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Publication numberUS1795912 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 10, 1931
Filing dateJan 28, 1929
Priority dateJan 28, 1929
Publication numberUS 1795912 A, US 1795912A, US-A-1795912, US1795912 A, US1795912A
InventorsWalters John W
Original AssigneeWalters John W
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Pencil pocket for coats
US 1795912 A
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Invenfor. Walters.

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March 10, 1931.

J. w. WALTERS PENCIL POCKET FOR COATS Filed Jan. 28. 1929 Patented Mar. 10, 1931 rarest osricn JOHN W. WALTERS, OF LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA PENCIL IOGKET FOR- COATS Application filed January 28, 1929. Serial No. 335,506.

This invention relates to an improvement in the construction and arrangement of a coat pocket, and the principal object thereof is to provide an inside coat pocket especially adapted for holding pencils, pens and the like that is preferably arranged on the left hand side of the coat so it can be conveniently reached by a right-handed person; and also so that the coat can be worn without the vest and still have the pencil pocket usually provided in the vest. I

Another object of the invention is to provide a pencilpocket for a coat with a simple means, connected thereto for engaging the 5 spring guard clips of pencils, pens and the like that will prevent accidental displacement or loss of these articles. To that end I provide a multiple fold forming a transverse heretofore attached to pockets for the pur-' pose of engaging the guard clips of pencils, pens and the like, but as is well known such 7 metal plates easily tarnish when subjected to cleansing liquids or vapors to the great injury of, the garment so that they have to be removed before the garment can be cleaned,

consequently an object of this invention is to provide a simple flexible means integral with the pocket that will notinjure the garment when it is cleaned by the well known processes now in use.

Other objects, advantages and features of invention may appear from the accompanying drawings, the subj oined detailed description and the appended claim.

' The accompanying drawings illustrate the invention parts being exaggerated as to size for the purpose of illustration, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a pencil pocket constructed in accordance with this invention showing it arranged on the left and inside of the coat and the coat unlined and in use without the usual vest; and showing the wearer of the coat in the act of removing a pencil from or replacing it in the pocket.

-Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmental View of the pocket about actual size with the coat lin- 5': ing omitted and showing articles arranged therein and their guard clips engaging the crosswise protrusion.

Fig. 3 is a greatly enlar ed fragmental section through a portion of the pocket show- (a ing the multiple fold used to form'the crosswise protrusion.

Fig. 4 is a vertical section on line 4-4, Fig.

2, showing the pocket in use; and showing the coat with the usual lining. o

Fig. 5 is an enlarged vertical section analogous to the upper portion ofFig. 4:, more clearly illustrating the manner of arranging the material to form the pocket.

Fig. 6 is a fragmental view analogous to the center right hand portion of Fig. 5 showing the protrusion formed of fibrous packing secured between the pocket and the inside coat lining.

Fig. 7 is a view analogous to'Fig. 6 showing the protrusion formed of a cord secured between the pocket and the coat lining.

Fig. 8 is a diagrammatic plan view of the cloth showing the lines on which it is fold ed to form a pocket. N

The pencil pocket 10 is preferably secured on the inside of the coat 11 on the lefthand side so that it can be conveniently reached by the right hand of a person wearingthe coat; and the coat can be unlined as indi- 8F cated in Figsrl and 2, or lined as indicatedin Figs. 4: to 7 inclusive.

The cloth of which the pocket is formed is preferably strong material that will effectively resist the thrust of pencils, pens and the like when they are being inserted into the pocket.

This pocket is formed of an irregularshaped strip of cloth diagrammatically shown in Fig. 8, and as seen therein there is a part 12 having a hemstitched end 13, and

also a part 1% that is folded on the dotted line 15 so that it lays over the part 12, and 7 when so folded the corner strips 16 are also folded inwardly so that they are inside the pocket when the edges 17, 17 and 18, 18 of the parts 12 and 14 are stitched together.

The part 1 1 is slightly wider than the part 12 so that when their edges are moved together and stitched there will be suilicient clearance between the parts to receive the pencils and pen l9 and 20.

After the parts 12 and 1% are secured together extension 21 is folded on the line 22 and is stitched at 23, as best indicated in Fig. 3. Then the tongue at that is integral with the extension 21 is either rolled or multiply folded to form a transverse pencil holding rib 124 a short distance below the mou h of the pocket and this rib is secured to the part M by stitches 25'.

This rib 124 is arranged near the top end of the pocket so that it is engaged by the balls 26 on the spring gun. clips 27 of the pencils and pens 19, 20 when these articles are properly arranged in the pocket so that they cannot be easily and accidentally displaced from the pocket.

When the coat is lined the lining 28 can be arranged over thepocket as shown in Figs. 4: and 5 inclusive and-stitched thereto so that the protrusion 12% is covered by the lining.

In use the coat is provided with the pencil pocket 10 that is usually provided in a vest so that the coat can be worn without the vest without the loss of the pencil pocket, and this pocket is arranged so that it can be conveniently reached by the right handof a person wearing the coat.

Also the pocket is provided with a fibrous protrusion engaging and holding pens and pencils in place so they cannot be easily displaced or lost and this protrusion is formed of fibrous material that will not corrode or rust when the coat is cleaned so as to injure the cloth.

I claim as my invention:

A coat pocket having the body of the coat forming'the outer wall of the pocket and the lining of the coat forming the inner wall of the pocket, and a continuous piece of cloth wider at its center portion than at its ends, said piece folded and inserted in said pocket and secured thereto forming the inner walls of the pocket and folded down with its eX- trelne end portion multiply folded and stitched to form a transverse pencil holding rib.

In Witness whereof, I have hereunto affixed my signature.


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