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Publication numberUS1803538 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1931
Filing dateOct 24, 1929
Priority dateOct 24, 1929
Publication numberUS 1803538 A, US 1803538A, US-A-1803538, US1803538 A, US1803538A
InventorsPistole Henry T
Original AssigneePistole Henry T
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Head covering
US 1803538 A
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y 1931. H. T. PISTOLE 1,803,538

HEAD COVERING Filed Oct. 24. 1929 "m role BYUJLVJL.

ATmRA/EY U rrfsirarssj Patented 5, 1 931" V Application filedflctober e4, 1929, s iaai inaioaidc. f j

j This'invention relates 'to head coverings and refers more particularly to a type ofhead.

' covering soconformed as-to allow free circu- 1,

lation of air around'the head and free-move- {6 ment of the bodyand 'limbs' withoutdisplacearound the head and freedomof movement of the limbs and body at all times; second, to provide a covering which may be collapsed upon the upper portion of the back and shoulders when not in immediate use as a covering; third, to providea device which will be light in weight, and so conformed as shoulders, v l i 1 a a "The above objects and theimany advantages of this type of covering may be observed in the course of the following descrip- 7 'tion, taken in connection with the'annexed drawings, in which: 5-

Figure 1 is a front elevation of thede'vice ,lnuse.

Figure 2 is alike view from the rear.


In the figures, the framework of steel wire is shown comprising a main wire 1,extending' from a beltcloop 2 thenceupward over the e chest 3 of the wearer and being bent just above the shoulders d to form a loop 5, then extending therefromupward to a second loop calleda'ribretaining loop8, above this loop beingbent around toward the opposite side of. 40 the device, the bend forming the rear rib"6,

to Whichthe edgeof fabric 7 issecured. In

the loops 8 aresecured the ends ofthe ribs 9,

10 and 11, in such amanner that they'are slidable in the loop. :Ahea-d oftheseribs is se-' cured a front rib 12 which is'fa-stened to the front edge of the fabric cover 7. Above the attachment of this rib to the loop 8, a loop 13 is made in the rib, to which is secured one end of a tensione'd'spring 14, the other end of said 7 spring being fastened to theloop in the i elastic. [This spring tend a hold the f coveropen, when itlis'in extended position and closed, when itis in the collapsedposition,

Aizibeltii5 isprovided,"which when secured around the waistof the wearer, holds the free ends-2%2' of'thenember lsecurely in position. Secured through. and positionedbetween the loops 5 5 is ayoke 16', also of wire; and somade as to fit without chafing, back of the'neck of the Wea'rerQ p '5 V Figure 4: shows morerclearly than the other "figures the relative positioning and arrange V ment of the different members.

1 It will benoted that the fabric, which should be light, waterproof material, is secured to the ribs by 'stitchingan'd will fold back sothat theribs lie'baokward over the v shoulders of the wearer when not in use. to avoid chafing at the point of support on the hen in use, this device is invaluable for v workers in the open, where they are exposed to 76 ithe rays 'ft r n orto inclement w work around harvesting machinery, where it may be necessary to work in confined or Figure 3 is a side elevation of thedevice and Figure 4 is a plan viewtaken frorn'be limited space, the covering may be folded It should be understoodithat modifications in the specific structure may be made without departing from the spirit and intent offthe followingclaims." I r a P i I claim: a a j i i 1.; In a device of the character described, a head covering comprisedin a'main wire frame, the central portion of which is se j cured tov one edge of a fab r ic, the free ends of saidframe adapted to besecured-at the 9R0" v waist lineof the wearer, and two spaced'loops one higher thanthe-othjer on each side of the central portion and above the shoulders of the wearer, a plurality of curved ribs each having the ends thereof slidably engaged in 9 the upper loops; said ribs being spaced apart in engagementwith the fabric-to form a can opy over the head and shoulders of'the wear er; uneans secured to the forward rib and the lower 'framelo'ops to tension them to;

gether, and a brace for the main frame extending between the lower loops.

2. In a covering for the human head and shoulders, a fabric cover, a collapsible Wire frame, said cover being secured over said frame, said frame having extensions therefrom adapted to be held firmly upon the Wearers SllOIllClElSg and a common tensioning means to hold the frame in extended and collapsed position. 1 1 j 3. In a covering for the upper body,a can opy of fabric supported upon a collapsible frame above the body, extensions from said frame adapted to be held firmly upon the 1 shoulders of the wearerfand'spriii'g' tension members secured between theframe structure adjacent the canopy and the frame structure adjacent the shoulders.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification. V


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U.S. Classification224/187, 224/189, 135/133, 135/123
International ClassificationA45B11/00, A45B11/02
Cooperative ClassificationA45B11/02
European ClassificationA45B11/02