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Publication numberUS1802245 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 21, 1931
Filing dateAug 26, 1930
Priority dateAug 26, 1930
Publication numberUS 1802245 A, US 1802245A, US-A-1802245, US1802245 A, US1802245A
InventorsForetich Clarence L
Original AssigneeForetich Clarence L
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Display stand and shelving
US 1802245 A
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April 21, 1931. c. FORETICH 1,802,245

DISPLAY S TAND AND SHELVING Filed Aug. 26, 1950 w MI Patented Apr. 21, 1931 GIABENCE I. FORETIOE, OF WARREN, ARKANSAS msrmx sum) up smvnm Application filed August 26, mo. mm in. 477,879.

This invention relates to new, useful and economical improvements in the form of a multi-use self supporting joint, as illustrated in the drawings, for display stands, shelving 5 and the like.

This invention furthermore relates to novel means for producing uprights having shelf anchoring means in which provision is made for expeditiously applying and removing the shelves.

In so far as. this support joint, to be practical in useful effect, it must represent precision in workmanship. In all cases it is to be produced in wood, sheet or malleable metals l or a combination of both, and the forms and arrangements of parts illustrated and described should be adhered to closely.

It is a further object of this invention to produce a shelf preferably made of wood wherein by forming slots in faces of posts or uprights, seats may be formed in which the edges ofshelves may be inserted and held against accidental displacement, it being the purpose of the inventor furthermore to rovide a device in which shelves are formed by the usual planing methods whereby atonguelike flange is'formed at one edge adapted to interlock with the walls of the recesses or seats in the posts or uprights.

Provision. is therefore made in this invention for utilizing wood which can be expeditiously shaped by straight line cutting to produce an effective shelf, bracket or the like which may be used for any of the well known purposes including window displays.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention consists in the details of construction, and in the arrangement and combination of parts to be hereinafter more fully set forth and claimed.

In describing the invention in detail, reference will be had to the accompanying drawings forming part of this application wherein like characters denote corresponding parts in the several views, and in which- Figure 1 illustrates a view in perspective of a fragment of a shelf in partially assembled relation to a part of a post or upri ht;

. Figure 2 illustrates a view in end elevation 5 of the assembled unit;

insures rapid production at Figure 3 illustrates a perspective view of one of the shelves;

Figure illustrates a top plan view of one ofthe assemblies; and

Figure 5 illustrates an end view thereof.

these drawings 10 denotes the post or upright which may be employed for sup orting shelves such as llnear the ends 0 the shelf or between its ends as would be the method employed in constructing a bracket where one support is utilized.

Each support may be provided with 'one or more half dove tail grooves such as 12 preferably having a straight bottom wall 13 and a beveled or inclined upper wall 14.

The shelves 11 each are to be employed in association with the supports for a curved lower corner 16 at one edge and a beveled or inclined upper surface 17 forming a flange or lip, the outer edge of which is on a plane above the general surface of the shelf.

Shelves areapplied to the half dove tail grooves by mampulatin them in order that they will occupy an inc ed position in order that the flanged edge'may enter the restricted opening of the alf dove tail groove a predetermined distance and the shelves are then gradually lowered at their outer edge and they are held in horizontal ositions by reason of he engagement of the eveled surso face 17 of the shelf with the beveled upper wall of the half dove tail groove, the curved lower corner 10 providing a clearance which plermits the insertion of the shelf in the said s ots.

By reason of the arrangement of parts, the shel is held in place by gravity and there is no requirement for a third member for the purpose of holding the parts in their assembled relation as display fixtures, household novelties or the like.

The member as described can be formed or made by straight line machine work which comparatively small cost.

The uprights may be supported by two -or more le 18 having beveled'up er ends 19 which t against t e sides of t e uprights and the lower end 20 of each leg is appropriately beveled to rest on the floor or other 1 support. The legs are connected to the uprights by hinges whose leaves 21 and 22 are secured to the leg and upright respectively by suitable fastenings with the pintle 23 of the hinge at the lower edge of the upper end of each leg. This arrangement of parts permits the legs to be folded so that they lie parallel with the sides of the u rights or posts and if desired two, three or our legs may be 1 rovided, one on each side in order to prouce firm supports for the said uprights.

I claim- 1. In a fixture of the character described, an upright having a half dove tail groove mer 'ing with one of its edges, the lower wall of the half dove tail groove being at right angles to the'said edge and the upper wall thereof being inclined toward said edge, a shelf having a curved lower corner at one 2 edge and an inclined upper surface, the edge of the shelf having the curved corner and inclined surface being insertable in the said half dove tail groove with the inclined surface of the shelf engaging the inclined Wall of the I 2 groove whereby the shelf is held at right angles to the support.

2. In afixture of the character described, an upright having an approximately half dove-tail groove the front of which merges with one of its edges, the lower wall of said groove being at right angles to the said edge approximately throughout its surface, and the up er wall thereof at the rear of the groove eing at an angle to the said edge with its highest point at the rear of said groove, a shelf having an inner edge adapted to be inserted in the groove from the front thereof and having a restricted lower corner to provide a clearance to permit the shelf to enter the groove when in an inclined position, the upper" corner ofthe inner edge of the shelf having a lip whose upper surface is substantially complemental in shape to that of the surface of the upper wall of the groove which it en ages.


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International ClassificationA47B57/10, A47B57/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47B57/10
European ClassificationA47B57/10