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Publication numberUS1794700 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1931
Filing dateJan 19, 1929
Priority dateJan 19, 1929
Publication numberUS 1794700 A, US 1794700A, US-A-1794700, US1794700 A, US1794700A
InventorsMccaskey George G
Original AssigneeMccaskey George G
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Receptacle and holder
US 1794700 A
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March 3, 1931.

G. G. MocAsKEY ND HOLDER F'ilec'lv Jan. 19, 1929 R .w E T VM n A Patented Mar..V 3, 193i En STATES y GEORGE G. MOCASKEY, OF BROOKLYN, NEW YORK BECEPTACLE AN'D. HOLDER Application led January 19, 1929. Serial No. 333,718.

This invention relates to an improvement by which a receptacle, such as a soap dish for example, can be readilyattached to a holder or retainer and securely kept in posie tion without danger of becoming accidently displaced. By this invention the parts are so disposed that the danger of the fastening portion of the receptacle being broken, when it is attached to the holding device even etliough the receptacle is made of porcelain, china. or other brittle material, is overcome. In carrying out the invention the parts are so made and proportioned that thecontacting parts of. the receptacle and the retainl ing member are along surfaces that will withstand considerable 'pressure without chipping or becoming cracked or broken to injure the parts.

The invention will be understood from the description in connection with the accompanying drawings vin which l? ig. 1 isa perspective view showing the parts in position ready to be assembled; Fig 2 is a sectional view partly broken4 away taken along the line 2 2 of Fig. 3; and Fig. 3 is a section partly broken away taken along the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

In the drawings reference character 1 indicates a soap dish, but it is to be understood that the'invention is also applicable to other sorts of receptacles. The invention is espe-A cially suitable for a soap dish, because thereceptacle can be installed in place on its retaining member by a downward movement and kept in place by friction and at the same time a clip is provided bymeans of which the danger of the receptacle becoming lifted up and displaced by taking up a bar of soap that may have stuck to the receptacle is minimized or entirely removed.

The receptacle l is provided with a boss2 on one side thereof, 1n which boss a recess 3 is provided having converging side walls 4 that overhang or are so shaped-that V- shaped grooves are formed by the said walls 4 and the bottom of the recess 3. The recess 3 is open or free at its lower end and is provided with a transversely extending sto or closure 5 across the upper end exten 'ng 50 from one side wall to the other side wall. l .p

A retainer or holder 6 is made of metal or other resilient material and has a flat portion'that is provided with one or more holes 7, through which screws 8 or other fastening means can be passed to retain the holder securely against a wall or other support 9.

p The holder 6 is provided with converging side flanges 1() corresponding .to the converging side walls 4 of the recess 3. The edges of the flanges l0 are turned outwardly as indicated at l1 to lie in a plane substantially parallel tothe-plane of the flat portion of the holder 6, so that the edges 11 mill come into frictional or wedging engagement with the bottoms of the `J-shaped notches formed between the side walls 4 and the Hat bottom of the recess 3, thus creating pressure against portions that will strongly resist the danger of becoming broken. In addition, the depth of the anges 10 provide sufcient springiness to avoid the danger yof excessive pressure being exerted which would tend to break off the side walls 4.

Provision is also madefor retaining the members in assembled position in addition to the frictional engagement f the holder` 6 in the recess 3. This provision is illustrated as the upwardly extending clip 12 on the holder 6, which is bent outwardly toward the receptacle so that it will snap or spring over the rounded edge of the portion 5 when the members are assembled.

The receptacle can be conveniently put in place on the holder and will be securely held without danger of becoming accidently displaced and without danger of breaking the receptacle. At the same time the receptacle can be removed when desired for cleaning or replacing the same. In former devices of this t pe frictional contact has often been made between the sharp .corners at the outer edges of walls-similar to the walls 4, thus edge of the receptacle opposite the boss 2 eol Icausing the same to become cracked or sometimes caused the holder to snap-out of the recess and permit the receptacle to fall. By the present invention the improvement over the prior devices has resulted in a very satisfactory and successful device, which not only decreases the danger of breakage, but also keeps the receptacle more securely in position.

I claim:

1. In combination a receptacle having in lits outer wall a recess with converging Walls, a holder having converging ianges with out- Wardly extending edges to fit into said recess,

and a clip at the end of said holder and normally overlying the edge of said receptacle.

2. In combination a receptacle having Iin its outer Wall a recess With converging walls, a holder having converging fianges with outwardly extending edges to fit into said recess,

and an. inwardly extending resilient clip at the end of said holder and normally overlying Vthe edge of said receptacle.

3. In combination, ,a receptacle having in its outer wall a recess with straight converging Walls which make dovetail grooves with the bottom of said recess, a holder having converging flanges with outwardly extending edges to t into the bottom of said v grooves, and a clip at the upper end of said holder and normally overlying the edge of said receptacle.


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U.S. Classification248/224.51, 248/222.11
International ClassificationA47K5/00, A47K5/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47K5/02, A47K2201/02
European ClassificationA47K5/02