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Publication numberUS1799475 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1931
Filing dateMay 31, 1930
Priority dateMay 31, 1930
Publication numberUS 1799475 A, US 1799475A, US-A-1799475, US1799475 A, US1799475A
InventorsNelson Nels T
Original AssigneeJ F Sturdy S Sons Co
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US 1799475 A
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File d May 31, 1930 fl i IN V EN TOR.

-/l e/9 T M1900 fian/lo A TTORNEYS.

construction which will be Patented Apr. 7, 1931 umrsn STA NELS 'r. NELSON,


or ATTLEBORO, MAssAcnnsn'rrs, nssrcnonfro I. ri-isrunnys sons i MAssAcHnsE'rt'rs, n conronn'rron or MASSACHUSETTS],

-App1 ication filed Ma 31, 1930. Serial No. 458,645, Y i

This invention relates to a chain, particularly the type used'for a bracelet to hold the wrist watch in place on the arm of the wearer,

strong and durable, attractive inappearance, and in which the parts may be easily formed in multiple by machine operations.

A further object of the invention is to pro vide means for connecting the main body links at spaced points and yet provide a construction which is extremely flexible to shape itself to the wrist for ease and comfort in I I maintaining them in their desired relation foriobtaining: a desired effect of the bracelet; and the followi'ng is a' detailed description of..the ,present" embodimentfof. this inven wean, A still further object ofthis invention 1s With these and other objects and advantageous features in view, the lnvention consists of a novel arrangement of parts more fully disclosed in the detailed description following, in conjunction with thevaccompanying drawings, and more particularly set forth in the appended claims.

In'the drawings: f 7 Fig. 1 is a top plan view ofa plurality oflinks connected together in series; Fig. 2 is-a section on ure 1; I

-l]*;ig.3 is a perspective view of the body lin Y m r I 4 is a perspective view of the connecting link;,and v V Fig. 5 is a section on line 5--5 of Figure1. p It is found in the use of bracelets for retaining a watch on the arm" of the wearer that the same must fit snugly about the wrist,

causing perspiration to form beneath the bracelet, especially in warm climates, causing the acids of the skin to discolor the bracelet and providing a condition for the ready accumulation of dust to soil the wrist, and in for a circulation of air and has for its object to provide a] provided separate zconnecting :lin ks to 'encircle the adjacent ends ofthe body or between the main body links in or- 7,

their desired I whichthese advantageous results maybe ac-" line 2-2 of, Fig- 7 body link to form an opening having a reg depending upon icirculationfiof to reach the portions of;

links and notched the end bars tofreceive" these connecting links so that ,the'inner edge are" ,hel spaced from otherhthef'eby tion, illustrating the, preferred means by complished.

,With reference :to *desig 1 and2. The connecting-links areof a thick- ,ness substantially the depth of the notches 13 so that'their outer surface 15 will lie flush I with the innerv edge 16 of the end bar of the ular formation substantially rectangular in shape'through the chain of a more finished and more attractive appearance than were 7 the shape of thisopenlng broken by the connecting links 1 L protruding into the opening. The portion 17 between the notches 13; serves as a meansfor spacing the pair'of connecting links 14 which encircle the adjacent end bars 12 of each of the body links, and although I have, shown two or such connecti ing links, any desired number may be used" tion and the appearance desired for the chain; The top surfaces 18 of the body .links are rounded, as illustrated in Figure 5, which rounding assists the same in conforming to the curvature of the connectinglinks when, 7 in position. The top surface of thechain I maybeo'rnamented in any. desired design,

the width of the constructhe skinlbeneaththe bracelet, a tr tljr order f 5 ,that a strong and durable, structure may be formed of handsome) appearance, have while the connecting links may be left plane, and being raised in relief from the surface of the body links may have a finish to contrast withthe ornamentation of the body links to 5 relieve a monotony of apearance and cause the same to be more pleasing to the eye;

While I have described certain construe forms which embody the principlesiof my invention itf is obvious that otherde- 10 sired changes in arrangement maybe made within the spirit and the scope ofthe inven= I tion as defined in the appended claims.

I claim: Y 1. A chain, comprising .a series of body 15 links generally rectangular in shape haying opposite side" and end bars, said end bars having notches therein; .a plurality of sepa-' rate cbnnecting links embracing the adjacent and bars of the body links, and located "in v said notches for hinge'dly 'conncting'them together, v i 2. A chainco'mprising a series of body linkslgenerally rectangular in shape having Opposite side and end bars, said end bars hav- 25 ingnotchesjth'erein, a plurality of separate connecting links embracing the adjacent end ,bi'lrs of'the body links, and located in said notches for hingedly connecting them tov ,g ether, said connecting. links having atliickness substantiallylthe depth of said notches,

thein's ide edge of said body links substantially flush with said connecting links; p In testimony whereofrI afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification59/80
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