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Publication numberUS1792260 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1931
Filing dateJun 18, 1929
Priority dateJun 18, 1929
Publication numberUS 1792260 A, US 1792260A, US-A-1792260, US1792260 A, US1792260A
InventorsWerner Oscar
Original AssigneeWestinghouse Electric & Mfg Co
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Lighting unit
US 1792260 A
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Feb. 10, Q W R 1,792,260

LIGHTING UNIT Filed Jun e 18, 1929 INVENTOR Oscar Werner.

ATT'ORNEY Patented Feb.' 10, 19 31 PATE iNTiiifries) oscnn WERNER, orsournn rinn, mnmrm, s sa e TO "vinsrnveriousn answerer; MANUIACTUEING COMPANY, A oonronArron' or IrENnsYLvANIA; i"

I trenrrnenmr' 5 Application filed June s,

- My invention relates to lighting units and has particular relation to a Supporting device for such units.

Lighting units have been devised whereby the sockets, the lamps'and the globes are so arranged and supported that the globes may be removed from the supports without dis turbing the sockets. Generally, they globesv of such lighting units are provided with cylindric'al openings in their upperv portions,

} and the supporting'stand ardsrare provided with two or more projecting fingers to sup- 7 port the globes by projecting beneath suit able flanges of the gl obes. When the globes are in engaged position, supporting canopies or like membersrest uponthem to prevent them from tilting and from being disengaged from the supports.

However, such devices are so constructed that the globes are not easily removed by a single operator, and consequently, breakage of the globes frequently occurs.

My invention is intended to eliminate these 7 and other difficulties and to provide animreadily be manipulated the globe and disassembly of theunit.

proved supporting device. Therefore, an object of my invention is to. provide a sup-. porting device for a li hting unit which may to permit removal of Another object of my invention is to provide a simple, inexpensive, strong and durable device. a

Other objects of my invention will appear in the following description of my device, taken in conjunctionwith the drawings.

Referring to the drawings, in which like figures indicate like parts, V V

Figure 1 is a side view, partly in elevation and partly in section, of my device, with the globe and canopy in their engaged positions, and

Fig. 2 is a side view, partly in elevation and partly in section, of my device with the canopy in a disengaged position and showing the globe being mounted upon the supporting device. p

. Referring to the drawings, the supporting member l is here shown asna tube having a 19 29. seriai 371,765 V the tube or pipe byimeansgofa nipple 4Q and a bracket .5, the'centralportionrof which; en? t gagesthenippleand the'louter'endsofwhich are fastened vscrews6. H 1 v "Thenglobe-jsupporting member 7 isprefer t0 the socket by, means of. v

ably a flat strip, of substantially U-shapgythe central portion of--;which may have threaded engagement with the outer wall of 'thenipple for may rest against thebracket 5;. '5 The globe-support 7 is provided withhorizontzil- 'ly extending end' portions 8 upon-jwhi'ch a globe 9'n1ayrest'. One.orgmoreprojections, V such as rivets 11-, or-upstruckportionsofthe' strap or the like, aredisposed ntheglob'esupporting member '7intermediate its ends.

The globe 9 is provided with acirculariopening 12 surrounded by ai fiange l3-gt'o" engage," and rest upon, theendjportionsfi of the: sup

port :7. The globe is placed in operating 'positionibytilting itand' placing it over one 7 arm of the-support 7.1 011 pushing the globe upwardly, it passes over theother arm of the member 7, and,'when it-fis moved t6 its normal s horizontal --posi'ti0n,- both end portions 18 of theqsupport '7 engage -theffiange 13*.to support theglobe. f

:1 If no f rtherstructure werefprovided,"the

globe might eventually become disengaged from the globe support,'so that a canopy 14, which is'preferably of bell-shape and has. a lower flange 15,- is provided with an opening 16' at its center so thatit-maybe sl idably mounted on the standard 1 and may be moved up and down or tilted thereon; When the canopyfisvin itsrlower orengaging position,

- the flange coactszwiththe flange '13 to hold the globe securely inplace on thesupport 7; The canopy is provided with'a-loc'king means, such as the nut 17, to engage threads on the nipple 4 to lock thefcanopy in place on'the.

globe andsupport In its raised .position',:,-the canopymay be tilted, and the lower edgeof the flange ,15

may be engaged by one oftheprojectio'ns :11

to hold the canopy in its raisedposition'while theglobe'is being removed.

The devices of the-prior ,art have: been so sary' for the operator: to hold the 1 canopy in arranged and constructed that it was neces its raised or disengaged positionwith one support.

It is apparent that other modifications of my device may bemade; for instance, the. support 7, instead of being a flat strip of metal, maybe apmemberof cup shape. Instead of the projections- 11, which-are adapted to coact with the flange 15, projections may be placed on the inside of the'canopy to coact with suitable depressed portions or open- "ings in the support. These and othermodifications maybe made by those skilled in the art without departing fromthe spirit and scope of my invention, as set forth in the ap pended 'claims..

. I claim as -my inventionz 1. A lighting unit including a globe, a

tacle adapted'to be connected to an energiz- 1ng source, a globe having an openlng 1n its upper part for engaging the globe support,

a canopy slidably mounted on the supporting member to hold the globe in place on the globe'support, a locking- "means for holding the .canopyin-its engaged position,-a nd coacting means on the globe support and canopy for holding the canopy in a raised disengaged position."

In testimony whereof, have hereunto subscribed my name this 7th day of June 1929. OSCAR WERNER.

strap-likesupport otu shape forth'e globe, i

:a canopyforholding the globe in position on the supportand means' for holding "the can opy in disengaged position'comprising a projection on the globe supportfl 2. A lightingunitrincluding a support,a I canopy adapted to detachably engage the support, and means for'holding the canopy in disengaged position including a means on the support to engage theflange' of the canopy.

3. A lighting unit linclu ding a support,a-

canopy adapted to detaehably engage the support and means for holding the canopy in disengaged position including coacting meanson the support and the outer portion of the canopy.

4. A lighting unit including a globe, a supporting member, a strap supporting means for supporting the globe and supported, in turn, by the supporting member, a canopy of substantiallybell-shape slidably mounted on the supporting member and means on the strap supporting means for holding the canopy in a raised position. i

5. A lighting unitincluding a supporting member and globe support, a globe having an opening in its upper part for engaging the globe support, a'canopy slidably mounted on the supporting member to hold the globe in place on the globe support and coacting means on the globe support and canopy for holding the canopy in a raised, disengaged position;

6. A lighting-unit including a supporting member and a globe support,-an electrical a receptacle attached to the supporting member to receive an electric light, saidreeep-

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