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Publication numberUS1793575 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 24, 1931
Filing dateMay 2, 1928
Priority dateMay 2, 1928
Publication numberUS 1793575 A, US 1793575A, US-A-1793575, US1793575 A, US1793575A
InventorsWilliams Frank C
Original AssigneeWilliams Frank C
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Luggage handle
US 1793575 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

I Feb. 24, 1931. I I c, w s 1,793,575

LUGGAGE HANDLE Filed May 2. 1928 I INVENTOR FRANK O. WILLIAMS ATTORNEYS Patented Feb. 24, 1931 I .31 v i I a UNITED. STATES Application filed May 2, 1923. Serial No. 274,465. V

"This invention relates to luggage handles. to impart to the handle, all theappearance '7 An'objectof the invention is the provision of being of the conventional type. 1. of a luggage handle which is adapted to be Specifically describing the present embodie readily attached to or removed from its asment of the invention, the handle is shownlin sociated'pieceof luggage. Fig. 1 as-beingin operative: position upon 'a Another object is the provision of a luggage suitcase-6 whichis ,providedwith apair: of handle as described, wherein the means for the conventional brackets 7 within each :of attaching the handle to the luggage is of such which a ring 8 is preferablyloosely mounted,

a nature that the handle is fully as strong as conventionally, ahandle is adapted to bepe'r- 10 though it were permanently secured in posimanently securedto the suitcase having 6Q tion. one of the rings Sdisposed within an eye in 'A further object is the provision of a deeach end of the handleg'but my inventioncon-- tachable: luggage handle of the general chartemplates the employment of ahandle9which i acter described, which, when in operative maybe removably secured to the rings:8.-.

1.5 position, has the same appearance as the con- Withthis. end in view, the device of the as ventional' type of handle which is permanentpresent inventioncomprises a handle portion ly secured to its associated piece of'luggage. 11 which is bowed so that its ends extend 1 The invention possesses other, objects and downwards in respecttogthe center portion. features of advantage, some of which, with The handleportion 11 is preferably possessed :29 the foregoing, will be set forth in the followof a certain degree of rigidity or stiflness', and 7e ling description of. the-preferred form of the accordingly,one convenient manner of-forminvention which is illustrated in the drawings ing the handle portiongll is to make it of a accompanying and forming part of the specistrip of metal 12' bent to substantially fin- I fication. It is to be understood that I do not vertedU-shapedcross section. Each end 13v limit myself to the showing made by the said of the handle portion v11 i8 fla d d bent v drawings and description, as I may adopt to areverse bend toextend back thereunder as variations of the preferred form within the clearly shown in Fig. 4. The handleportion scope of my invention as set forth in the 111 1 115 f r m ythen be Coveredwi ha y claims; f suitable covering material lh'suchas leather.

. :30 Referring to the drawings: I The handle 9 also includes'a gripportion so Figure 1 is a perspective view of a piece of 16 which also'may conveniently be. formed by luggage with the demountable handle of my e g a m ip f me l: 17' t0 invention in operative position thereupon. p c 1; n-- T g ip, P0 11. 16

, Fig. 2 is aside elevation of the handle alone. 1S also bowed Wlth lts endsextending down- Fig. 2. 7 1 both sides of the strip 17 'ormother words,

Fig. 4 is a longitudinal, medial, vertical b91111 legsof h U Pesented y thQCIIOSS e Sectional View. 7 tion of the grlp portion16, are rolled lnwards Fig. 5is atransverse,vertical sectional view to Provlde a1 restncterdi gmove 19 Fi 3 i an d 1 ti f th h u f wardswith respect to its center portion; and

1 4.0 taken upon the line of Fig; AL therebetween within which-the'handle portion 11 m ti y be frictionally and removably-rev I v ceived. hegrip portion 16 also maybe covfi g fi fi afi y me l ered with a: suitable layer of leather 21 or-its s equivaent.

. e e e c v hook at each end permitting the handle to be i g'fz 11 l zttig O? tli: g rig in efibei l ti readily attached to, or detached fr om itsast hiehjit is permanently and rigidly sesociated piece of luggage; anda grip discured inany convenient mannersuch as by Fig. 6 is a transverse, vertical sectional view 59 posed under said-handle between said hooks welding. The spacer 22 isv preferably of 7 such width that when seated thereupon, the

top of the handle member'll extends slightly above the tops of the curled sides of the grip member 16, as clearly shown in Fig. 5. When thus assembled, the handle 9 presents all the appearance of beingthe conventionalluggage vhandle, the Fvario-us par-ts er. which are permanently secured together. Each of the extreme ends 23 of the handleiinemher 11 are bent downwards to seat within a notch or slot 24 in the bottom'o'f the'grip'memberdti preferably adjacent each end of the. spacer 22. This connection between the -handle member 11 and grip member ldservesas an additional means for holding the two in operative position. i r I It is to be-ob'servedthat when assembled, all portions of itheiheoksatithe sends :ofzthe handle member l l are concealediwith-intthe ends/0f the groove 319;excepti thefcurved porti'ons thereof and=thatltheseicurved :portions present-eyes within w-hichithezrings 8 of the suitease or an other zpiece ofiluggagennay conveniently e positioned. ,Thewnnanner of connecting my :i improved 'zdemountable handle to the suitease fi, comprises removing the grip memberil6 fromitheilrandleanember ported upon the-* handle ll, wvhichn insturn,

rests 'withi-n the grip" member 1116. .di-eccord ingly, the grip niember il fi'ipresses upwards against-the handle memberi-llkmith ea 1 force equaltdtl-le w eight of the luggage and-esia1ce itis necessary in -removal ofithe grip'niember I6"from thehandlechemist-inn, to move .it' i-n the direction opposite'tothis forceotheiheavi er the 3 luggage; the more positive :isi therengagement' between the grip 'member .16::ancl handle 'member 'll. 1

It. is to be observed that infFi-gs5; theis'rdes ofthe grip member 1 6 are rolled to such an extent thatthey extendalmost i back into ithe bottom of the, U and bear against the outer- -:portion' oflthe sides. I-n Figr iG however, a slightly" mddified fornr is 'shown l whereinthe metal of the sides terminates at a point: a'djacent the bottom as the handle' member 11, permitting thecovering 21 to extend from the edge 26 of the metal 'ac'ro ss to the-. sideo'f .ttional engagement is offered between I and the handle member 11. V

'notclrinithe:bottomeofasaid-grip;- 7 a a -2. .A..-devicezeithaizharacter;describcd;c0m-

' groove.

the grip member 16. Any suitable filler I:

27 such as cork or wood, may be employed to the onlyzrequirement beingtha-t the twoqedges 26lbe so-spacedithat therproper. degreeof fricthem Tclainrr I ,1. A ,device of the character described, comprising a bowed handle, a hook at each m'ovably securable ".under said handle ;.and

extend ing'iiongitndinally, ithereof to receive prising-5a curved gripihaving: a; groove extending longitudinally thereof rin its; upper side, a curved handle removably receivable within said :.groove,.and1an open hook .at

each .endv'of said :handle, isaid :hooks (being formedQby rbending thei ends. of; said handle back thereunder .to extend into .the fends 20f saidgroovei the curvedoportions of said hooks extending beyond the: ends of: said grip, to. de fine eyes. I

comprising aacu'r ved grip ofaU-shapedkcross section and having) its edges rollediinwards to fornna restricted; grooveain -itsupper: side, a: spacer; secured within saidigrip' under-said groove, and a :handle::removably, receivable.

within; said :groove to restaipon said spacer, each end of Said: handle a belng reverselybent to'iforin a hook, ither: open portions :Offiitld hoe {S being, receivable within athe-iendseof said groove.

4. A device a-ofithe EcharaCter;described,

seetironaand- 5 having. jltSz edges 1 rolled inwards A}; device. of the; character described, 7

-end.oisaid handle, said hooks being formed to fornna restricted, rooveingits-u 3 eriside as'spacer; secured within-said grip-under said groeve,:.and 1a handle 1 of iinverted JU-shaped cross section removably receivable within said :grooveto rest :npon saidspacer,x each end of said handle being reversely .bentsto form a hook the,openportionsofsaid hooks being receivableywvithi-n the ends .of .said

J 5, YA [device of ith'e character descr'ibed, comprising a. curved, grip ofU-shaped cross section and having its edges rolled Linwar'ds to: form a restricted groove in its ,upper 3 side, a spacer secured within *said grip under said groove; and ahandleof inverted U-shaped cross a section remova'bly receivable :W-ithin said groove to *iricti-onally enga'ge theisides thereof- -=and* rest upon :said spacer, leachend I bent; downwards to engage of's'aid handle being reversely bent toform a hook, the open portions of said hooks being receivable within the ends of said groove.

6. A device of the character described, comprising a curved grip of U-shaped cross section and having its edges rolled inwards to form a restricted groove in-its upper side,

a spacer secured Within said grip under said the open portions of said hooks being receivable within the ends of said groove, and e the end of each of-said hooks being bent bottom of said grip. 7

7 A device of the character described, comdownwards to engage within a notch in the prising a curvedgrip of. U-shaped cross sec-' tion presenting-fa longitudinally disposed groove in its upper. side, a handle removably receivable within said groove, each end of said handle being reversely bent to form a hook, the open portions of said hooks being concealable within the ends of said groove, and the end of each of said hooks being in the bottom of said grip.-

8. A removable handle comprising a' grip 5 having a longitudinally extending groove in the upper surface thereof, a handle disposed within said groove and extending beyond the ends of said grip, and hooks definedby the reversely bent ends of said handle, the ends of said hooks being extended inwards beyond the curved portions thereof and bearing against the bottom of said grooves.

' 9. A removable handle comprising a grip having a longitudinally extending groove'ln the upper surface thereof, a handle disposed within said groove and extending beyond the ends of said grip, hooks defined by the reversely bent ends of said handle, the ends i of said hooks being extended inwards be yond the curved portion-s thereof andbearing against the bottom of said groove, and a .lip on said reversely extending end of each of said hooks seating within a notch in the bottom of the groove.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


within a notch

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