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Publication numberUS1797381 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1931
Filing dateFeb 18, 1928
Priority dateFeb 18, 1928
Publication numberUS 1797381 A, US 1797381A, US-A-1797381, US1797381 A, US1797381A
InventorsTrimble Arch J
Original AssigneeG H Cabell
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Paintbrush and bucket holder for ladders
US 1797381 A
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March 24, 1931.


PATENT- orri'ca Anon J. BIMBLE, orrnn'rr, wns'r vmernm, ass xenon on man-11m To a. n.

CABELL, or rnnr'rgwns'r VIRGINIA;

rnmrpnusn Ann BUCKET nonnnn non LADDERS Application inea February 18, 1925. serial no. 255,405.

This invention relates to devices for supportlng buckets and paint brushes on ladders, and thegeneral object is to rovide a very simple device for this purpose aving a rung- 5 engaging hook so formed as to also engage the side of the ladder and having a bucket bail holding portion and a brush holder.

" A further object is to provide a device of this characterwhich is so formed that the 10 handle of the brush is yieldingly clamped. in place so that it cannot slide out accidentally and sli into the bucket.

A st1ll further object is to so constructthe device that it may be applied upside down 5 upon a bucket to support a. paint brush there-.

Other the following descri tion.

My invention is i ustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein Figure 1 is a perspective view of my paint pot and brush holding attachment for la'dders, the rail of the ladder being shown in dotted lines;

, Figure 2 is a front elevation of a portion of j the ladder showing my attachment in front elevation applied thereto.'

Referring to this dra-Win it will lie-seen that m brush and bucket ho der is formed of asingle piece of small metal rod or heav wire sufliciently strong and ri 'd so that it will not accidentally become shape under ordinary usage. 'The metal rod orwire is bent at one end to provide an upwardly extending U-shaped portion 10 adapted to en age over the rung a of the ladder A, one of t e legs of this U-shaped portion extending downward behind the rung and being provided with an upwardl bent hook 11 for a purpose to be later state The wire extends at right angles to the forward leg of the hook 10, as at 12, and then is bent sharply inward or at right an les to the portion 12, as at 13. This forms a adder rail embracing portion, and from the portion 13 .the wire or rod extends laterally outward,-

as at 14, at right angles ,to the portion 13,-

and this portion 14 is .formed with a-de-- pressed loop 15 designed to r'eceivethebail v -Q. 1 extens on inclined from. aid first'exten -i of the paint bucket. 'Beyond the loop or de-i' an extent sufficient to objects will appear in the course of M. out of pressed ortion 15 the wire is carried strai ht outwar and then is bent toprovide a p urality of coils 16 spaced from each other to ermit the handle of I a brushto be inserted etweenthe convolutions of the wire and at the end of the coil the Wire is formed to provide the upwardly opening book 17 The hook portions 11 and -17 do not become effective when the device is applied u on a ladder, as shown in Figure 1, but t ey permit the device. to be inverted upon a paint can or bucket and under these circumstances the hooks 11 and 17 will fit down over the wall of the side of the can or bucket to thus support the holder and the 5 brush may thenbe supported within the can. Thus while at work the holder will be used for supporting a brush and the can upon a ladder and permitting the easy removal of the brush from thec'an, etc., and when the 7 work is over or pretermitted the holder is taken from the ladder, inverted upon the can, and the brush supported within the can, as described.

It. will be seen that my device su ports thei-u brush under all circumstances an prevents the brush from slippingedown deep into the can and the handle and the body of the brush becomin covered with paint or the hairs of the brus becoming turned upward. The" holder can be entirely covered with rubberor partially covered with rubber, as desired. Th s applies, particularly to the ladder-engaging hook formed of the portion 10. A device'constructed in accordance with my m- 'iss ventionholds a paint can or bucket outward from the latter so as to place it in the most convenient position'for use. The bucket is supported by its bail from the portion 15, while the brush holder supports the handlei 'oo of the brush with the brus itself disposed within the bucket when the brush is not in actual use.

I claim v prising amainhook rtion ada ted to enga at e rung'of a lad er, a latera angularly I inc ined'extension on saidhook for engagement with one of the rails of a ladder, a sec- .1. A holder of the character described com-- .98 i

sion, said second extension having a looged intermediate portion whereby to remove 1 receive a bucketfbail, and a resilient brus holding member outstanding from said second extension, said brush holding member being adapted to hold a brush dep'endingly within the hueket.

2. A holder of the character described comprising a main hook portion. adapted to engage the rung of a ladder, e seoend hook -se-' cured to said main hook and pesiticmed in inverted relation thereto a, lateralangul'arly inclined extension seemed to said main hook,

a second extension angularly inclined from said first extension and adapted to cooperate therewith for engagement about one of the vside rails of a ladder, a third extension eecured to said seoondextension and outwarrdly inclined therefrom, e-depending loop member secured to said third extension and positioned intermediate the ends thereof-, resilient brush holding means secured to said thimd extension, and a third book seemed to the epposite end of said brush holding means,

said loop being adapted ito remnvably receive the'bail-of a paint bueket when'ithe main hook is positioned on the rung' ef a :lxdder, said second and third book nmmhmre being adwpted to reznova'bly engage the rim of a paint gmaget en zemovul of the holder irom the a as w e to .denendmgi' hold a flint brush in alpai h'hncket. y g

In testimony wheneof E :hereuneo aiflix my signature. I


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