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Publication numberUS1792125 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1931
Filing dateJul 13, 1929
Priority dateJul 13, 1929
Publication numberUS 1792125 A, US 1792125A, US-A-1792125, US1792125 A, US1792125A
InventorsShave Albert D
Original AssigneeShave Albert D
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Life-preserving suit
US 1792125 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb. 10, 1931. A D SHAVE 1,792,125 I r M IQIFE PRESERVING SUIT Filed Jim 15, 1929 [N VENTQQ A/ber/ D. Jim e.

P atented Feb. 1Q, 'i

NITED FST T 'ri,nem15.isnrve, or rorvr V i l p i nrrn rnnsnnv rne 3 Application filed luly 13,

i This present invention relatesto new and usefulimprovements in a life preserving suit and has for its primary object the provision of a "simple structure which may be 1 readily V stepped into and thus automatically. secured v v U isjpu tlon, by quick 'fastene on the limbs and shoulders and the sides then 'f' instantly closed from the'loweredge to the upper edge bya singlemovement of a quick fastener at each side connecting 'therf-rontand rearinflatable membersu v v 'Another Object oftheinvention resides in the provision of alife preserving suit of the character-statedin which the limb encircling members depend from the bodyof'the suit" at l .15 the sides thereof while the shoulder engaging V ;meinbers arehollow, and serve to connect the interior of the inflatable frontand rear body A further-ob ject'of the invention resides in the provision of a life preserving suit or the character stated which is ofegstremelyisimple and inexpensive construction, composed of V the minimum number of parts and which may ,be inflated at both front and rear by an air pump carried on the front inflatable body member either before or after thesuit is put on objects, as shall become apparent as the description proceeds, my invention residesvin 1 the construction, combination and arrangenient of parts, as shallbehereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanyhereunto appended.

' w The invention will be best understood and can'be more clearly described when reference proved life preserving suit i Y Figure 2 is a detail transverse vertical section through the front body member of the suityand Figure 3, is an elevation showing the suit in position on a person. v

will be noted vthat the suite includes corree f ont and ire-r b dy h ir e andrearbb m .o i s eem umpe we e ies. the? in or of the, body niembers tl; to assure i nfl deflating the body members g6 Les-desired; For retaining the suit firmly in position on i o 'lo the accomplishment of these anclrelat'ed J c v ing drawings and pointed out in the claim,

' remains necessary-to give a quick' upward Referring more in detail to the drawings, it

ass-snareM hers e which are secured togatmpjthir 1 a *1 sl er o ne i n a eadapted ib' briQilght r pe-g h i i ii il.

therewith'which maybe readily @pemdro u go,

the cbed of ithi ea rer andlimitingi upw and encircling bands 'ieggre' secured to the inner l .As the' cohstriitidi j of'the devicehasj thus beenidescribed in detail, brief; referenceisg 1 nowl vhad to its, use and inodus V operandi: 7 IW hfen the suitisdeflated, the. shoulder straps c ;1O fa1 l-to theside, andthe frontiandfrear body members G'Q-separate, except; at" their r .l.owerl :corners) This im akes it (very easy-for- {the personi'to step intogthe suit by inserting .85 the {feet through the bands 13 and drawing the latter upwardlylgonthe,climbs,v thenlinr serting the armsbelow theshoulder straps" 10 and thus causing-the latter to assume prop V er'po'siti'o'n on theshouldersf'lt then only pull'on each of the quick fasteners 9 at the sides o fthe suit and thus completethe operation of securing the suit firmly in position The air pump 11 may be operated at any time desired andja few rapid'strokes or operations thereof will be suificient to inflate both the frontand rear body members 6 and i the shoulder straps 10 forming communication between thefront and rear body mem- {10 ja'v ngftheir Pref e es jo i' .7 ati n ue- Afla nn Qfitli' b 'y'l mem er e h'er- TTOii id' i rn a ienan q b thejbojdy m mbers e a1srn'all -handfiperated rP' imPL llisb rrie 0 h fl i t body me be'r. 6 and, an, exhaust evalve 12s is associated hers 6. When'the shouldefstraps '10 are inflatedwith the body. members 76, the'straps will remain in normal position over theijshoul- ,jders of the wearer and willljalso co-operate with the front and rear rbody mernbersfi in maintaining the wearer of'thesuit at ornear h at urface} Q ingfib the, location o J imble when remoj ving the, Shit fmmsth Y on the-Wearen i I fFromthe foregoing description nt akenjin' v conneb ionfw iththe accompanying iiiescrip;v v I tiongfit i lrb manifeStthatfalife preservingws fl di 'prOVidfithat-Will fulfill 'allvthe neeessary requirements of snake dyic'ehut V i as ma y changes could be made the above description and rn'any app'arently iwidelydif "wearer or when placing he suit in; position ferent embodiments offmyjnrentionmay be Y iconstrlleted within the s'c peofme ap ended tersPatent is:- V e- V v r A life P i g ui in ll diilg. fr n fend claimWithout;departing,-froinlflthefspirit or a scope thereof, fit is? intendedlthat alli niatgters contained in fthe said accompanying pe fication and dra hgsshallbein erpret ed 's'iil us 'ative fandfnotlin a lim ted? sense I a H i g u de ri ed'myi i e tion, what V V b I claim a new and: esire, to securebylLet 7 rear inflatable body I members; a" combined ma ua y p r ble nfla ing flameand xhanstva'lve earriedon said irontibodymem ber; hollow shoulder. straps connecting the "-upp'er edges of said front and rear body me mf-r v bers and formed therewith; saidfront "and rear body members. being permanentlylconnected attheir lower cornersyqnick fastem 1 ing means for closing the opposedvertical T edges of said front andrear body members 'irom thelower corners to the upper corners I, "thereof; straps dependingdfroni'one of; said body members adj acent'the conne'oted flower corners thereof; and continuous eiroularlirnb encircling members carried on thelower ends i ,ofsaidIaStmentiOned straps? V In testimony whereof I V ereunto' aflikl.

' signature. I L ii ALBERT 15; [1l.s.]

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U.S. Classification441/91
International ClassificationB63C9/125, B63C9/00
Cooperative ClassificationB63C9/1255
European ClassificationB63C9/125A