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Publication numberUS1795739 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 10, 1931
Filing dateFeb 9, 1929
Priority dateFeb 9, 1929
Publication numberUS 1795739 A, US 1795739A, US-A-1795739, US1795739 A, US1795739A
InventorsShield Paul S
Original AssigneeAugustine Davis Jr
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Token for check-controlled apparatus
US 1795739 A
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Marchlo, 1931. v P, s SHlELD 1,795,739

TOKEN FOR CHECK CONTROLLED APPARATUS Filed Feb. 9, 1929 INVENTUR Y WS w Patented lli/lar. lll, yi931' l y l p i Y. l Y

raul. s. siriane, or oiNcINNArr, omo, assieivonro AUGUSTINE DAVIS, JR., O Ff a Y crNciNNATI, omo

lenof'FCE e Token non errnoir--con'rnonnn'nfAPPARATUS Application sie@ February e, i929. serial Naessyez.

rlhis invention relates to slot machines or l. is a section through the token slot check-controlled apparatus and to'tolrens forY taken in a plane parallel With its Wide die use therein. in ension, Vatolnen which has been introduced For vending` y commodities the price of into the apparatus being shovvn in full lines, which fluctuates, for example gasoline, by or and broken lines being employed to illusl55k With the aid of such apparatus, the use ,of trate thefmanner in Which a token enters the coins is unsatisfactory or at least involves slot; I considerable complica-tion., Fig. 2 isa cross-section through the en- The object of the present invention is to trancetolthe token slot, with a token` therein;

1.9 provide in a simple and advantageous WayA 3 is a face view of the token; and 'G0 for the control of such apparatus by tokens, Fig. #i is an; edge view of the token. Which can be sold in suitable quantities and The token slot 2 has a slotted entrance 3 at Suitable prices to intending purchasers. in angular relation to the main or inner por. y

rlheobject is, further, to provide a' tolren .tion of the slot, so that the token 4, inserted Y `f introduced into the apparatus. o change its course in order to pass into and A further object is to provide aftolren throughthe .inner portion of the slot. The which it isvpractically impossible to countenv coin slot maybe formed by or in a massive feit by home manufacture. l f enclosing` part. or vparts or Walls, but its Walls 2e A further object is to provide such'a tolren 5, or pnortionoof them, are preferably made 70 which is adapted to be madeaccurately and of sheet metal.. f l Y cheaply by stamping` or pressing` from thin t One of the broad, parallel Walls of the slot material. n Y Y ispformed or provided vvithra ridge 6 Which A further object is to provide' a circular extends inward from the entrance yfor a suit. token made inexpensively from light maable distance. This ridgeis curved lengthterial, which is' adapted to serve as av vconvrise on ,a circular arc Vso disposed as to dinector in edgewise position between .relarectA the tolren into the inner part of the slot. tively movable parts, and which Will -prop By making the slot enclosure, or the slot Wall erly enter the recesses inv such. members Withwhich carries this ridge, of sheet metal, the ao out special presentation. ridge canxbe accurately formed 'by stampingl so According' to the invention, the tolen is or pressing. inade with a formation, specicallya groove, The coin slotand itsentrance are prefer- K extending in a circular arc across its face, ably so disposed that the token enters and to lit a corresponding' formation, specifically passes through the slot by gravity.

a ridge, in the token slot. rlhe tokenf slot has rlhe teiten i is advantageously made from S5 f -an entrance in such yrelation that the token, sheet metal by stamping or pressing operainserted edgewise, must change its course or tion, which provides .it Wit-h a continuous turn a corner, and the. ridp'e or equivalent down-turned circumferential' flange 7,- `gli# formation extends inwardly in a circular larc ing` the Ytolzen adequate eifective thickness from the entrance. No token or counterfeit and renderingrit highly resistant to subse- 90 can be inserted intov or passed through the kquernt deformation, and with a curved groove slot which does not have a groove, or equiva- 8 whichl extends across` the face of the token. lent formation, of precisely the proper rarlhis groove 8 and the ridge 6 have the same dius of curvature, location, Width, depth radiusof curvature, and for maximum seand/or slope of sides, to slide on the ridge curity should be of similar Width, depth andv95 into the main portion of thetolren slot. 'The cross-section, vv'th sufiicient allowance for duplication kby hand manufacture ofa token clearanceso that the tolrenican slide with thus safeguarded is practically impossible. the proper degree of freedom on theridge. the accompanying' drawings forming The groove 8 forms a corrugation in the 50 part hereof: I metal of the disc, further stiffening it. y n100 so formed that only a proper token can be edgcndsel into the entrance, is compelledto 65 CII The continuous circular Wall flange 7 af- Y fords adequate Width of thrust surface for engagement With the formations of members to be connected by the check, and insures that the check will be properly engaged as it rolls naturally from the chute into the pockets of such members.

It will be evident that only a token having precisely the correct groove, of precisely the same curvature as the ridge, can be inserted into the slot.

The invention adapts itself to the vending of diiferent qualities and dierent amounts of gasoline or other merchandise from or With different apparatus. Thus, tokens to be used in different apparatus can be formed with grooves of diferent radius of curvature, or even with a plurality of grooves,l the slots of the machines in which these tokens are to be used being provided With ridges of corresponding curvature or number. In this Way, a token intended for one machine or apparatus can be used in that apparatus only, even though the sizes of the tokens and of the slots may be otherwise the same.

The tokens can be accurately sized by grinding if necessary or desired. In this connection, the edge of the iange 7 lends itself readily to sizing for effective thickness.

It Will be understood that the term token slot used herein implies and includesthe necessary Walls, casting or physical part or parts Which form the boundaries of the slot.

I claim:

1. A token for slot machines comprising a metal disc having a circular flange turned down around its circumference, and a formation extending in a circular arc across its face.

2. A token for slot machines comprising a metal disc having a circular flange turned down around. its circumference, and a corrugation forming a groove extending in a circular arc across its face.


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