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Publication numberUS180430 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 1, 1876
Filing dateJul 3, 1876
Publication numberUS 180430 A, US 180430A, US-A-180430, US180430 A, US180430A
InventorsGboege A. Lambeet
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Improvement in clothes-pins
US 180430 A
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No'.180,43.0, I Patented Au,g.1, 1876.





Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 1 80,430. dated August 1, 1876; application filed July 3, 1876.

To all whom it may concern:

Be' it known that I, GEORGE A. LAMBERT, of Worcester, in the county of Worcester and State of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Wire Clothes-Pins; and I hereby declare the following to be a description of my said invention sufliciently full, clear, and exact to enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being bad to the accompanying drawings, which form apart of this specification, and in which- Figure 1 represents a front view of my improved clothes-pin, and Fig. 2 represents a side view of the same.

My invention consists in a wire clothes-pin, constructed in the peculiar form herein shown and described.

In the drawings, A denotes my improved clothes-pin. It is formed from a single piece of wire, the central part of which is bent in a circle to produce the necessary spring head or ring a. The two parts of the wire are then extended downward and outward from the head a, to form two hand-bars, b b, which are made of a sufficient length to be conveniently grasped by the hand, and are sufliciently expanded to permit of the pin being compressed by an easy and natural movement. At the lower end of the sides or bars b b the wire turns inward, as at c c, and the parts meet in the loops (1 d, which interlock with each other, in the manner shown, their lower parts. extending outward to the points 6 e, where the wires turn downward and inward at a short angle, so that the lower portions cross between which there is an angular space, g. The lower ends h h are finished by round turns or loops, as indicated. When the pin is used it is grasped by the hand around the side bars I) b, and is placed against the line, so that the latter enters the space 9. The spring a is then compressed by closing the hand upon the bars I) b in the most natural and easy manner, thus separating the lower points 0 e, and permitting the line to pass up between the inclined gnidesff to the loops (1 at, when, by releasing the hand, the pin is permitted to expand and securely gripe the line and clothes between said loops.

It will be observed that the peculiar form of my improved clothes-pin is such thatit can be readily and conveniently handled and operated when putting up or taking down clothes; that it can be easily passed on and off from the line; also, that its hold upon the line is firm and secure, since it is not liable to be forced apart sidewise, nor to accidentally slip the line past the points 6 c.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

The within-described clothes-pin A, made from a piece of wire, bent and arranged to form the spring-head a, expanded hand-bars b b, interlocked loops d d, angular points 6 e,

and inclined guides f f, all substantially as and for the purposes set forth.




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Cooperative ClassificationD06F55/00