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Publication numberUS1794625 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1931
Filing dateApr 29, 1929
Priority dateApr 29, 1929
Publication numberUS 1794625 A, US 1794625A, US-A-1794625, US1794625 A, US1794625A
InventorsElijah Kaufman Addison
Original AssigneeElijah Kaufman Addison
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Transfer holder
US 1794625 A
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March 3, 1931. KAUFMAN 1,794,625

TRANSFER HOLDER Filed April 29. 1929 A TORNEY Patented Mar. 3, 1931 7 v nnnrs'on ELIJAI-I irnurnnnforcnrone o, finernoisJ Application filed April 29,

' This invention relates to certain novel im? provements 1n h'oldmg devlces especlally adapted for removably holding a street car transfer theatre ticket, bus coupon or the 5 like and has for its principal object the pro- 7 position upon the plate 13 bymeans'of a pin vision of an improved construction of this character which will be" highly efficient in use and economical in manufacture. I

Among the several objects of this invention is to provide a device having provision for removably holding a street car transfer or ticket and other provision for releasably clamping the device to the cuff of a sleeve or other part of a garment whereby. to expose 15 the transfer or ticket for expeditious removal from the device. By the use of a device of I this character the inconvenience of retaining a transfer or ticket in the hand or between the fingers until disposal is entirely eliminated as the device is so constructed as to retain the transfer or ticket in such a position where the ticket or transfer can be readily found and removed for disposal when occasion requires.

Other objects will appear hereinafter. The invention consists in the novel combi-' nation and arrangment of parts to be here inafter described and claimed. j

The invention will be best understood by reference to the accompanying drawings showing. the preferred form of construction and in which:

Fig. 1 is a fragmentary view of a cuff of a sleeve showing my invention associated therewith; I

gig. 2 is a perspective of the invention; an

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the invention showing the cover plate in closed position.

To accomplish the many objects of my invention and to afford expeditious manufacture thereof Iprovide a clamp 10. This clamp 10 is preferably formed from an elongated strip of material bent centrally upon itself to form a substantial clamp of sufiici ent resiliency for removable connection with, the cue 11 of a sleeve or other'part of a garment. To increase the resiliency of the clamp there may be provided at the bight portion a head 12. The top plate 13 of the clamp has hingedly co1niected at one'edgeth arplat 61 LL nd -embodled 1nz'this hinge'conn'ect 356011 I spring 15 which acts upon the plates 13-and 14f to move the cover 1 1 in "an open position. The cover l4c is releasahly held in the closed H 16 which "is adapted to project into an opening IT-and'lug l8 formedon the' plate 13.

This lug 18 is of suiiicient resiliency to perengagement in' the opening In use the holding device is mounted upon the end 11 by means of the clamp 10., The plate leis disposed inan open position and p the transfer'or ticket 19 is placed upon the fi5 plate 13 so that a portion of'the transfer or ticket will project beyond the inner end of mit pinto 'ride thereoven intoqtmd from to. i

the plate 134 The cover 14 is now pivoted 1 f i i into closed position upon the transfer or ticket whereby to releasably hold the transfer or QZO ticket upon the plate 13 until it is desired to I remove the transfer or ticket at which'time the projecting end of the transfer or ticket is grasped between the fingers so as to affordre moval of the transfer or ticket from between, 7

the plates 13 and 14: while theplate I l-is in a closed position. i j

It will be seen that I provide a novel holding device which at all times will removably hold a transfer or ticket or the like in a posiso 'tion to be disposed when required. "f

. While I have illustrated the preferred form j of construction of my invention thisis capable of variation andmodification without departing from the scope of this invention. I fifi.

therefore, do not wish to be limited to: the

precise details shown and described but desire to avail myself of such'modilications and.

variations as come within the scope of the I claim as new and desire toprotect by Letters Patent is: i 1

1. A holding device includinga member bent to provide a resilient clamp, a member adapted to be disposed upon one limb of the clamp and cooperate with said limb to removably hold a transfer orthe like, means for hingedly connecting said. member to said pico limb, and means for moving said member in an open position relative to said limb.

2. A holding device including a member providing a resilient clamp, a plate member adapted to be disposed upon a limb portion of said clamp and cooperate with said limb portion to h'old 11- transfer or the like, means for hingedly connecting said .plate to. said limbportion, and means for releasably latch ing said plate in position upon said limb por tion. s V '7 3. A holding device for a transfer vor the like including a clamp adapted for connection With a portion of a garment, a plate member adapted to be disposed 'upon a limb portion of the clamp and cooperate with the limb portion for releasably holding the trans fer, means'providing a hinge conne'ctionbetween the plate member and said limb portion, a pin on said plate member, and a pei forated lug on sfud limb portlon udap'tee'l cooperate with the pin for retmnlng the plate 7 member in closed position upon said limb portion. 1 H In testimony whereof I eflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification24/3.7, 24/334, 24/351
International ClassificationA45C11/18
Cooperative ClassificationA45C11/18
European ClassificationA45C11/18