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Publication numberUS1800421 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 14, 1931
Filing dateSep 4, 1929
Priority dateSep 4, 1929
Publication numberUS 1800421 A, US 1800421A, US-A-1800421, US1800421 A, US1800421A
InventorsJohn D Wickersham, Henry A Huwer
Original AssigneeWickersham
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Adjustable dog harness
US 1800421 A
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April 1-4, 1931.

J. D. WICKERSHAM ET AL ADJUSTABLE DOG HARNESS Filed Sept. 4, 1929 Patented Apr. 14, 1931 UNITED STATES JOHN D. WICKERSHAM PATENT OFFICE AND Ii-IENRY A. I-IUWER, or DAYTON, 01110; SAID nuwna Assrenon TO SAID WIGKERSHAM V I ADJUSTABLE DOG HARNESS Application filed September 4,1929, Serial No. 390,270.

Other important and incidental objects:

will be brought out in. the following specification and particularly set forth in the sub joined claim.

In the accompanying drawings illustrating our invention, Figure 1 is a perspective view of our adjustable dog harness. Figure 2 is a sectional View taken through the metal connector and portion of the Strap passing through its ring portion. And Figure 3 is a perspective view of the metal connectorhavin the spur integral with its bottom surface.

Referring to the accompanying drawings for a detailed description of our invention,

the numeral 1 designates a leather strap which may bestudded or unstu'dded, single, or doubled and stitched. This strap, which is provided'with a buckle adjustment 2, is

adaptedto be formed into an adjustable neck 7 loop 3 and an adjustable girth loop 4 by a .nietal connector 5. A

The connector 5 preferably comprises a casting formed with a substantially square body portion from which thereprojeet four D shaped ring parts 6 to receive the continuous strap 1 in an X shape manner. Formed on the inner surface of the middle portion of the connector 5, which may be a metal stamping if desired, is a spur 7 to engage that portion of the strap 1 which is on top of its other portion to hold said stop portion stationary while the lower portion of the strap is free to be adjusted through theco'nnector,

Projecting upwardly from the mlddle portion of the connector is an integral post 8 containing a'hole to receive a D lead ring 9.

which event the spur 7 will be formed on the inner end of the post to hold the top portion of the strap in a stationary position. (See Figure 2.) v

' The strap 1 is passed through the ring portions 6 of the connector 5 in such a manner as to form the loop 3 that passes around the dogs neck, and the loop 4 which extends around the dogs chestback of its fore legs,

the free ends of the Strap being connected byv the buckle 2. A sliding connecting strap 10 is attached to the lower side of both loops 3 and 4, for passage between the front legs of the dog. This strap 10 has a buckle adjustment 11 immediately in frontcof its attachment to the loop portion 4 of the strap 1.

Our improved harness, as will be seen from the above description and the accom- This post may have a swivel connection with v the connector 5 as shown 111 F igure' 2, in

panying drawings, may be easily adjusted to comfortably fit the neck and chest of a dog. Furthermore, the-metal connector 5 whichv we employ to divide the strapl into the neck and girth loops, is economical to manufacture, is compact and attractive in appearance and permits a free and easy adjustment of the size-of those loops.

Having described our invention, we claim: 80

A connector'for an adjustable dogharness,

comprising a metal plate having a square central part formed with an axial hole, and

four strap receiving ring portions, one at' each edge of said plate, a lead ring post swiveled in the axial hole in' said plate, and a spur on the inner end. of said post.

In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands this 31st day of August, 1929.



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U.S. Classification119/863, 119/907, 54/24
International ClassificationA01K27/00
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