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Publication numberUS1800990 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 14, 1931
Filing dateJun 15, 1929
Priority dateJun 15, 1929
Publication numberUS 1800990 A, US 1800990A, US-A-1800990, US1800990 A, US1800990A
InventorsWilliam S Forrest
Original AssigneeWilliam S Forrest
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Ice-cream and confectionery container
US 1800990 A
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April 14, 1931. w S FQRREST 1,800,990

ICE CREAM AND CONFEGTIONERY CONTAINER Filed June 15, 1929 Plantea' A,... 14.1931. 1,300,990

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE WILLIAM s. roannsfnor omesso, ILLINoIs Ion-camu AND coNrncmIoNEnY CONTAINER Application mea :une 15,- 192e. serial No. 371,103.

This 'invention has particular relation to. be obvious to those skilled in the art 'from an article of manufacture in the nature of a the disclosure herein given. 1 container or package for ice-cream confec- To this end my invention consists in the tions and edibles such as pop corn, peanuts, novel construction, arrangement and combi- 5 and other sweetmeats. nation of parts herein shown and described, 55

The package or container is spherical and and more particularly pointed out in the generally simulates a baseball in appearance. claims. The spherical construction makes the dis- In the drawings, wherein like reference pensing of the ackage or article in crowds,` characters indicate like or corresponding -A such as at base all stands, an easy matter, parts;

since the vendor is enabled to 4pitch the Fig. 1 is a view of the device as it appears package to the customer with more or less when assembled and. sealed for dispensing; accuracy. By providing the package with and coin slots the vendor is enabled to safely de- Fig. 2 is a section along the line 2-2 of liver the required change along with the Fig. 1, drawn to a larger scale. 6

package by inserting coins through the slots In the drawings I have shown a preferred into pockets provided for that purpose. form of the invention embodied in a casing In carrying out the invention I provide a or container having two equal hemispherical spherical casing formed of a plurality of sections secured together, but it is to be un 20 sections secured together. These sections are derstood that the number and relative sizes 7 filled or partially filled with ice-cream or conof such sections may be varied and that the fections and are then sealed together by past invention is limited in the number and sizes ing thereon a pair of gores or cover sections of such sections only to the extent indicated to form a shell similar to the cover sections in the appended claims. of a baseball. The sealed sections or gores The improved container, is designated gen- 75 are ornamented by representations such as erally by the reference character 10, and is stitches stamped or otherwise formed on the shown as comprisinor a relatively thickingores, thereby giving the finished package the ner casing covered by a thin outer casing. appearance of a base-ball. The inner casing comprises upper and lower A'particular object of the invention is the hemispherical sections 11 and 12, respectively. 80 provision of a container for edibles or sweet- The casing may be constructed of pasteboard meats which simulates abaseball. or of any other suitable material. The sec- Another object of the invention is the protion 11 has 4an outer flange 13 which overlaps vision of 4an improved container for edibles a corresponding inner liange 14. formed on which is capable of being sealed and thereby the section 12. The flanges 13 and 14 are 85 to preserve the contents 1n a sanitary condiconstructed to fit closely and thereby setion. curethe upper and lower sections 11 and 12 A'still further object of the invention is the together. provision of a sanitary container for edibles The lower section 12 may contain a quan- 40 of the class described which is provided with tity of ice-cream which has been deposited 90 lcoin receptacles whereby the delivery of therein preferably by the use of a device' change from the vendor to the vendee is customarily used for filling ice-cream cones. easily accomplished; 1 After depositing the cream in the lower sec- The invention has among its other objects tion 12, the upper section 11 is then pressed the production of a container of the kind into position substantially sealing the con- 95 described which is simple in construction, tents from contact with the atmosphere. The convenient, durable, reliable, and satisfactory upper section 11 may also be separately filled for use wherever found applicable. with ice-cream before placing the sections Many other objects and advantages of the 11 and 12 together or, if desired, the cream construction herein shown. and describedv will may be molded into a sphere which has the 10" samediameter as the container. Any other confection may be placed in the container, if desired.

A pair of gores or .the like 17 and 18, preferably formed from relatively thin tough paper, are next pasted over the inner casing, the gore 17 being arranged symmetrically about and longitudinally 0f the line joining the upper and lower sections 11 and 12. Both of the gore sections 17 and 18 are cut in the usual form for baseball covers and each has a coating 29 of adhesive material on its inner surface by means of which the gores are pasted onto the sections 1l and 12. The gores 17 and 18 are cut so as to have their adjoining edges in close contact, thereby simulating the appearance of a baseball. The outer peripheral edges of the gores 17 and 18 are ornamented by representations stamped lrhereon such as a plu-rality of stitches 28, thereby still further giving the package the appearance of a baseball.

A plurality of recesses are formed in the outer surface of the sections 11 and 12 to provide coin pockets after the gores 17 -and 18 are pasted thereon. A recess in the section 11 forms a pocket 19 into which a coin may be inserted through a slot 22 formed in the gore 18. A coin 25 isshown partially inserted through the slot 22 into the pocket 19. A similar recess in the gore 18 provides a pocket 20 into which a coin is partially inserted through a slot 28 formed in the gore 18. Similarly still another recess provides a pocket 21 for a coin 27 which is partially inserted in the pocket through a slot 24 in the gore 18. The recesses are so located in the sections 11 and 12 that the slots 22, 23 and 24 will respectively register with one edge thereof to form pockets open at one end.

I have shown a 5-cent coin as inserted in the pocket 19, and a dime inserted in the pockets 20 and 21 respectively. It is obvious that any number of coin receptacles of the kind described may be provided to make change for a dollar, a half-dollar, or a quarter whicl the purchaser may toss to the vendor. Ii the purchaser happens to be at some distance from the vendor the latter usually has V.diffculty in making safe delivery of the change obvious that various immaterial modifications m iy be made in the same without departing from the spirit of my invention; hence I do not wish to be understood as limiting myself to the exactform, construction, arrange nent and combination of parts herein shown and described, or uses mentioned.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. As an article of manufacture, a spherical container comprising two substantially identical sections, a shell closely fitting and covering said container, a layer of adhesive material operable to fasten .the shell to the container, said shell comprising two similar gore sections,.and means simulating stitches on the contiguous edges of said gore sections, the wall of said container having a recess forming a coin receptacle and the'casing having a slit adjacent said recess through which a coin may be inserted into the receptacle.

2. As an article of manufacture, a spherical container comprising two substantially identical hemispherical sections, overlapping flanges forming the abutting portion of said sections, a shell covering for the container'l comprising two similar ore sections each symmetrical about its longitudinal land transverse axes, a layer of adhesive material operable to fasten the shell on the container, a longitudinal axis of one gore section and the transverse axis of the other substantially coinciding with the juncture line of said container sections, the wall of said container having a recess forming a coin receptacle and the casirg having a slit adjacent said recessv through which a coin may be inserted into the receptacle.

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name this 12th day of June A. D.- 1929.


to the purchaser. With my device the vendor may insert the proper change in the various pockets and toss the ball to the purchaser, making the exchange an easy and rapid transaction without danger of loss.

The confection may be eaten by first breaking, cutting, or tearing the outer gore coverings 17 and 18 and then separating the sections l1 and 12. A spoon or the like of any suitable material may, if desired, have its handle inserted-in a slot in one of the gore sections 17 or 18 for the convenience of the purchaser. Nuts, candy, or any other edible may be dispensed in this manner.

Having thus described my invention, it is

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