent properties of the handle being sufficient to provide the desired results.

The electrical conductors 13 and the ground wire 14 are preferably used in a three wire cable as shown at 15, and which enters the handle thru the passage 16, and in order that this passage may be made vapor proof, a threaded bushing 17, having a flange 18, is inserted in the end of the handle, the tlnage cooperatingv with the internal groove 19 whereby it is securely held in position. The bushing has a fiat side 20 which prevents it from turning when the cupped washer 21 is held by one hand while the nut 22 is screwed in place clamping the rubber firmlybetween the cupped washer and the flange 18 and making a vapor proof joint therebetween. The packing nut 23 is then screwed in place providing a vapor proof joint around the conductors by means of the packing 23a.

In order that all metal parts may be suitably grounded a narrow metal strap 24 is formed around the flange 18 and extends thru the passage 16 and is electrically connected to guard it is only necessary to remove the,

clamps 9 and 11 and remove the nut 26.

In the above construction I have provided an eflicient vapor proof, shock absorbing and suitably grounded hand portable.

It is evident that the above construction may be adapted to other lighting devices and realizing that my invention may be varied in its physical embodiment without departing from the spirit of the invention, I desire it to be understood that the specific construction and form herein shown is to be taken as illustrative and not in a limited sense.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Let-r. ters Patent is: i

1. A shock absorbing hand portable comprising a soft rubber handle having a socket chamber and a conductor passage therein and a groove around said socket chamber, a lamp socket in said socket chamber and substantially flush with the face of said handle, a globe in said groove and compressing the ru her around said socket, a guard around said globe and compressing the rubber around the globe, conductors thru said passage, means for vapor proofing said passage, and means in said passage for grounding said guard and said passage vapor proofing means. v

2. A combined vapor proof, shock absorbing and grounded hand portable comprising asoft rubber handle supporting a lamp holding socket therein, a globe supported insaid handle around said socket, a guard around said globe, said globe and said guard .and said handle cooperating to form a vapor proof joint around said socket, conductors thru said handle and connected to said socket, clamping means around said conductrically connecting said last means and said vapor proofing means, and a second donductor in said passage and arranged to ground all of sald connected parts.

6. An electric lighting device comprising a base of a single piece of soft rubber and having a chamber for a socket, a socket in said chamber and adapted to .support an electric lamp, conductors in said base and electrically connected to said socket, a lamp guard for said lamp, means'for clamping said guard to said base, means extending through the wall of said base and connected to said guard and to a conductor and providing a grounding for said device.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribedmy name.


tors and providing a vapor proof joint between said handle and said conductors," means extending thru the wall of said chamber electrically connecting said clamping means and said guard, and means for grounding all of the metal parts of said hand portable.

3. A vapor proof and shock absorbing hand portable comprising a handle of soft rubber like material having a chamber therein, a socket in said chamber and substantially flush with the face of said handle, a globe supported in a groove around said socket and compressing the rubber like, material around said socket to provide a vapor proof joint, a clamp around said handle in alignment with said groove whereby the material of the handle is clamped snugly to provide a vapor proof joint around said globe, a guard around said globe, the guard and globe and socket being supported by the handle in shock absorbing relation to each other.

4. A hand portable comprising an insulating handle having a socket chamber therein and a conductor passage therethru, a lamp socket in said chamber to receive a lamp, a guard around said lamp and secured to said handle, conductors in said passage, a vapor proofing means on said handle and around said conductors, means extending thru the wall of said chamber and electrically conn ing said guard and said vapor proofing

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