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Publication numberUS1803122 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 28, 1931
Filing dateNov 19, 1926
Priority dateNov 19, 1926
Publication numberUS 1803122 A, US 1803122A, US-A-1803122, US1803122 A, US1803122A
InventorsModine Arthur B
Original AssigneeModine Mfg Co
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Means for and method of packaging articles
US 1803122 A
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, ARTHUR is. MonIIvE, or RACINE, wisconsin, Assieivo'nro Ivronnvn MANUFACTURING oonrmvvor RACINE, wisconsin, A oonrona'rronor WISCONSIN MEANSFOAR AND-MET'HQD OF IPACKAGrING;` ARTICLES Application lfiled November 19,1926.' Serial 110.149,364.

My invention relates f to means VJfor and a method of packaging articles kand liasamong its other objects the provision of -devices of the kind described which are compact,- convenient, durable, efcient and satisfactory for use wherever found applicable.

A particular object of the .inventionV is tov provide improvedA cartons wherein articles may be packaged for shipping purposes and whichmay be employed to temporarily contain and protect the articles, after the articles nation of parts herein shown and described,

and more particularly pointedV out in the claims.` Y

In the drawings, wherein like reference characters indicate like or corresponding parts:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a carton embodying the invention; o

Fig. 2 is a vertical section taken through the improved carton after it hasbeen modified to become a protective covering or housing for a radiator cabinet; and

Fig. 3 is a section taken on substantially the sam-e line as Fig. 2 but showing the carton modilied as a housing for a radiator unit.

It is believed that a complete understanding of my improved method will be had from a description of devices with which the improved method is practiced.

Referring for the pres-ent to Fig. 1, the reference character 10 designates generally a carton which may be formed of any suitable material but is preferably formed from cardboard, fiberboard, or the equivalent. `In the illustrated embodiment of the invention, the carton 10 is particularly adapted to be employed asa shipping case or carton for radaf tor units and cabinets of the kind' shown `and described injmy copending application, Se.-y rial No. 178,658, filedMarch 26,1927 It will be noted that the cartonrlO comprises frontl andrear walls 11 and 12 respectively and side walls 13. The top and bottom sides of the carton are 1 preferablyv closed by iiaps 15 formed integral with the front and rear walls 11 and 12, respectively, andby iaps llformed integral with the side walls 13, it beingobviousthat the flaps 15 andk 15-may be folded into the position wherein they are shown in Fig. 1 to ,enclosean article within thecartonf- The carton 10 shown in Fig. 1 enclosesa radittor cabinet 18 which is Yshown in dotted Ines.

' hel radiator` r:cabinet 18 particularly` adapted 'to be -used in connection with `the radiator unit 20 shown in Fig. 3, the radiaf tor unit ybeing Vofthe type more fully shown and,4 described in `my' copending application,

tSerialNo, r634,492,liledAprilQla 1923. As

shown in Figs. `1 and` 2, the radiator cabinet 1,8 is provided with aplurality of legs v22 end of the cabinet. The cabinet -18-is adapted i to be positioned .overthe radiator 20, and it is readily` understood that when a heated iuid passes through the radiator-unit,the'radiator unit-willheatthe surrounding air andcause a lcnrrentof air to flow in the manner above described.y f ,I Y y It isyof course,understood that` the carton lOprotects the cabinet 18 Afrom injury during transitgwhen itis being shippedfrom the manufacturer to the place where it is tol be installed, but as it is one of thel objects of this invention to-protectthe.- radiator unit and cabinetffrom injuryafter they Ahave been Iinstalled in the building, it is deemed best ,tosstategthe advantages from such vprotection-P e y I It is `often desirable to heat a building un.- der construction` soas to dry out the plaster, etc., therein. It isjalso necessary at .times to adapted torestupon a Hoor orrtherliketo heat the building because of the workmen.

However, it is readily apparent that when the radiator unit and cabinet are so employed they are necessarily subjected to the dirt and dust which accompany building operations and, inpractice, it has been'found that the radiator cabinets areofrequently damaged by i the Workmen who place their tools thereon or strike the cabinet or unit with pieces of building material. y

To overcome this danger of injury to the cabinet and the radiator unit, the carton 10 is preferably constructed insuch a manner that it may be employed as a temporary cover for the radiator and cabinet. Thus, I preferably indicate by dotted lines and 27, or the equivalent, panels 28 and 29 respectively wliich should be removed fromV the carton when it is to serve as a temporary cover forthe cabinet or radiator unit. In Figs. 2 and 8, I have shown thev panels 28 and 29 p removed from the carton to provide upper and lower openings 30 and 3l respectively, the opening 3l being formed adjacent the bottom of thercarton so that air may enter therein and pass upwardly through the cabinet and thence to the grille 24 and opening 80. It will be noted that the bottom'of the carton is out therefrom when the carton is employed as a temporary cover. On the front wall ll of the carton, I preferably print instructions v 33 which direct the workmen to modifythe carton l0 so that it'may be employed as a temporary cover .for the cabinet or radiator unit.

In Fig. 2, I have shown the carton 10 employed as al temporary cover for a cabinet 18 of the carton being adapted to be severed at said outlines to thereby provide openings in the carton which respectively communicate with said inlet and outlet of said draft passage of the radiator to thus produce a heat detlecting casing for deflecting heat emanating from the radiator confined in said casing.

2. A combined shipping carton and temporary cover for a radiator, said carton having indicial providing means on the outside of said'carton denoting the position of an air inlet of a draft passage for a radiator confined in said carton, the material of the carton being adapted to be severed at said means to thereby provide an air inlet opening in said carton, indicia providing means on the` outside of said carton denoting the yposition of an air outlet which communicates withsaid air inlet opening of said carton, the material of said carton being adapted to be severed at said last mentioned indicia to provide said carton with an outlet opening and a draft passage through the radiator confined in said carton. Y

In testimony whereof, I' have hereunto signed my name..


which has been assembled with a radiator Y n the radiatorunit 2O by itself. y

In some instances, I` may prefer to remove the panels 28 Vand 29 from the carton before the article is shipped and inother instances, I may prefer to omit the bottom'wall alsov and provide a temporarybottom'therefor or enclose the carton in another carton.

Having thus described invention, it is j obviousY that various immaterial modifications may be made in the same without ldepartingl from the spirit of my invention; hence I do not wish to be understood 'as-lim: iting myself to the exact form, construction, arrangement and combination of partsherein shown andvdescribed or uses mentioned.

that I claimas new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is.:

1. A combined shipping carton and temporary cover for a radiator Yhaving opening outlines depicted on the outside of said carton, one of the outlines being located to correspond with the inlet of a draft passage of said radiator, the other outline being ar-

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