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Publication numberUS1791703 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1931
Filing dateMay 4, 1929
Priority dateMay 4, 1929
Publication numberUS 1791703 A, US 1791703A, US-A-1791703, US1791703 A, US1791703A
InventorsBenedict Edwin B, Langbein Albert S
Original AssigneeF W Klinger & Langbein Co
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Holder for cards or the like
US 1791703 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed May 4, 1929 ATTORNEYS.l

//V VEN TS [pw/N5. BEA/E01 c 7 /72 5E/P7 5. Am/655m E. B. BENEDICT ET AL HOLDER FOR CARDS 0R THE LIKE w n 1 \k\ m 11 I 1111 |11 1| lliiwwowuf 11111 I 111.1 s1; n n [|11 1| I1 1111 IWWMHQQYWSQY -111| Ii l1 1S 1 Qkb 2 Q 1 n m1 ..-1|-1T----11 1-::1 --.11K

Feb. l0, 1931.

Feb. l0, 1931. E. B. BENEDICT ETAL HOLDER FOR CARDS OR THE LIKE 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed May 4, 1929 Patented Feb. 10, 1931 UNITED STATES EDIIN B. BENEDIOT, OF NEW YORK, Na



This invention, generally stated, relates to a holder for passes, identification cards, railroad tickets, and similar articles, and has more especial relation to a device of the characterstated which may be carried in the pocket of the user, removably fitted to a wallet, or may be permanently attached to a wallet.

- The leading object of the present invention may be said to reside in a simple, eiiicient, and comparatively inexpensive device of the character stated in which a series of overlapping blanls of suitable material, as moire, paper, or other material, are secured to a moire along their marginal edges, and the Vfaces of said overlapping members are covered by a transparent member, for instance: isinglass.

A further object of the present invention is to provide an arrangement and construction of parts as above recited in which theoverlapping members are secured at their bottoms or lower portions by rows of stitches so that the pockets for card reception are arranged in stepped relation one withv respect toI the other so that the cards, passes, or other articles inserted in the pockets have their outer edges displayed one above another for ready identification and removal from the holder as a whole. Y

A further object of the presentinvention is to provide an arrangement, construction, and connection of parts lwhereby the foregoing objects may be readily attained.

The invention consists of the novel con-V struction hereinafter described and finally claimed.

The nature, characteristic features and scope of the invention will be more fully understood from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings forming part hereof, and in which:

Fig. 1, is a face view of a holder embodying the invention.

Fig. 2, is a view taken upon the line 2 2 of Fig. l.

Fig. 3, is a fragmentary view in vertical backing composed of leather, paper, and

HOLDER FOR CARDS OR THE LIKE 1929. Serial No. 360,484.

section of the lower in Fig. 2.l

Fig. 4, is a vertical central section of a holder showing pockets upon opposite sides of a backing.

Fig. 5, is a fragmentaryL view showing the face of a holder of modified form in which the. cards are inserted from the side of the holder in lieu of from the end of the holder.

' Fig. 6, is a face view of awallet showing a holder of the invention as inserted inv a pocket of the wallet. l

Fig. 7, is a face view of a wallet showing a holder embodying the invention as affixed to the wallet. f 1

For the purpose of illustrating our invention we have shown in the accompanying drawings several formsthereof which are at present preferred by us,since the same Vhave been found in practice to give satisfactory and reliable results, although it is to be understood that the -various instrumentalities of which our invention consists can be variously arranged and organized andthat our invention is not limited to the precise arrangement and organization of the instrumentalities as herein sho-wn and described.

According to the present invention, and in the formation of a holder embodying the invention, wemay take a backing as shown in Fig. 2 comprising a strip of leather l, a piece of paper 2, and al piece of moire 3, which are marginally stitched together as at il. The backing thus formed has attached thereto a plurality ofoverlapping partitions preferablyy of moire, and forming pockets and designated 5, 6, and 25. These pockets 5, 6, and 25 are so arranged that when an identification card`8 orequivalent member is insertedinV the respective pockets the'outer edges of the cards are arranged vone in advance of the other, as clearly shown in Fig. l. This is accomplished by taking a piece of moire or equivalent material. designated 9 and attaching the same to sides and bottom of the back l and looping the same at its bottom and extending the same forwardly as at 10 and facing .the same by means of a leather or equivalent binder as 11. This formation forms Ythe pocket 5. Another piece portion of the part V'shown faced as at 16 with leather or equivalent material.

the above arrangement and construction of parts it is apparent that each of the pockets 5, '6, 25 and 7 has its'bottom arranged in stepped relation with respect to the other, and that the tops of the partitions are also arranged in stepped relation so that when an identification or similar card is inserted in the pockets the upper edge of the card not only is exposed but is free of an adjacent card so as to be readily removable from the holder.

'Ihe above description has related specifically to Figs. 1, 2, and 3, and reference will now be had more especially to Fig. 4. In Fig. 4, the construction is the same as that disclosed in Fig. 2with the exception that duplicate parts are provided and positioned back to back and suitably secured together. In other words, a pair of backs 1 and complemental parts 2 and 3 are positioned in opposed relation, eaeh of the duplicate parts being a counterpart of the part shown in Fig. 2. Byy this construction additional cards 8 may be employed.

Referring now to Fig. 5, instead of having the cards 8 introduced through the end of the holder the cards are introduced through the sides of the holder.V In other words, instead of having the cards 8 introduced through the narrowest portion of the holder they are introduced through one of the wider sides of the holder. Otherwise the vconstruction is Vthe same as that shown in Figs. 1, 2, and 3. i

Referring now to Fig. 6, the reference numeral 17 designates a wallet of any desired form and is provided at one end with a pocket 18. Within this pocket 18 we may introduce the holder embodying the invention as fully disclosed in Figs. 1, 2, and 3 of the drawings and previously described.

Referring to Fig. 7 the wallet 17 is shown as being provided with the holder shown in Figs.'1, 2, and 3 of the drawings, the holder in this case being stitched or otherwise secured directly to the flap 19 of the wallet, Vit being understood that while the card :holder is permanently attached with respect to the wallet the cards 8 are readily removable as in the foregoing instances.

We are aware that the invention may be embodied in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or essential attributes thereof, and we therefore desire the present embodiments to be considered in all respects as illustrative and not restrictive, reference being had to the appended claims rather than to the foregoing description to indicate the scope of the invention.

Having thus described our invention, what we claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is: Y

1. A device of the character stated comprising a backing made up of plies of different kinds of material, a plurality of superimposed pieces of pliable material stitched to said backing to form pockets, the bottom of each of said pockets being formed of a'folded-over portion of said pliable material,the bottoms of said pockets being arranged respectively at distance one above another corresponding pocket bottom stepped relation to provide pockets of different depths, the top edges of said pocket material being arranged at a distance one above another corresponding pocket edge in stepped relation, a transparent member arranged in advance of the outermost'of said pockets, and means for securing all of said parts into a-unitary structure.

2. A device of the character stated comprising a backing made up of plies of different kinds of material, a plurality of su- Y perimposed pieces o-f -pliable material stitched to said backing to form pockets, the bottom of each of said pockets being formed of va folded-over portion of said pliable material, the bottoms of said pockets being arranged respectively at distance one above an* inV `Ales

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U.S. Classification150/147, 150/138
International ClassificationA45C11/18
Cooperative ClassificationA45C11/18
European ClassificationA45C11/18