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Publication numberUS1793836 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 24, 1931
Filing dateApr 25, 1930
Priority dateApr 25, 1930
Publication numberUS 1793836 A, US 1793836A, US-A-1793836, US1793836 A, US1793836A
InventorsRosa Burns
Original AssigneeRosa Burns
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Separable buckle
US 1793836 A
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Feb. 24, 1931. R, BURNS 1,793,836

- SEPARABLE BUCKLE Filed April 25, 1930 .Invenlor Pom Earns By @mmin A llorney 20 strong,durable, efficient in its use and Which in spaced, substantially parallel relation to We Patented Feb. 24, 1931 p l l .uNiTEo STATES PATENT OFFICE Application filed April 25, 1930. Serial No. 447,249.

This invention relates to new and useful portion thereof through which the end porimprovements in separable buckles and more tion l t)?!" the band is passed, said end portion particularly to devices of this character beingfolded back and stitched upon itself, which are for use on strips of elastic material as at: 6. In spaced relation to the slot 5, the

to be inserted through hems or loops proplate a is further providodavith a coinparas 5r vided in the Waist band and the legs of undertiv lyg l rg ning 6 and aid lat to garments such as bloomers. minutes in a pointed free end portion 7. The

The primary object of the invention 15 t0 configuration oi" the plated adapts the same provide, in a manner as hereinaf r e o to function as a bodkin when inserting the a separable buckle of the aforementloned b d in th gar mso character which is connected to the free n The buckle 8 further includes an elongated, of a flexible strip for detachably connecting lat plate 8 having a transverse slot 9 adsaid ends together, one of the buckle elements jacent one end through Which is passed the being formed to constitute a bodkin to faend portion :2 of the band, said end portion cilitate the insertion of the hand hr gh the being folded upon itself and stitched, as at hem or loop ofa garment. 10. The plate 8 also terminates in a sub- Other objects of the invention are to prostantially pointed free end portion 11. A vide a separable buckle of the character deili t tin t u 12 i t k t scribed Which Will be simple in COIlStlHCUOII, from the plate 11 and is directed rearivardly may be manufactured at lOW cost. said plate. The tongue 12 constitutes a hook All of the foregoing and S ill furth r adapted for insertion through the opening jects and advantages of the inve l n m y (3 oi the plate l for connecting said plate become apparent from a study f e f q together in the manner clearly illustrated ing specification, taken in o ll q W in Figures 1 and 2 of the drawings. When the accompanying drawing WherelIl 11ke inserted through the opening 6 the tongue characters f r f r n e designate correspontl- 12 is disposed closely adjacent the opposed ing P t throughout the several and face of the plate 4 and in parallelism therewherein with to prevent the same from catching on Figure 1 is a View in p P1311 Showlng the obj cots which may come in contact with the w pp end P n of a arment band buckle. il 'hile the element of the buckle 12 strip with the separable uckle mounted may be formed of any desired material, the

thereon and connecte dtogether. same are preferably constructed of suitable Figure 2 1s a view in front elevation there- Spring metal. It will thus be seen that]: have provided 35 Figure 315 a detail View in Perspective of a garment band having fastening means conone o t e buckle elements detached from the ne cted thereto of a construction and arranged' inent Wherebythe band may be expeditiously Flgure 4 1S detall new 111 perspectlve of inserted in a garment and the ends thereof 49 the other of the buckle elements detached connected together. As before stated, the

t a z v gf gg fi' the drawing in detail it will platet is utilized as a bodkln when inserting 8 u b D the band in the garment.

' gg igg z Ti i g gigf i iig ggilgig giq i It is believed that the many advantages of l ti b d or t i hi h are d bl a gillllwlftllt bandconstructed 1n accordance t d t th th h th di f a With tins invention Wlll be readily underb kl hi h i d i t d generally b th stood, and although the preierred embodireference numeral 3. ment of the invention 1s as illustrated and The buckle 3 comprises an elongated, fiat described, it is to be understood that changes plate 4 having a transverse slot 5 in one end in the details of constructlon may be had we which will fall within the scope of the invention as claimed.

That is claimed is As a new article of manufacture, a separable buckle comprising co-acting, flat metallic plates each having an opening in one end portionior connection with the ends of a flexible strip, said plates being adapted for disposition in opposed relation to each other and having pointed free ends, an integral, laterally and rearwardly directed resilient retaining tongue struck out from an intermediate portion of one of the plates, the rearwardly directed portion of the tongue being disposed in spaced, opposed substantially parallelism With said one plate, the other of the plates being provided With an opening in its interinediate portion for the reception of the tongue in a manner to re- 2 leasably secure the plates together in opposed relation, said other plate constituting a bodkin adapted to facilitate the insertion of the fiexiblestrip' in a garment;

In testimony'whereofl aflix my si nature. ROSA BU NS.

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U.S. Classification24/618, 24/312
International ClassificationA44B11/25, A44B11/28
Cooperative ClassificationA44B11/28
European ClassificationA44B11/28