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Publication numberUS1793307 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1931
Filing dateOct 23, 1929
Priority dateOct 23, 1929
Publication numberUS 1793307 A, US 1793307A, US-A-1793307, US1793307 A, US1793307A
InventorsDolan John A
Original AssigneeDolan John A
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Cleaning device
US 1793307 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb; 11, 1931. J. A. DOLAN 1,793,307

CLEANING DEVICE Filed Oct. 23, 1929 VENTOR m WITNESSES fa/iiz .dfla/mz B v m ATTORNEY uN TE earns ar JOHN A. DQLAN, E OAK AND; CALIFORNIA FFE E CLEANING DEVICE Application filed. October 23, 1929. SerialNo, 401,832.

This invention relates to an improved A de'viceof this kind when manipulated in cleaning device, an object'of the invention a given space, causes'the resilient flexible lugs being to provide a cleaning device, which inr fingers 2 to exert a rubbing action in all eludes the provision of a ball or spherical, directions, andfthis action may be had by a" 5 resilient, flexible member such as rubber, longitudinal movement of the handle or byt adapted to connect to handle of the desired a rotary movement of the handle,so that the length, and having radially projecting lugs device maybe located in any certain place or lingers,preferablyintegre 'gwith the ball a g e rotary {111d g fi1 l or sphere, so that a rubbing-(and cleaning acment so as to thoroughly clean and dislodge 10 tion may be had in all directionsoy the maany foreign matter; 60

; nipulation of the device.- a e While I show. the'lugs or fingers 2 as 'Of- A furtherobject is toprovide a device of general cylindrical form having bluntends,

this character which can be utilized for many} I would have it distinctly understood that,

purposes such as cleaning toilets,pipes'or for I do not limit myself to the particular shape v for many other uses, which can be manufacof saidrlugs but may make suchlugs ofany c5 tured and sold at a reasonably low price, and shape desired. 7 7 V which will be most ellicient in the perform- I Variouschanges and alterations might be ance of its functions. V i made in the'general form of the parts de- The invention consists in certain novel few 7 scribed without departing from my invention tures of construction and combinations and and hcn'ceiI do notlimit myself tothepre- 70 i arrangements-0f parts, all of which will be .cis e details set forth but consider myself at more fully hereinafter described and pointed, liberty to make such changes and alterations v out in the claim. .fas fairlyfall'within the spirit and scope of V In the accompanying drawihgsthe appended claim." f

5 Figure 1 is a view in elevation illustrating '7 I claimz v my improved device; a Y N A cleaning device, including a spherical Figure 2 is a view in longitudinal section shaped v body of flexible resilient-material through the ball or sphere, constituting the adapted,toxbejconnected to a handleand hava head of my improved leaning device, with mg integral lugs orfingers" prOJec ting rathe handle shown in elevation; dially from the body in all directions.

' Figure 3 is' a view in section on the line v 33 of Figure1 i i My improved cleaning device comprises a spherical body 1, preferably of rubber or l V a other similar resilient flexible material, having radially projecting lugs or fingers 2' of i the same material as the body and preferably integral therewith, so that. from the surface of the body throughout its surface these 4; V'JOHN A. DOLAN} =40 lugs or fingers project ra diallyfinall direc i ,7 v 7 no i "tions. A

The body 1 is adapted to be connected-to;

' a handle 3 of any snitable materialand length, and one, means for connecting the bodyto the handle is illustrated, that is, a I Y v a0 manner.

socket 1 is provided in the body 1 into which the tapering end 5 of thehandle is projected and held either by the gripping action of the I a body or secured thereto in any approved

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U.S. Classification15/188
International ClassificationA47K11/00, A47K11/10
Cooperative ClassificationA47K11/10
European ClassificationA47K11/10