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Publication numberUS1800030 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1931
Filing dateMay 22, 1930
Priority dateMay 22, 1930
Publication numberUS 1800030 A, US 1800030A, US-A-1800030, US1800030 A, US1800030A
InventorsEdwin Reynolds
Original AssigneeEdwin Reynolds
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Towel rack
US 1800030 A
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Ami& '3, WBL WEVNOLDHL TOWEL HACK Filed May 22, l930 atented Apr. 7, 1931 r i p UNITED STATESzPATENT nmows, or v'mmnm, NEW .mssn

'rowm Rmx I i ioato me& Kay 22, 1930. semi io. 454351'.

I do herebydeclare the following to be a, modified form of tovel bar supporting full, clearand exact' description of my in-' racket as r raght tow l bars 4 vention, such `es will enable others skilled in The mventon s shovvn n the eccompanythe art `to-whichit eppertains to make end g .dra ngs m Whnt snow belevecl to be 4 I use the same, reference being had'to the aots preferred form n which the wall.- plate 55 companyingcdrawingccend to .the figures of g consists Of a ng e p1ce of vreference'marked tlreon ,'t`whch form a part suitable matenel such as sheet metal having of this specification. p punched theren aperture 9 and 11. Th

The present invention hes reference to new iomblned bracket bo y, Fg. 3, for support- 10\ improvements in towl' rocks,` towel ba' g the D P' P W holdel' GO b k t ,.t 1 h ld d the fik d s fprmed from a' single piece of suitable ma.- iates more particularly tae novel constructem& such &S p ng S et metal 12 and 13 tion of the towel rack braokets in combinahaVm g formed On 0118 h 10 tion with a. towel bar and non-slip towel 'ShaPed S10t5 15 E from ltS ?P' 16 h ld v poste end an integral extendng tongue lke 65 O bj t f y i ti i th i member lfl from the transverse centerof the sion of a combined bracket that will support b Sectlon The said blank dy a t l b d a nomshp t h ld p s folded, bent and curved from ts longtud- Another object of my invention is the pronal Center p 1 3 to form a i r 230 vision of such a combined bracket that will q 91 bar 11 1 3 97'. bmCket'16a aS Sh0WI1 1n support the towel bar ri 'd and allow the Flgs- 2 and 2 i lugs 10 Of g- 3 are nomslp towel holder to 'me f hingng, serted through he apertures 9' of the well swinging like movement, andbe detachably Flat& 8 of Flg 4 and bent OVGI'flUSh Wlth journaled h i the back of the wall lete 8 as shown at 17 f th Object of my invntgn is the n Fg. The exten ed tongue like member provison f such a combined bmcketvthat 14 of Fg. 3 s then arcurately bent Upward u be Simple, practcal and substantal and and curved baekupontself and above the tuoheap to manufacture. s i t towel bar supportmg Socket 16 asfhown With these objects'in view my inventio' 5 Flgsf 2 and 5 to q an .Open clmular 30 consists in the construction arrangement fmf eye resfllent i t l and cooperation of the 'parts as Win fi i. shp towel holder bracket 20 having its free described in detail in connection' with the accompanying drawngs, in which `Fg. 1, is

"end slightly bent up at 22, as shown in Fig. 2, said bracket 20 being spaced towards the outer endof 'the towel bar supporting socket 16 and awayfrom the wall plate 8 as shown-in Figs. 2 and 5.

The'nonslip towel holder 18, of Fig. 1, is made 'of any suitable material such as solid glass or metal rod, oonsisting of a single piece' of material having a' arallel central 90 e perspective View from the' front of my' new combined braoket and non-slip towel holder. rack adjusted to positioxL v p i i j rFig. 2' is e View in section from theinner side' of my towel rock showing a section of" 40 the tovvel bar; and the non-slip towel holder m p q friction ber 21, with crenk sections 23, nt r 3 15 a P Vlew the new combmed each end thereof, and journal sections 24, bracket y before bemg bent and formed having their diameter at their free ends 25, Pf flared outwardly.- F g. 4 s a plan Vlew of the brackets sup- Thgtowlbar 1 9, f Fi 1 i m d f y portng wvall. plate. p i suitable material sjch as solid glass or metal Fg. 5 I a I O the new c bined rod, consisting of e single piece of material br c a er belng I b e having '3, arallel towel sup orting section Fig. (i is a View of my non-slip towel holder 26, having supporting arms 2?, bent at right 50 in section and its supporting bracket on n angles thei-cof at each end With free ends.

v When a pair of the combined brackets are exactly alikeand mountedtoa support by their` wall `plates 8 'with screws or nails through their apertures 1 1, 11, of Fig. 1, and the towel bar 19 has its free ends of the supporting arms 27 inserted within the bracket stuhular sockets 16. as shown in Fig.

l'at 28,'28,-on each side of the towel supporting? bar 26 and thenon-slip towel holder cranked frict-ion bar '21, of Fig. 1, has its journal sections24forced under the free ends 30 of the bracket 20 and within' the bracket eye bearings29, of'Fig. 5, as shown in Figs. 2 and 1, itjwill be ap'pa rent that by means of the resiliency of the free end 30 of the-bracket 20 it. will s ring back toits.

originalposition and frictonally, freely, rotatably and dctachbly engage the' journaling sections 24:, 24 of the cranked friction bar 21 within the bracket s 20, 20 circular like eye 29, as shown in Fig. l, and it Willbe apparent that the friction bar 21 will have hinging,` swinging-like movement on its bearings 29 and it will be further apparent that when the fricti'on bar 21, of Fig. 1, is

eye hearing.

socket member, bent back over the 'fore part of the soc'ket member for the reception and 1rjotatable support of one end of said friction 3. In a towel rack of the character set forth, in combination with a cranked Swinging friction bar, a wall bracket formed froma single strip. of sheet material to *oresent v two relatively angularly directed shanks, with a substantially annular body portion therebetween for supporting one end ofatowel bar, and means for freely rotat-' ably' journaling the corresponding end of the friction bar, comprising a tongue-sha ed member struk out of the upper brac et shank and arcuately bent back to form an swung on its journaled sections 24 to a raised position upward and b ackward towards' the wall platcs 8, to rest against the wall, a towel 31 may be hung on the towel bar 26 and the nons1ip towel holder friction bar 21=swung back down upon the towel 31, the said towel 31 will be securely held on the towel bar 26 by means of the'` weight of the said friction barv2l withoutfeajr of slipping oflz' to the floor, as shown in Fig. 1.

It will now be apparent that my objects have been obtained, and thata practical,

t eflicient and substantial towel rack has been v provided, that will besimple and cheap to manufacture. y

Although I have shown by way of example in the drawings, the preferred form of my invention, I want it particularly undrstood that I do not limit myself to this exact shape' of brackets and non-slip towel 'holderg but reserve unto myself thenright to vary the i shape and arrangements within certain limits of what is disclosed and what is claimed\ without departing from the spirit of the invention. i u

What I claim is 4 1. In a towel rack of the character set =forth, in 'combination with a cranked Swing u and a tongue member extending in integral connection from the upper front edge of said EDWIN REYNOLDS;

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European ClassificationA47K10/14