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Publication numberUS1803569 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1931
Filing dateJun 6, 1929
Priority dateJun 6, 1929
Publication numberUS 1803569 A, US 1803569A, US-A-1803569, US1803569 A, US1803569A
InventorsTaylor Kelly H
Original AssigneeTaylor Kelly H
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Broom and mop holder
US 1803569 A
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y 1931- I K. H. TAYLOR 1,803,569

- BROOM ANDMOP HOLDER Filed June 6. 1929 Fl I m V i- 5 v //////////;WW Eff-fay 20,

' ED-STATESi Patented May '5, 1931 .KELLY I TAYLOR, orsrititiyqnamara ielie; 1 l i V l I Bacon: AND meteor-nee a li ation filed June 6, 19 29.; Serial ire- 368,907.

This invention relatesto a broom and mop. holder, and has for one of its objects to pro vide a novel, simple and inexpensive device of this character through the medium ofv which a plurality of brooms or mops may b' suspended by their handles-from a wall or other suitable support.

The invention has for a further object to provide a device of the Character stated through the medium of which a plurality of brooms or mops, having handles of different thickness, may be suspended from a wall or i other support without scratching, denting or otherwise marring or injuring the handles;

The invention has for a further object to provide a device of the character statedwhich shall embody broom or mop handle receiving rings or clamps of different diameters and the broom or mop handles to be read ly in-J sorted or withdrawn therefrom and for movement into a position which will cause the broom handles to bind thereinso as to :effect the suspension of themops and brooms from the support.

The invention has for a still further object to provide a'device of the character stated wherein the broom or mop'handle receiving "rings or clamps shall be provided with'friction surfaces which shall be adapted topreimaybe raised into a horizontal or substanvent the accidental movement of the handles out of the'ringsor clampsand which will not mar orinjure the handles.

With the foregoing andother objects view, the nature of whichwill appear as the descriptionproceeds, the invention consists in V "theconstruction; combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter fully described andclaimed and illustrated in the accom- Figure 2 is a view in end elevationof the connected to {the 1 bracket andqadapted to re-;v ceive the handles ofeit her brooms or mops;

the bar 4 so as to permit'the screw; 6; to :be

holder illustrating the manner, in whichtfit is adapted tostupport a broom onmop; igureB is'a vertical holder;and i Figure ti'sfr a sectional, view taken on the 501 plane indicated by thelinei-i ofFi'gure '1" The holder comprisesfabraket 1 adapted w to be secured to a wall 2 hr other suitable,

support, anda plurality of clamps 3'pivotally The bra'cket 1 comprises a horizontal bar4 i and lugslor ears 5 for the reoeptioniof-screws,

V16 through;the, medium of-which the bracket isl -secured to the supports. The, terminalu portions of the-bar t-are bent rearwardly as zit 1%,. so-as to space the bar from the support; j v The lugs or ears 5 extends outwardlyfrom the-rear ends ofi the angular terminals i" of readily passed therethrough and engaged withgthesupport. The bar 4 and its attach- 1 ing' lugs or cars 5 are formedintegrally, and these parts. are preferablymade from asin'gle lengthof stout wire. f L

:The clamps} i-arevin' the'form of closed rings, and each; clamp i's pivotallyconnected to the bar Ltlarough themediumfof a pair Of -La IfIIiS T, Duetotheirpivotal connection withi'thelbar git-h clamps 3 occupy a'fverti-y75 callydepending position when not in use, they tially horizontal position to permitthe inser tionlof the broom-or mop handles therein, and theywill move into a downwardly andufore wardly, inclined position when-releasedso as to secure the broom handles therein against accidental withdrawal-5 The arms? of each; clamp i3-extend from the lateral 'sjide'sof the clamp to andvbeyond the upper side of the; clamp,gand; are provided at their free or upper ends withpivot loop's 8 which surround the bar 4. The clamps 3 are of diflerentdiam eters so as to permit brooms or mops have ing handles bf; different thickness to be S1118: 1,

sectional "View of the; V I

pended by the holder. The arms of each clamp 3 are arranged in upwardly divergent relation so as to arrange the adjacent arms of the clamps in angular relation and thus permit the movement of one clamp into broom or map handle receiving or releasing position or into broom or map handle clamping position without interference from the others.

Each clamp 8 and the arms 7 and pivot loops 8 thereof are formed integrally, and are preferably made from a single length of stout wire. The length of the wire is first bent spirally and the convolutions thus formedare brought into contact with each other to pro-,

' vide the clamp 3. The wire is then extended beyond one side of the clamp to-provide the arms 7 and then bent to provide the pivotloops 8. The manner of forming the clamp 3' arranges its upper and lower portio lsd' and 3 in offset relation with respect to each other and in the direction' of its axis as best shown I in Figures 2 and 3 whereby to permit the clamp to more effectively engage thebroom or mop handle. The clamps 3 are'provided h-with a frictionc'overing 9 which may be madefromrubber, tape or the lik'eand which insures a positivegrip of the mop or broom handles;-

jFron'rthe foregoing description taken" in and that any one of the clamps may bereadily moved into handle releasing position.

While I have described the principle of the inventionto'gether with the structure which I now consider the preferred embodiment thereof, it is to be understood that the struc ture shown is merely illustrative and that such changesmay be made,when desired, as

fall wi-th'in the scope of the invention as claimed.

I claim 2 r V 1. A broom or mop holder comprising 'a' bracket, arms pivoted to and extending downwardly from the'bracket, and an annular clamp secured to'the lower end portions-ofthe arm-sand adapted to receive thebroom or mop handle, the clamp having the upper "and lower portions thereof arranged in offset relation with respect to each other in the direction of that; axis ofthe clamp passing" through the center of the: clamp.

2.- A broom or mop handle, comprisinga bracket bar, a clamp of annular contour and cured to a wal'l or other support, and that the cl'am-p's ea'ch con signature.


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