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Publication numberUS1796641 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 17, 1931
Filing dateMar 29, 1928
Priority dateMar 29, 1928
Publication numberUS 1796641 A, US 1796641A, US-A-1796641, US1796641 A, US1796641A
InventorsGlock Friedrick A, Joseph Zimmerman
Original AssigneeFred Foell
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Spotting brush
US 1796641 A
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March 17,` 1931. .1. zlMMlz-:RMAN ET AL SPOTTING BRUSH Filed March 29. 1928 "iruwf' INVEN T0125,

ab M


www Il j BY IM/Z /mawo( M WAV; ATTORNEY.


ure 4.)


This invention relates to new and useful improvements in spotting brushes.

It is one of the principal objects of our invention to provide for use in dry cleaning establishments, a spotting brush which will not wrinkle, crimp or twist the garment being cleaned. To this end we provide on one end of the handle two concentric brushes which are rotated in opposite directions.

vWhen so operated, they will not wrinkle or twist the fabric.

Our spotting brush is simple and compact in construction, and is eiicient in operation for cleaning clothes, rugs, carpets and like Yarticles without wrinkling them.

In the accompanying drawings illustrating our invention, Figure lis a top plan view of our improved spotting brush. Figure 2 is a side elevational View thereof. Figure 3 is a bottom plan view of the brushes. And

Figure 4 is a sectional view taken through the same on the line 4 4 of Figure 1.

Referring to the accompanying drawings for a detailed description of our invention, "the numeral 1 designates the hollow handle of the spotting brush. In this handle there is a tubular passage 2 for the spotting liquid delivered to it by a tube 3. The flow of this liquid to the brushes hereinafter to be de- Iscribed is controlled by a thumb valve 4 near the front end of the handle as shown in Figures 1 and 2.

"D which there is a sleeve 5 for a shaft 6 that is rotated by a source of power not shown.

This shaft projects beyond the sleeve into a recess 7 in the front portion of the handle. (See Figures 1 and 4.)

Secured to the front end of the shaft 6 is a bevel gear 8 which meshes with a bevel gear 9 on a vertical stub shaft 10 rotatable in a vertical hole in a cover plate 11. (See Fig- A Secured to the lower end of the stub shaft 10 is a pinion 12.

The cover plate 11 is formed with a central hole to receive a vertical stud 13 that is keyed to it and which projects upwardly through a hole in a flat extension 14a of the 50 -Ahandle 1. The top ofthe stud 13 is threaded to receive a nut14 which is adapted to engage'the handle portion 14".

Formed on the lower portion of the stud 3 is a flange 15. This flange acts as a retainingelementfor a rotatable disc 15 to which there is secured the head 16 of a brush 17. Through a vertical hole in this brush head 16, the reduced lower end of the stud pro- ]ects. y

The lower end of the stud 13 acts as a nozzle, since it contains an axial hole 18 which is in communication near its top portion with a pasage 19 that delivers to it the spotting fluid such as gasoline released by the valve 4.` This Huid flows from this nozzle portion of the stud upon the bristles of the brush 17. (See Figure 4.)

Secured to the top portion of the disc 15ll is the hub `portion 20 of a gear 21 that is formed with axial holes which pins 15b on the disc loosely enter. This gear 21 meshes with.

thepinion 12 for operation by the latter to rotate the brush 17. y

Surrounding the brush head 16 for rotation in the opposite direction is the ring head 22 of a brush 23 whose bristles encircle the bristles of the brush 17. Secured to the head said head, is a meta-l band or sleeve 25. This sleeve is internally threaded at its upper part for application to the externally threaded periphery of a rotatable ring member 26. (See Figure 4.) The latter is free to turn in the opposite direction around the hub portion 2O of the gear 21, and is formed with an annular ledge portion 27. This ledge portion is formed with a channel or raceway 28 to receive ball bearings 29 that are in contact with the flat rim portion 30 of the cover plate 11. (See Figure 4.) y

Formed on the inner surface of theledge portion 27 of the member 26 are teeth 31 which mesh with the pinion 21. `When this pinion is rotated to turn the inner brush 17,

Se .i

it will rotate the outer brush 23 in the oppois permitted by the ball bearing Contact betweenV the ring member 26 and the cover I plate 11.

Through the inner brush 17 the spotting liquid will flow upon the outer brush 23, and since these brushes rotate in opposite directions, they will not wrinkle `or twist the goods to which they are applied.

The cover plate 11 carrying the brush as-.l sembly is tightly secured to the handle 1 by the stud 13, 'nut 14 andra pin `32Ywhi`ch is' forced through a horizontal hole inthe forward end of the handle, into a horizontal hole in the cover plate. (See Figure 4.) By re; moving the pin and the nut 14, the handlel may be easily disconnected from the brush assemblyafter whichthe cover plate 11 may be readily separated from the ring member -26 to afford convenient access to the gears of said shaft, a cover plate secured to said handle below said. gear, a shaftv projecting through said cover plate, a bevelgear on the upper. endof said shaft forengagement with the first bevel gear, apinion on the lower end of said shaft, amiddle gear in mesh with said pinion, a brushseoured to said middle gear, a brush surrounding said middle brush, and an-internalV gear to which the outer brush is secured, saidinternal gear surrounding the middle gear and being also invmesh with saidv pinion to rotatel theouter brushin a direc' tion opposite to the rotationv of the inner brush byfsaid pinion for thepurposespeci* lied.

3. Avspotting brush comprising a handle, a power shaft projecting through said handle to its front end, ,a bevel gear on the front end vof said shaft, a, cover plate secured tol said handlebelow said gear, a shaft projectingv through said cover plate at one side of its center, a bevel gear onthe upper end ofrsaidv shaft; for engagement with the' first bevel gear, a pinion on thelower end of said shaft, a stud depending from the middle portion of said cover plate, a gear inmesh with said pinion and` rotatable around saidv stud, a brush rounding thevlast vnamed gear for engage' ment with said pinion, and. asecond; brushV depending-fromy said internal gear and surrounding vthe. rst brushf for rotation bythe pinion in a directionw opposite 4to the rotation of the 'firstzbrush byy said pinion.

4. A spotting brush comprising arhandle, a power shaft projecting through said handle to its front end, a gear on the front end of said shaft, a cover plate secured to said handle below said gear, a nozzle projecting downwardly from the middle portion of said cover plate, ,means in said handle for delivering a spotting liquid to said nozzle, a brush rotatable around said nozzle, a second brush encircling the first brush, and-gearing operated-4 by the first gear tofrfotat'e said brushes in opj posite directions for the purpose specified.

- Iii-testimony whereof We have hereunto set our hands this 26th day of March, 1928.



Vsecuredto vsaidgear, anv internal gear sur v

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U.S. Classification15/29
International ClassificationA46B13/00, A46B13/06
Cooperative ClassificationA46B13/06
European ClassificationA46B13/06