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Publication numberUS1803186 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 28, 1931
Filing dateOct 18, 1929
Priority dateOct 18, 1929
Publication numberUS 1803186 A, US 1803186A, US-A-1803186, US1803186 A, US1803186A
InventorsHendrickson Fred K
Original AssigneeWhitin Machine Works
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Spindle-driving mechanism
US 1803186 A
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-April 28, 19311 F. K. HENDRICKSON I I 1,303,186


ATTORNEYS sTA-TZES rnnn K. HENDRIOKSON, or" WORCESTER, ivilissacfiusnr'rs; issililt. iio m CHINE WORKS, or WHITINSVILLE, iuAssAeiiusErrs; e. ;ooa-roimrie i1er -iirAssA- CHUSETTS Application filed October This invention relates to spinning or twisting machines and particularly to the mechaf nism for driving the spindles in such machines. It is desirable under certain'condispinning or twisting machine embodying my improvements and Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. 1 but show ing the direction of spindle rotation re-' versed. I

Referring to the drawings, I have shown a portion of the end frame 10 of a spinning or twisting machine. A main driving shaft 12 is rotatably mounted in the frame 10 and is provided with a. pulley or sprocket 14 which is continuously rotated in the direction of the arrow at. A second shaft 16 is rotatably mounted in the frame 10 and supports the drum or cylinder by which the spindles are rotated. The shaft 16 is provided with a pulley or sprocket 18 firmly se cured thereto. i

on a stud 21 on stud 24: which is adjustable lengthwise of a slot 26 in the frame 10. The stud 24 may be clamped in any desired position in the slot 26. A; belt or chain 30 engages the driving pulley or sprocket 14, the guide pulleys 20 and 22, and the cylinder pulley or sprocket 18. Y I

pass OVer the cylinderpulley 18, as shown in Fig. 1, the cylinder will be rotated in a clockwise direction, as indicated by the arrow 6. With this-arrangement of the belt or chain 30, the guide pulley 22 is adjusted near machine by which the i A guide pulley 20 is rotatably mounted the frame 10, and a second guide pulley '22 is rotatably mounted on a When the belt or chain 30 is arranged to SPINDLE-DRIVIITGI 'Edriiiitisir v 5 7' are L referablya. somewhat so I aii'dtheguide' pulleys "are preferably offset 1 laterally. This relative position of parts.

permits a very compact arrangement, while maintaining adequate lap of the belt on the pulleys in bothrunning positions thereof.

I am thus able to provide a quiet and silent:

running chain or belt drive for the cylinder, and the, direction of rotationof the cylinder may be reversed by merely changing the path of the belt or' chain 30 and the position of the guide pulley 22. I thus avoid the use of re versing gears or other complicated or noisy mechanism, and I provide a construction which may be operatedquietly and with equal satisfaction and efficiency for either direction of spindle rotation, It will be understood that the terms pulley and belt, as used in the claims, include sprockets andchains as equivalent structures.

Having thus described my invention and the advantagesthereof, I do not wish to be limited to the details herein disclosed, other 'wisethan as setforth in the claims, but what IGlaim is:.' V I 1. In a spinning or .twistingmachinaai driving shaft, a. cylinder shaft, pulleys on saidshafts, a belt connecting said pulleys, a guide pulley mounted'oii a fixed bearing, and'a second guide pulley mounted on a laterally adjustablebearing, said first guide pul-v ley being positioned to guide the belt into contact with the cylinder pulley when the belt is passed either over or under said cylinder pulley, and said secondguide pulleybeing adjustable to take up slack in said belt in either driving position thereof. v V 2. The combination in a spinning or twisting machine as setforth in claim' 1, in which 5 the periphery of the driving pulley is closely adjacent the periphery of the cylinder pulley, and in which the guide pulleys are positioned at one side of the center line'joiliing said driving and cylinder pulleys. 7 10 3; The combination ina' spinning or twisting machine as set forth in claiml, in which the periphery of the driving pulley is closely adjacent the periphery ofthe cylinder pulley, and in which the guide pulleys are positioned at oneside of the center line joining said driving and cylinder pulleys, and-in which :the movable. guide pulley is adjustable in a "direction substantially perpendicular'to said 7 center line. j v 4 Y 4; 'Inv a spinning or twisting machine, a

driving pulley, a cylinder pulley, a belt connectingsaid pulleys and a guide pulley effective to selectively. guide said belt into driving contact with saidcylinder pulley at points at oppositesides of the axis thereof, 7

- l'whereby the pulley may be caused to rotatein either direction. j 1 I p Intestimony whereof I have hereunto afrfixed my signature, FREDIK. HENDRICKSON.

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U.S. Classification474/1, 474/137
International ClassificationD01H1/241, D01H1/00
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