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Publication numberUS1796493 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 17, 1931
Filing dateNov 12, 1927
Priority dateNov 12, 1927
Publication numberUS 1796493 A, US 1796493A, US-A-1796493, US1796493 A, US1796493A
InventorsThompson Augustus H
Original AssigneeThompson Augustus H
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Morgue-table drainage top
US 1796493 A
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Mamh 17, 1931. A. H. THOMPSON MORGUE TABLE DRAINAGE TOP 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Nov. 12, 1927 March 17, 1931. THOMPSON 1,796,493

MORGUE TABLE DRAINAGE TOP 7 Filed NOV. 12, 1927 2 Sheets-Shem 2 5M Mir Patented Mar. 17, 1931 1,796,493


This invention relates to morgue tables frame member of the grating taken on line and particularly to the tops of such tables. 6'-6 ofF1gure4.

In the practice now common, the tops of Figure 7 is a cross sectional detail similar morgue tables comprise slabs of glass or the to that of Figure 6 but showing a slight modlike upon which a body may be disposed for ification. f the necessary treatment. It has been found, "In these views the reference character 1 however, an objectionable feature of such designates :an oblong rectangular slab of practice that the embalming and other liquids heavy glass, or other suitable material, which employed in such treatment have collected is set within a suitable metallic frame 2 to some extent upon said slab about and to form the top of the morgue table; Said to beneath the body, resulting in an unpleasant slab may rest upon suitable bars 3 transand insanitary appearance and adding to the versely extending across the frame 2 therework of the embalmer. beneath, and suitable moulding strips 4 and it is an object of the invention to provide 5 may be arranged between the slab 1 and a grating which may be detachably fitted supports 3 and above said slab. In the preupon the top of a morgue table to provide ferre'd form of the described top, the slab 1 a support for a body, and to space the lat er lies somewhat below the top of the frame 2 above the table top so that any surplus of so that the parts land 2 form a shallow con-u the liquids employed will drain through said tainer, with a drainage opening adjacent to grating to the table top proper rather than one end for connection with a hose or other 70 remaining in contact with the body. suitable outlet means.

Another object is to provide such a grating The present invention provides a grating with supporting feet formed of rubber or adapted to removably fit withinthe frame 2 like yielding material so that the top of upon the slab 1, said grating comprising a the morgue table will not be scratched or substantially rectangular tubular frame 6 marred by disposal of said grating thereand a series of cross rods 7 transversely spanupon. ning said frame and spaced preferably uni- A. further object is to provide a grating formly. It is preferred, in securing said rods for the specified purpose having its parts upon said frame, to form the latter with pairs so assembled in a novel, simple and inexpensive of opposed notches 8 receiving the end porianner. tions of said rods, the latter being then brazed These and various other objects the inor welded into permanent engagement with vention attains by the construction hereinthe walls of said notches. If desired, one or after described and illustrated in the accommore cross bar's-11 may extend across and repanying drawings, wherein: inforce the frame 6 at an intermediate point Figure 1 is a perspective view of a morgue (or points) of its length. I table showing the top thereof equipped with To the frame 6 at suitable points therea drainage grating in accordance with this inupon is preferably secured a plurality of vention. cushioning feet pads 9, which may be formed Figure 2 1s a perspective view of the grat of rubber. In the illustrated embodiment of 99 ing removed from the table. the invention each foot 9 comprises a disk Figure 3 is a cross sectional view of a table having a stem 9a which is forced under some top with my grating applied, the section belng pressure into a suitable opening 1n the'under taken upon the line 33 of Figure 1. face of said frame, as is best seen in--Figure 33 Figure 4c is a fragmentary plan View of 6. -In order to provide the frame 6 with flat said grating. bearing surfaces for engagement by the feet Figure 5 is a fragmentary longitudinal 9," and also to prevent a sharp edge of the sectional view of the grating taken upon line tubing from severing the rubber stem, it is 5 5 of Figure 4. preferred to weld or otherwise secure to the Figure 6 is a cross sectional view of the under face of said frame washers 10 through which the stems 9a project into the aforesaid openings of the frame. It is to be noted that the cushioning feet 9 laterally engage the molding strip 5 (as best seen in Figure 3) whereby the grating 6, 7 is retained in a definite central position upon the table, this retention being especially essential when the table top is tilted. Figure 1 discloses a provision commonly made for tiltng such a table.

he grating 6, 7 constructed as described, is quite light and may be placed upon or removed from the morgue table Withoutserious effect. The detachable mounting of said grating upon the table top is preferred for sanitary reasons, since detachability of said: grating permits a ready and thorough clean-- ing of both the table top and the grating after use thereof.

Vhile it will be apparent that theillus trated embodiments of my invention herein disclosed are wellcalculated to adequately-fulfil the objects and advantages primarily stated,.it is to be understood that the invention is susceptible to variation, modification and change within the spirit and scope of the subjoined claims- Vhat Ielaim is: v

1. A grating comprising arect angular. tu-- bular frame havingopposed pairs of notches in its top. face, and a plurality of cross-rods having their extremities seated in said notches, said notches'having closed outer ends forming. abutments for said rods. v

2. A grating comprising a tubular frame member having an openinginitsunder side, washer secured to the under side of said member in registration with said opening, v and a foot formed of cushioning material seated against said washer and formed with a stem projecting through the openings of said. washer and frame member.

3. A table top, comprising a frame forming an opening, supports secured to said frame therebeneath and extending. across said opening, a slab of. smooth material. resting upon said supports within said frame, means secured to said frame within said opening. holding said slab in engagement with said supports, and a-grating removably'resting upon said slab within' said: opening of the frame and restrained from. movement upon the slab by: said slabholding means.

4. In adevice oft-he character described, a grating comprising a substantially rectangular frame,formed of. hollow metallietubing having spaced aligned notches in the up per and inner faces of opposite portions of the frame and widely spaced apertures in thelower face of the frame, a plurality of rods-insertible in the aligned slots bydirectly laying them therein, and cushioning feet having upstanding stemsinsertiblein said apertures.

5.. In. a device of. the character described,

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