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Publication numberUS1797847 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1931
Filing dateFeb 24, 1928
Priority dateFeb 24, 1928
Publication numberUS 1797847 A, US 1797847A, US-A-1797847, US1797847 A, US1797847A
InventorsVandagriff John Roy
Original AssigneeJames N Ward
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Table attachment for beds
US 1797847 A
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March 24, 1931. J, R, vANDAGRlFF 1,797,847


ATTORNEY March 24, 1931.



This invention relates to attachments for bedsteads and. has for an object the provision of novel means for attaching a tray or table to a bedstead in such manner as to support the tray or table and permit of its ready adjustment to any position for the convenience of the occupant of the bed, so that it may serve either as a side table or may be positioned over the bed and used as a table or book support, and for many other convenient purposes, the invention being especially adapted for use in hospitals.

Another object of the invention is the provision of an attachment of this character which may be readily mounted upon a bedstead so as to provide a firm and rigid sup port, and may be removed when desired without removing the attaching means from the bedstead.

Withthe above and other objectsin view,

' the invention further includes the following novel features and details of'construction, to be hereinafter more fully descrlbed, illustrated in the accompanying drawings and pointed out in the appended claim.

In the drawings Figure 1 is a sectional perspective view illustrating the use of the. invention.

Figure 2 is an enlarged sectional view taken substantially on the line 22 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a detail perspective view of the attachingmember.

' FigureA is a like view of the attaching member for the transverse brace.

Figure 5 is a transverse sectional view through a bedstead showing a modified form of attaching means, parts of the invention being shown in elevation and parts in section.

Figure 6 is a fragmentary view showing a still further modified form of attaching means.

Referring to the drawings in detail wherein like characters of reference denote corresponding parts, the invention, which as shown in Figure 1 is designed to be attached to a hospital bed, comprises an attaching member 10. This member includes a plate 11 which is adapted to extend longitudinally of one of the side rails 12.01 the bed. This plate is provided with openings 13 for the passage of hook bolts 14, and the latter are adapted to engage over the side rail 12, which, in hospital beds is usually of tubular construction. Extending at rightangles from the plate 11 is a vertically disposed bar 15. This bar extends above and below the plate 11 and has extending from its opposite ends lugs 16 having openings 17 therein. The openings 17 are arranged in vertical alinement and are adapted to slidingly receive a standard 18, so that the latter is ca able of vertical adjustment. The standard 18 has mounted thereon a split collar 19 and this collar is adjustable upon the standard 18 and is held in adjusted position bymeans of aclainping lever 20. For this purpose the split collar 19 may be provided with ears having interiorly threaded openings for engagement with the threaded end of the clamping lever 20.

Extending from the upper end of the 'standard 18 is a telescopically adjustable arm 21. The telescopic sections of the arm are held against relative rotary movement by any suitable means, but one section may be moved longitudinally with respect to the other section so as to regulate the length of the arm. Mounted upon the arm 21 is an arm 22 which is rotatable about the arm 21. The inner end of the arm 22 is split as shown at 23 so as to be adjustably clamped upon the arm 21 and for this purpose the arm 22 is provided with a clamping screw 24. The opposite end of the arm 22 is provided with a socket to receive a preferably hollow stub shaft or pipe section 25, and this end of the arm 21 is also split as shown at 26 so that the stub shaft 25 may be rotatably adjusted therein. The shaft 25 is clamped against independent movement by means of a clamping screw 27. p I

- The shaft 2?) is secured to a table or tray 28 and the latter is preferably formed of sheet metal and is provided around its edge with a flange 29, so that this tray may form a book support or table. In the former event, the flange 29 will act to support the book Bin the manner 'shown in Figure 2 of the drawings,

socket 33vprovided in an attaching member 34 and the latter is removably secured to the opposite side rail 12 of the edstead by means of a hook bolt 35. The attaching member 10 is thus rigidly secured in position so that the position of the tray 28 may be adj usted in any manner desired without accidentally moving the attaching member. The attachlng member may be secured at any position within the length of the side rail 12 and the standard 17 adjusted to an height and the occupant of the bed may t en move the tray to suit his convenience.

In Figure 5 the invention is shown secured to a difierent type of bed, the attaching mem ber 10 and the attaching member 34 carrying elongated hook bolts 36 which engage side rails 37 of the type used in wooden bedsteads. In other respects, the construction of the invention is the same.

In Figure 6 the invention is shown as secured to angular side rails 38, short hook bolts 39 being employed for this purpose.

As previously stated, any convenient means may be employed to prevent relative rotation of the sections of the horizontal arm 21. One means of this character is illustrated in Figure 5 wherein the inner member of the arm 21 carries a screw 40 which operates in a slot 41 provided in the other member. The inner member may thus be moved longitudinally of the outer member but will be held' against rotation.

The invention is susceptible of various changes in its form, proportions and minor details of construction and the right is herein reserved to make such changes as properly fall within the scope of the appended claim.

Having described the invention what is claimed is:

A bedstead attachment embodying an attaching member, said member comprising a plate adapted to be positioned longitudinally of one of the side rails of the bedstead, means to detachably secure said plate to said rail, a socketed lug carried by the plate, a brace adapted to extend transversely beneath the rails and having one end secured within the socketed lug, means adapted to detachably secure the other end of said brace to the other rail of the bed, a vertically disposed bar carried by and extending from the plate and vertically spaced lugs extending from the bar and having openings therein, a standard ex-

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U.S. Classification108/49, 108/5, 5/507.1, 248/279.1
International ClassificationA47B23/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47B2200/0031, A47B23/02
European ClassificationA47B23/02