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Publication numberUS1794651 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1931
Filing dateFeb 24, 1930
Priority dateFeb 24, 1930
Publication numberUS 1794651 A, US 1794651A, US-A-1794651, US1794651 A, US1794651A
InventorsSpayde Harwood H
Original AssigneeSpayde Harwood H
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Fountain pen
US 1794651 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

March 3, 1931. H HSPAYDE 1,794,651

FOUNTAIN PEN Filed Feb. 24, 1930 I Patented Mar. 3, 1931 HARWOOD iE. SPAYDE, F DES MOINES, IOWA FOUNTAIN' PEN application mea February 24, 1030.1 serial 110.430,900.

The object of my invention is to provide in a fountain pen of that type having means for drawing ink into the vbarrel of the pen through its nozzle, improved means .for

cleaning the nozzle of said pen of any ink which may adhere thereto, said cleaning means being designed to provide a finger shield to protect the fingers against coming in contact with ink from the pen.

More specifically, ventionA to provide a pen nozzle so constructed andarr-anged that a shield maybe moved onto and off said nozzle and when the shield is moved into'position thereon, any free ink adhering thereto will be cleaned from the nozzle and forced to the end of the pen.

My invention consists in the construction, arrangement andv combination of the various parts of the device, whereby the objects contemplated are attained, as hereinafter more fully set forth, pointed out in my claims, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a plan view of my im rovedpen.

Figure 2 is an enlar ed detail sectional view of the nozzle end o the pen and of my vimproved shield therefor.

Figure 3 is a plan view of my improved pen showing the inger shield removed. Figure 4 isa sectional view of an ink bottle showing the manner in which my improved pen is used in connection therewith while being filled.

Figure 5 is a detail sectional view taken on the line 5-5 of Figure 1.

Figure 6 is a detail sectional view taken on thev line 6--6 of Figure 1.

I haveused the reference numeral 10 to indicate the pen barrel, which is of ordinary construction. Said barrel is formed hollow and provided with a rubber sack 11 for containing the Said sack is connected to the inner end of the pen feeder-12. Said feeder is mounted in a nozzle 13 in the usual manner and provided with a pen point 14.

The nozzle 13 is provided with a cylindriv cal surface 15. Said surface has longitudi nally extending grooves 16 and is provided at its inner end with a cylindrical portion 17 of larger diameter than the lportion 15.

it is the object of my in- The inner end of the portion 17 is designed to rest against the outer end of the barrel 10 in the' manner clearly illustrated in Figure 2. The said grooves 16 are located on opposite sides of the nozzle 13 and have their outer endsterminating adjacent to the junction of the side edges of the pen 14 and the feeder 12 in the manner clearly illustrated in Figure 6.

The surface 15 of the nozzle 13 is designed to receive a finger shield 18 having an opening 19 designed to fit the surface 15. The inner end of the opening 19 terminates in 'an enlarged recess or annular groove 20. Said recess 20 is designed to fit and receivethe member 17.

As the pen is placed in an ink bottle to be filled in the manner illustrated in Figure 4, the nozzle 13 is usually dipped into the ink a certain distance so as to insure the sack 11 beingfilled on account of the ink level being lowered during the filling operation.' When the pen is removed, a portion of the ink adheres to the outer surface of the nozzle. The .finger shield 18 is then placed in position on the surface 15 and slid longitudinally thereon, causing any ink adhering to the surface 15 to be forced into the groove 16 or into the annular recess 20. l

The further inward movement of the finger shield will cause the flange portion of the recess 20 to engage the member 17' so that an air chamber 21 is' formed. Further inward movement of the finger shield will cause the air trap in said chamber 21 to become compressed and any ink filling the groove 16 or within the chamber 21 will be forced longitudinally and outwardly through said grooves and to the junctions 22 between the side edges of the pen 14 and its feeder 12. The ink will then be fed to the pen point bycapillary attraction, thus providing means whereby the nozzle of the pen may be easily and quickly cleaned without the use of a wiper, such as heretofore has been the practice.-

I claim as my invention 1. A fountain pen comprising a barrel, having at one end a nozzle, said nozzle havingl a cylindrical portion termin ating in a smaller cylindrical portion, the smaller cylindrical 10 portion being rovided with longitudinal grooves, and a nger shield having a cylindrical opening designed to fit andreceive the smaller cylindrical portion of said nozzle and provided with an enlarged annular groove designed to fit the enlarged cylindrical portion of said nozzle, whereby when said finger shield is moved lon itudinally upon the smaller cylindrical port1on of said nozzle any free ink will be scraped from said cylindrical portion into said grooves and forced outwardly through said grooves.

2. A fountain pen comprising a barrel, having at one end a nozzle member, a pen feeder in said nozzle, a pen outside of said feeder, the outer surface of said nozzle being formed cylindrical and provided with longitudinal grooves, the outer ends of said rooves terminating adjacent to the ends of si e edges of said pen, whereby ink from the outer end of said grooves will ilow along the junction of the side edges of said pen and its feeder to the pen point, and a finger shield slidably mounted on said nozzle to scrape ink inwardly and force the same outwardly through said grooves.

3. A fountain pen comprising a barrel, having at one end a pen nozzle having grooves, a pen in said nozzle, and a linger shield slidably mounted thereon, said shield and nozzle including means whereby inward sliding movement of said shield will cause ink on said nozzle to be forced through said grooves adjacent to the side edges o f said pen.

4. A fountain @en comprising a barrel, having at one end a pen nozzle, a pen in said nozzle, and a finger shield slidably mounted thereon, said shield and nozzle including means whereby sliding movement of said shield relative to said nozzleawill cause ink adhering thereto to be delivered to said pen point. A


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U.S. Classification401/143, 401/222
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