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Publication numberUS1798028 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1931
Filing dateApr 26, 1930
Priority dateApr 26, 1930
Publication numberUS 1798028 A, US 1798028A, US-A-1798028, US1798028 A, US1798028A
InventorsDaniel Nachtigal
Original AssigneeDaniel Nachtigal
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Broom holder
US 1798028 A
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March 24, 1931.

D. NACHTlGAL 1,798,028

BROOM HOLDER Filed April 26, 1930 9 I l hmflmn mmll 7 j W m if J 4- I0 q'yu3- 2 /6 10/! I2 II 12 6 16' l I i: 6

JamhVac/ziggl R Patented Mar. 24, 1931 UNITED (STATES PATENT OFFICE BROOM HOLDER Application filed April 26, 1930. Serial No. 447,676.

The present invention has reference to a holder for handle implements and is especially designed as a holder for broom handles, the object being the provision of a devlce for this purpose which is designed to be fixed on a wall surface or the like and of a construction whereby a broom handle may be readily arranged therein and firmly grlpped thereby and as easily removed when the broom is to be used.

A further object is the provision of a broom holder that includes a fixed base, pivotally supported spring influenced rollers supported on the base, a block arranged on the base between the rollers having an outer central concaved portionprovided with a facing of compressible material and the rollers havlng compressible tread surfaces, and whereby a broom handle pressed against the rollers Wlll cause the same to turn and to swing away from each other to permit of the handle being arranged adjacent the compressible face of the block and the springs to return the rollers to initial position for clamping the broom handle between the rollers and the block, the broom handle being removed by an outward ull.

p To the attainment of the foregoing the invention also resides in certain other novel features of construction, combination and operative association of parts, one satisfactory embodiment of which is disclosed by the accompanying drawings.

In the drawings: 7

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the improvement in operative position.

Figure 2 is a plan view thereof with parts broken away and parts in section.

Figure 3 is a face view thereof.

Figure 4 is a sectional view approximately on the line H of Figure 2,

The base of the improvement is formed from a sheet of suitable metal 1 which, at suitable points from its center is bent and folded upon itself to provide outer face portions 2. The face portions 2 are bent outwardly to provide right angularly extending flanges 3 which are spaced away from each other. There is passed through the folded portions 2 and the base proper suitable securing means for sustaining the base in a horizontal position upon a wall or like suport. Arranged between the flanges 3 there is a block 4 which may be of wood or any other desired material. This block is centrally fixed between the flanges 3 by a rivet or like element. The block is of a greater width than the flanges 3 and the outer face of the block, at the center thereof, is provided with a concaved depression 6 in which there is arranged and fixed a compressible strip 7. The block has its inner corners rounded and has pivotally secured thereto, adjacent said corners the angle sides of cross sectional U-shaped frames or brackets 8. The

pivots 9 for the frames or brackets also pass through the flanges 3 of the base. The sides of the block 4 to which the cross sectional U- shaped frames or brackets are secured are out of contact with the flanges 3 so that the said frames or brackets are swingable on the pivots 9 and the inward swinging of the said frames or brackets is limited by the contact thereof with the ends of the block 4. The cross sectional U-shaped members 8 have their sides at their outer ends formed with extensions in the nature of cars 10 and pivoted, as at 11, between each pair of ears there is a roller 12. Each roller is provided with a peripheral groove 13 that has seated therein the inner peripheral lug or flange 14 on compressible ring members 15. The ring members afford what may be termed the treads for the rollers 12. The outer walls of the cross sectionally U-shaped members 8 have their outer ends bent to provide the same with hooks 16. Received in these hooks there are the ends of arched springs 17. The second ends of the springs are disposed against the base but beneath the block 4 and the extremities of these ends are bent angularly, as at 18, and enter the block. In this manner it will be noted that the springs are anchored to the block. The springs exert a pressure toward each other and consequently swing the members 8 to bring the periphery of the rollers 12 toward each other. A brush handle 19 arranged between the rollers and having a pressure exerted thereagainst will force the rollers away from each other against the 2 meaoae pressure of the springs 17 so that the handle will be received in the concaved compressible seat 7 and thereafter the springs will urge the cross sectionally U-shaped members 8 into contact with the ends of the block 4 and bring the rollers toward each other so that the broom handle-is eflectively supported between the rollers'and the block. Obviously an outward pull upon the broom handle will 10 cause the rollers to spread away from each other. It is believed the construction and advantages of the improvement will be understood and appreciated by those skilled in the art to which such invention relates but ob-' viously I do not wish to be restricted to the precise details herein set forth and, therefore, hold myself entitled to make such changes therefrom as fairly fall'within the scope of what I claim. go Having described the invention, I claim 1. A horizontally disposed fixed base having outstanding spaced longitudinal flanges on the outer face thereof, a block arranged between the flanges and having an outer ceng5 tral concaved portion, members pivotally secured to the ends of the block, rollers pivotally mounted on said members, and springs having one of their ends fixed to the block and the other ends engaged by the members so for swinging the members toward each other.

2. A horizontally disposed fixed base having outstanding spaced longitudinal flanges on the outer face thereof, a block arranged between the flanges and having an outer cen- 85 tral concaved portion, members pivotally se- -cured to the ends of the block, rollers pivota-lly mounted on said members, springs having one of their ends fixed to the block and the other ends engaged by the members for 4 swinging the members toward each other and said rollers having compressible ring casings and the concaved portion of the block having a compressible facing therein.

3. A holder for broom handles or the like,

5 including a fixed base formed inward of its edges with out-turned spaced parallel flanges,

a block fixed between the flanges and having its outer face formed with a central concaved portion and a compressible facing therein,

to cross sectionally U-shaped members pivotally secured to the sides at the ends of the block and likewise pivoted to the flanges of the base,said' members having their outer ends formed with inwardly extending ears, a

roller journaled between each pair of ears, a

compressible ring facing for each roller, the

outer face of each U-shaped member having a hook portion, an arched spring having an end'received in each hook portion, each of said springs being directed between the flanges of the base and below the. block and having angle ends which are anchored in the block.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature. DANIEL NAGHTIGAL.

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