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Publication numberUS180156 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 25, 1876
Publication numberUS 180156 A, US 180156A, US-A-180156, US180156 A, US180156A
InventorsJames Petbes
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Improvement in gloves
US 180156 A
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. GLOVES. No.180,156. Pa tented July 25.1878..

Fig. 4

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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 180,156, dated July 25, 1876; application fi ed April 1, 1876.

nois, have invented a new and useful Improve= ment in Gloves and Mittens; and Ihereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable others skilled in the art to which my invention relates to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming part of this specification, in which Figure l is a front view, showing straight seam across the top of thumb. Fig. 2 is a representation of back ofthe mitten. Fig. 3 shows the mitten open, also shows the aperture in which the thumb is secured. Fig. 4 shows the manner of cutting the thumb-piece.

My invention relates to 'mittensa'nd gloves; and consists in the peculiar manner of cutting the same; and my invention further consists in substituting, in a mitten, canvas for a portion of the back and the cufi.

The object of my invention is to cut out a mitten 0r glove in a peculiar manner, and, by

so doing, to save stock, and at the same time produce acheap and substantial article, the main feature being the shape of the aperture that is cut in the glove or mitten, and into which the thumb is secured. In those manufactured at the present time around or oblong aperture is cut, in which the thumb is secured. This always causes the thumb to draw across the top when used, and also under the thumb, which causes the stitches to give out earlier than by my method. It will also be observed the seams a; B, aperture cut straight across the top, and into which the thumb is secured;

B, thumb. In putting these mittens togethe the cloth and the leather are first secured, as indicated-by the seam or seams a, which can be runwith'out stopping; and it will be observed that these seams also secure the top portion of the thumb in position, and by this save a great deal of valuable time in the manufacture. The side seam and the remainder of the thumb are then secured in the ordinary manner, and it is ready for the market.

Iam aware that cloth is used at the present time in the backs of gloves and mittens; therefore I do not claim it broadly; but

What I do claim is-- r In a glove or mitten, the aperture B, cut straight upon the top to receive the thumb, substantially as and for the purpose specified and described.

The above specification signed by me this 10th day of-March, 1876.

JAMES PETERS. Witnesses:


Cooperative ClassificationA41D19/01