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Publication numberUS1793348 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1931
Filing dateAug 23, 1930
Priority dateAug 23, 1930
Publication numberUS 1793348 A, US 1793348A, US-A-1793348, US1793348 A, US1793348A
InventorsRusling Wood
Original AssigneeRusling Wood Inc
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Neckband for bottles
US 1793348 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Feb. 17,'-1931.

R. WOOD NECK BAND FOR BOTTLES Filed Aug. 25. 19:50


This invention relates to neck bands for bottles and particularly to an improved band i for a milk bottle, the object being to provide a construction which will snugly fit the neck 8 and upper'part of the bottle and which may be readily applied or removed. at any time. Another object of the invention is to provide a neck band for milk bottles wherein the same is made from a single piece of paper or other sheet material, the ends being connected by a latch which is swingable, whereby the band may be cone shaped and small end enlarged or contracted according to circumstances as the band is placed over the top of the bottle and forced downwardly to the lower part of the neck.

A further object of the invention is to provide a neck band for milk bottles formed of an arc-shaped blank with the ends connect- -2o ed by an articulated connection, and with means presenting lines for classified information.

.In the accompanying drawings Figure 1 is a plan view of the blank of a '25 neck band disclosing an embodiment of the invention; v

Figure 2 is a side view of the blank placed 7 on top of a milk bottle;

Figure 3 is a top plan a0 shown in Figure 2;

Figure 4 is a view similar to Figure 2 but with the parts swung so as toenlarge the small end of the circular band whereby it may pass over the top of the bottle;

igure 5 is a top plan view of the structure shown in Figure 4; Figure 6 is a side view of the com lete milk bottle with the band embodying t e invention shown applied thereto.

Figure 7 is a fra the left hand end 0 Figure 1 but illustrating I another form of the invention} Referring to the accompanying drawings by numerals, 1 indicates the body of the band which is are shaped and is provided with an interlocking'tab 2 at one end having underview of the structure cuts or. notches 3 and 4, said'tab when used bein adapted to be inserted through the notc beyond the respective points Send 9. It will yet the entary view similar to 5 with the sections 6 and 7 extending in be notedthat the opening 5 is substantially triangular so that there will be allowed articulation of the respective parts such articulation or movement being equal to the length of the line 10.

When the tab 2 is interlocked with the opposite end of the sheet 1 it forms a truncated cone as shown in Figure 2 and when placed on top of a bottle 11 will rest on the bead 12 thereof as the smaller opening of the device is of less diameter than the average bead 12 on a milk bottle. However, by reason of the articulation of the latch or connecting tab 2 with its associated parts at the opposite end of the body, the body may be distorted or twisted so that the parts will be swung to the position shown in Figure 4 so that the small end will open substantially to the same extent as the length of line 10, whereb the band may readily slip over the bead 12 0 bottle 11. A soon as it passes the head 12 it vwill quickly andautomatlcally assume the truncated cone position as shown in Fig. 2 by reason'of the resiliencyof the pa er. However,the band is forced downward y by gravity and usually by the hand of the workman until it .fits

snugly at the, juncture of the neck of the bottle, as shown in Figure 6. When in this osition the shoulders or parts 6 and 7 will be pressing against the wall 13.

The band is adapted to carry any desired advertisement and in addition isprovided with a record or information, section 14. This section is supplied with a number of lines 15 and preferably opposite certain of these lines will be found the words Name,

Address and Order, so that when a bottle of son may remove the. band and write an order on the lines 15, thereafter replacing the band on an empty-bottle so that when-the milk man collects the bottles he will find the order and milk is delivered the housewife or other person using the device for advertising purposes ay secure the desired advertising at a mimcost, and in addition the company or paper become lost and consequently the order v is not filled. By the use of the neck band an order may be properly placed thereon and the band then replaced on the bottle where it will remain until positively removed.

In-Figure 7 another or modified form of the invention is shown, the same being identical with that shown in Figure 1 except that the notch or opening consists of an L-shaped slit 16. .By reason of this structure the material 17 is left in place but the lines or walls 13 and 10 are present whereby the tab 2 may properly interlock in the same manner as shown in Figures 1 to 6, inclusive. This structure is desirable as the die will cut the I slit 16 readily and at high speed while the ing overhangin opening or notch 5 requires more care in operating the die, although when constructed it functions identically with the L-shaped slit or notch 16.

What I claim is a 1. A neck band for milk bottles comprising an arc-shaped body having a substantially triangular shaped notch at one end and a tab at the opposite end, said tab hav-' shoulders, said tab being adapted to be lnserted through said notch with the shoulder portions extending beyond the notch to produce a latching operation, said tab being adapted to swing by reason the end of the blank and a second wall substantially parallel with the top and bottom edges of the blank and a tab extending from the opposite end of said blank opposite to said opening, said tab having a restrlcted portion at the neck and overhanging shoulders at each side of the neck. I


of the shape of said notch so that the smaller end of the band mayhave its diameter increased when desired.

2. A truncated cone band for milk bottles,

posite end, said'notch being larger at one end than the other vwhereby there maybe a swinging motion between the respective ends so as to permit an enlargement of the diameter on the small end of the cone.

3. In aineck band for milk bottles, a blan comprising an are shaped body formed of the same width at all points, said body at one end having an opening, having two of its walls presenting an L-shaped outline, said opening being arranged with its base substantially parallel with the top and bottom edges of the blank and its altitude substantially parallel with one end of the blank, and a tab extending from the opposite end of said biank to said opening, said tab having a restricted portion or ,neck and overhanging shoulders on-eachside of said neck. 4. In a neck band for milk bottles, a blank comprising an arc-shaped body, said body at one end having an opening positioned with one wall thereof substantially parallel with

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U.S. Classification40/310
International ClassificationG09F3/04
Cooperative ClassificationG09F3/04
European ClassificationG09F3/04